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  1. Making an alliance only requires you to have 1000NationScore(NS)
  2. Curiosity killed the cat satisfaction brought it back I've done my part and it was reported and I have given the means to investigate
  3. It was tested using my Nation so look into it by looking at my account should work I believe
  4. yes goodgame now pardon me got some TLE guy to bomb planes away
  5. All honestly I figured and was being a smarta**
  6. Your alliance is set to Mensa HQ yet you arent in mensa pls Repent merge into mensa
  7. not my ally i'm a neutral true true but nothing could have been prolonged if it wasn't started also as the leader of Mensa HQ i must ask why you aren't in Mensa HQ and instead in TGH
  8. sorry must have gotten just a lil confused by everyone from Col A welcoming tCW after this whole shabang was them from the start
  9. I guess ppl forget tCW started the Global
  10. Oof goodluck out there glad my micro can enjoy our peace
  11. because of this i am googling Alex Jones hmmmmmm and now that i know who that is why do you know about a Alexander Emric Jones is an American radio show host and far-right conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network across the United States and online. might suggest you have far right tendencies hmmmm
  12. Botting trades is against the rules of PnW and I am strict on not breaking those and swift at reporting rules that are broken. Pls dont defend me in the manner which you are go back and read the situation thx tho Salay
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