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  1. Pixel-hugging micro with no warchest resources detected. Total weaksauce
  2. BK STRONK... wait, what am I doing here?
  3. Thanks Santa. Best. (2 month early). Christmas. Ever.
  4. Two commies in IA... what could possibly go wrong? Anyways, on a more serious note, I'd like to say a great congratulations to @Theodosius on his (sort of, not really) retirement. Also to @Whisper, @Giorgi Bagrationi, @Vladamir Putin and @Xavier Renarus. Your service to KT has been wonderful and you have helped to make our alliance great again! Finally, condolences to @Keegoz, @Vince McMahon, @Rimski, @Brittain (not on forums rip) and @Haydon (Hey, that's me!) for your well-deserved moving up in life. I look forward to working with you guys extensively to reclaim the Holy Land! DEUS VULT
  5. ??? Wut is dis? (And please use paragraphs next time, lol)
  6. Hmm, what is there not enough of in this war??? Ah yes, MEMES!
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