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  1. Zyphy

    Victory Royale!

    Congratulations to SyndaIQ and to TKR and friends, for finally hitting the 1 Trillion collage damage mark! Its been a long wait, and I’d like to congratulate both parties. Here are some special remarks to some special alliances: The Common Wealth - Easily the most competent military in Orbis. TCW deserves a big shoutout for providing a solid 1/10th of all the damage dealt . Pantheon - Although not being in the initial blitz, you managed to have a grade A, military! Grumpy Old Bastards - I wouldn’t of have added you on this list, had it not been for the fact your bank was stolen, and the man in charge of said bank was trash talking for a good while. He’s gone all but silent on us after that, sadly. To anybody offended by this pointless post, good. To any of these three alliances above getting pissed off. 😕 GitGud, I dindunuffinwrong tl;dr Good job on 1 Trillion damage in Knightfall. Credit to Frawley and his stats tracker for the provided information .
  2. I don't see why you couldn't of have just shown these from start and saved yourself from attacks, lmao.
  3. Zyphy

    When Boredom Strikes

    >Still rebuilding. You guys could've easily been done, had Bad Company as a whole not been stupid and built their city 10 guys back up to 2k infa. HowToEcon101
  4. Zyphy

    Is it salt day today?

    Yes, I did. It bothered me.
  5. Zyphy

    Is it salt day today?

    Almost everything posted on the forums now is meaningless. Good job nonetheless.
  6. Zyphy

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    Kinda edgy way to compare sizes with MinesomeMC. Did you really have to make a gay post flexing you destroying the leader of the #96th highest alliance? This is worse than when some tiny micro makes a boring DoW. Not just that but you're using the most edgy reason ever. That his behavior is bad? This is the internet grow up, or stop using it. "Hurr durr let me make this stupid thread about some useless micro's leader being a bully to other people and offending me!!" You seem to waste a lot of time online judging by the fact you wasted your time writing this. Yet you don't know how the internet works. It's amazing how far stupidity runs in some people.
  7. Zyphy

    Solar Knights DOE

    Didn't notice your English skills were equally as bad as your skills in war.
  8. Zyphy

    SNN S2E1: The Return of the King

    It was a strategic loss, we don't understand true competence.
  9. Zyphy

    Sunday Sunday Sunday!!

    Things are about to get steamy?
  10. Zyphy

    The more the better

    KayTea only has one bestie, sorry.
  11. Zyphy


    First forum post of 2019, I like it.
  12. Zyphy


    Kiwi said Gators suck, hopefully he gets rolled.
  13. Zyphy

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

    That's an amazing build, gotta save up for 5k infa tho, my build has to outbeat his.
  14. Zyphy

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Oh right right, but that was before daylights saving if I am correct? And they did attack 30 minutes late.

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