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  1. Neko

    Bye bye!

    Need to downvote this plz do it for me @Alex give your Community the right to a single downvote so we can remember that special feeling
  2. someone has too now that NPO is dead and done with
  3. Neko


    This woulld end up in simply Large Coalitions that dont agree just saying
  4. u can verify your nations to avoid bans just a word of advice check pnw discord the updates channel
  5. I'm from a rather small town that doesn't have any fast food so all these restaurants pretty much flew right over my head but I've had 4 of em and none compared to the Chicken Parlor shop back in my town. At least I can finally use my peace time pfp on discord now happy days are here.
  6. Neko

    New Era

    This post made my night and I agree fully
  7. Best of luck to you i wish u fair seas and plenty of rum
  8. Dude its free advertising just let it happen Alex needs to eat afterall
  9. Glad to see you all get peace have fun y'all
  10. Congratulations on peace kiwi I wish u the best thanks for those Ads you made for TCM your a Chief man have a Good Rebuilding
  11. Neko

    What comes next

    Hardly a death to the Game I quite enjoy playing the Game
  12. I was using it to trigger ppl I formerly had spent a large sum of time with which is a big difference
  13. Seems like ppl wanting Steps to war are here I waited too sucks Devs left Anyways the political side of PnW has a lot more than your side my side so much more u should try being an alliance leader it opens that T$ is economic NPO is moderate TGH and KT milicom Arghh is Pirates Tons of ways to make PnW byy
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