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  1. After playing this game since day one I've been through a lot as a person. My life has changed, and with that I haven't been able to focus on this game like I had wanted to. The Game changed, in my opinion, for the worse and I got left behind simply because I couldn't devote my life to this game. My artwork at the very least will remain a staple of this game. My time as a Founder of the Brotherhood of the Clouds with Lord Frostsword and FistofDoom will remain as a fond memory of mine. I enjoyed my time in alliances like Iberia and Zeon. The wars with Mensa, Atlas/Rose, and the Red Raiders. My conversations with great friends in this game like Kirito, Goomy, Apeman and LordofPuns are great memories. All the times I bothered Sheepy (Let me at least call you Sheepy this one time) when I wanted something. Today I retire from this game. It was hard to delete my nation but I need to focus on my life, my career and my school. This game requires too much attention, of which mine is already torn. And that's that. Thanks for everything guys. Sieg. ~Livius Clades/Qwen Tallgeese Old Man signing off
  2. Don't unbalance the game anymore. This is a game. I feel people forget that some times.
  3. Allow alliances to sign tributary treaties that allows for tribute/subsidiaries to be given in exchange for peace/nap. Tribute should be paid weekly and should be made automatic through the treaty. You can set rates based on terms and these treaties like all treaties can be accepted or denied.
  4. It's an Alliance DOE. Those have always gone into Alliance Affairs.
  5. This is the Declaration of Existence of the Guild of Alchemic Fire. Here we go boys.
  6. Sorry Kids, life's been time consuming as of late but here's some Zeon for you. Drink it in man! Zoin Zeon Today!
  7. I've been away a for awhile. So here's some more Cute Zaku.
  8. Where indeed. Only at Zeon! Join today.
  9. Hey it's me Qwen! No cool picture today just me. What you want pictures? But... It's me, your friendly neighborhood Zeon Guy. Enemy of none, friend to all. Still want a picture? Are you sure? Sigh... FINE! There! Cute Zaku frolicking and being playful. Are you happy?! You are? Oh... Well thanks for stopping by. If you want, you can join Zeon, if you're into that. Sieg Zeon!
  10. Don't get caught Sleeping! Join Zeon Today!
  11. Again can someone close this thread. I'm tired of seeing childish bickering on my feed.
  12. Become a Warrior of Zeon. Join the endeavor to colonize space.
  13. Why did you take away our Signatures?
  14. Hey can we get a mod to close this thread. Since this thread no longer serves any purpose other then people arguing.
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