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  1. The worst piece here is that I’m going to bed so now instead of using those Maps I will instead lose another five or six turns. Womp.
  2. https://discord.gg/UDdEnjWx9J Just posting a quick and shameless plug here. I've noticed a trend over the past few years that the community discord server and the community forums aren't receiving a lot of traction lately. I think this really lets down the community and I've tried pleading with the powers-that-be to do something about it but it has fallen on deaf ears. It's hard to fight the tide, and discord is clearly where this and games like it are happening. My server is not designed to compete with the news servers like RON or radio shows, but rather to provide a text-based, In-character space to have more serious, long-form, and formal talks about any political issues of the day. Anyone is welcome to bring up any topic and the only moderation there is to prevent the obvious like spam or super-low-quality content. We also have a small staff which will occasional provide a topic of discussion as things come up or as conversation dies down a bit. We obviously ask that no OOC (Out-of-Character / real-life) topics be brought there. I put my heart and soul into this project and it means a lot to me to actually be able to provide a space like this to Orbis. Most of the major players and alliances have a presence there already, but I hope to be able to expand this space to include smaller alliances and groups that don't usually engage as much. I think the more engagement, the better! Hope to see you all there.
  3. Nobel, Reubenia (politicsandwar.com) This one and others from other nations show as 1 day old when nuking
  4. Some of the older cities I'm nuking are reflecting 1 day old cities when they are actually 1000+ days old. This is only reflecting on the nuke/missile pages as far as I'm aware.
  5. This is honestly the truth of the matter. We may see small tweaks or QoL updates, but we will likely not being seeing any major changes for years if ever. A large portion of the changes including the two you've mentioned as useless or unbalanced projects have come directly from Prefontaine, the dev team is effectively a sounding board for his ideas and he may or may not barely tweak his original thought based on feedback. Alex is effectively AFK for development processes right now. 95% of his time is spent on moderation issues when he logs in. re: Sam Cooper's suggestions - I think the old meta was shit as well. If you dislike planes now, wait til you realize planes-only was a viable meta before these changes. I personally think the blitz advantage just needs to be nerfed across the board and beige needs to be given after every loss or expiry. It'll make wars a longer grind but it'll also make wars competitive rather than a slog. People arguing that it'll make numbers matter too much, they already do. I'd rather be able to fight back a little rather than just get swarmed and have to nuke.
  6. No no no, you're missing the point. TKR is orange, orange man is bad. Please stay on-script Thalmor or the FBI will be visiting your server again.
  7. I love the world cup but it's hard to ignore all the problems with Qatar. The stadiums were built with slave labour and they've placed all kinds of bans on things like playing music, dancing, leaving "your woman" unattended, etc. Just recently saw they're banning alcohol. None of this is your fault but I just can't get behind the world cup this year.
  8. Straight forward suggestion. People are turning to third party scripts that hide nation descriptions, but if you're not the lucky few you'll find quite a few people whose nation description can double or triple the size of the webpage. I imagine this isn't friendly for loading times or server load either. My thought: 1 image per nation description, no embedded links like youtube videos or other things, 200 characters of text. Or minimally limit it to 0.25x the size of the total page. This way it's not doubling or tripling the size of a page with 500 images that 1000x1200. The PnW Wiki or Nation Biography thing exist for longer stuff.
  9. Literally look in-game dude... Eclipse isn't tied to anyone Cataclysm hit. It's not a counter, it may be a secret treaty at best. A no-CB hit on Cata at worst.
  10. yikes. I get t$ is just trying to wardodge, but yikes. Eclipse isn't tied to Midgard in any way shape or form. They no-CB'd your (for another 71 hours) ally aggressively. Wouldn't be shocked to get some logs with Eclipse and T$ planning all this out beforehand at this point.
  11. I was just trying to buy some gas
  12. Forgiven, but will you bail out your ally that just got hit within the 72 hour period?
  13. Guess Eclipse chose for you. 😕
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