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  1. Oh, true I guess. Well, I wouldn't hold it against them to leave then.
  2. Giving up already bud? Three months?
  3. Yes, but there's a reason it's called a suicide attack. In fact, losing infra in all cities is likely a benefit with the strategy.
  4. Oh god, I think I should sleep too holy shit...
  5. I meant, why the sarcasm? This thread is already a dumpster fire
  6. Where is this quoted from 0_0
  7. Yo, not sure how y'all are gonna react to this but I am this guy, https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=109464 and I got granted one city by nova riata, I don't believe it is fair to say I 'profited the most' but feel free to take that city plus one more away if you want, I didn't have any reduced because nova granted me the money to buy it before the resource injection.
  8. Legitimately got clickbaited by this thread by this profile picture >_>
  9. I see your point I guess, have fun doing what you do then.
  10. Really? I thought you said you spent a lot of time on this game on your alliance? What would you to if it were to all be gone? Is your negative attitude, pride and ego, worth more than all the hard work I'm sure you've put into this game?
  11. HAHAHA that's pretty fricking good
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