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  1. I will be made imperial viceroy of NPO
  2. We aren't allied to AK, so couldn't comment on their ongoings.
  3. Signed for GOONS: Do Not Fear Jazz, El Presidente la Langosta [REDACTED], Optimus Prime Minister JT Jag, Hambassidor Comrade Marx, Penile Envoy Khris Kruel, Lard Commandante Archibald, Dumbo Wrangler Agni365, Bus Fare Guru Oh Tiniest Bird, Corvid Comptroller Dancemasterlee, High War Adjudicator Sardonic, Hurr Comm Signed for Black Knights:
  4. put me in charge of your bank I am an economical genius
  5. Do people actually care about Noctis and these micros?
  6. CNGOONS 1s downfall was merely that no one in a position of power wanted to continue on, and by the time there were people who wanted to the damage had been done. That being said, this GOONS group has a mix of both CN1, CN2, and EVE GOONS to name a few. This group of gov within GOONS should rightfully scare the lot of you as we have some of the most competent browser GOONS ever put together. To anyone who thinks we're going to get bored and quit, you're living within a hope because GOONS won't be going anywhere without racking up a nice set of wins before we disappear.
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