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  1. Good luck out there! Have some fun.
  2. Stop blaming Alex. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. As someone who just came back but has some experience in Orbis my sense is that everyone needs to come to an agreement about ending the global war and bring the general level of frustration with each down a few dozen pegs.
  3. Hi Orbis! I'm back with a whole new nation themed on the Weeknd rather than on Rancid like last time. I guess I was gone about a year and a half. Doesn't seem like I missed much. Haha! I've joined The Lost Empire so come by our Discord (https://discord.gg/RnsE2KG) and say, "Hi." Or "Hai". Or "Heeeeey". Your choice. Missed you, Abel M Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) formerly Tim Armstrong (of Rancid) also Aunt to Pubstomper (aka Alkaline)
  4. They say laughter is the best medicine. Round 3 and I have to say this is the healthiest I’ve felt in years! Thanks IQ.
  5. “You know, I’m not made of magic, but I do the best I can.” -Gobo Fraggle
  6. People who spend a significant amount of time alone in the privacy of their homes communicating through an online browser based game where they don’t actually have RL contact are gonna say some things that someone or everyone find(s) offensive. In RL when we come across people like this we go elsewhere and associate with different people. Or we realize they are trying to get attention and we don’t give it to them. Or that they are being facetious. If there’s an actual issue just address it with the person. Even Kastor apologized when he crossed the line to inappropriate in the past. Get to planning a war. Do something interesting in game. This does nothing productive and it’s boring.
  7. Hi Shifty. I don't know you but I think you should keep playing as long as you're getting positive things from the game. Just don't make other people have a negative experience. It's hard to get over some interactions or relationships but we all do it and move on. I know you all will make fun of me but just make peace with people and use your energy on more important things.
  8. It's good for everyone to get rolled once in a while. Enjoy bishes!
  9. I guess someone is just going to have to jump on him when he doesn't expect it. He probably won't be too busy IRL to care about the game then. Not sure what fun it is to play a game where you make excuses and hug pixels rather than enjoying war mechanics and actually using a variable strategy. The early posts are best because he thinks someone might actually buy it. Even he knows the later ones are pure shit.
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