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  1. It's like your opinion stopped being relevant as of 2019. Catch up
  2. I'm sorry what did you think was an easy war? We fight fully militarized opponents.
  3. Okay so someone hitting you 4 months ago and being neutral for six months is a valid CB. That was a strange time to hit Celestial when rumors of secret treaties begin to surface.
  4. So you guys aren't going to address Hollywood being cowards and hitting an already weakened enemy. This was nothing but a theatrical performance to stop rumors that Hollywood and Rose had secret treaties. I would say well played but it's quite a boring political move IMHO.
  5. I totally agree with you Prefontaine. I encourage you to create more of these projects that add variety to the game. Variety is the enemy of complacency and the status quo. The game should always update and change no matter what a small group of people that only visit the forums to !@#$ and complain, say.... Everything isnt this deep, go touch grass. Also give the obligatory downvote, I need ten of them to feel good today.
  6. The game is not about giving up when you are outnumbered. Many players do this and massive alliance blocks that have it all, count on this mentality to intimidate people into falling in line. You listen 4-5 situations where it would be useful, then obviously the project is for those people and for competent people that can turn the opponents tiny disadvantage to a large ravine. I've done it plenty of times. Stop hiding behind the winners and play the game for real for a while. It's actually pretty challenging and fun. Also go touch some grass too...
  7. 20/20 is the standard now. If I ran a tax farm alliance why would I charge anything less 100/100. I can even claim its a "command economy" or its "socialist themed" and people would buy in lol
  8. Shouldn't the nuclear research facility be also researching how to use one reactor to power up to 3000 infrastructure. Instead of using two reactors to power 2000+ infrastructure. I think that's a waste of a reactor for only 1000 more infra. Or maybe make nuclear reactors power 3000 instead of 2000 infrastructure. This all depends on whether the change would be something players are willing to pay for or not. In the same vein upgrading the nuclear Research Facility could make nuclear weapons more effective like plus 10% to amount of infra it destroys or longer radiation times (😈).
  9. That's was hilarious and annoying. But more hilarious. What if we remove maps and slot limits? That would so fun!!
  10. Something really jumps out about this statement....like a click in the background. Interesting 🤔
  11. Did you try creating an alt account? They banned you??
  12. Ignore the forum children. They giggle and laugh but do not reveal the humor behind your post because they can't articulate well. Orbis central forums are for really big news and with you just joining its amusing you are starting an alliance and already having wars it doesn't seem like your news is world changing. Keep in mind there 100+ alliances in this game. Are you from Cybernations?
  13. Randomize alliance would be a cool concept. I wish there was a way to do tournaments like this. We have a test server but it's not the same 😩.
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