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  1. Parachotic

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    I don't have a means to draw a diagram, no. However, I'll try to clarify to the best of my ability. Camelot member attempts to poach Empyrea (Although not entirely proven) so Empyrea justly slots the poacher, that's all good. The problem is when Empyrea hits a Camelot protectorate unwarranted, so of course, Camelot justly counters them for it in defense of their protectorate. Empyrea does an offensive action against BK's protectorate by declaring on the counters because those CAM counters were warranted since they were merely defending their protectorate as is shown clearly on their treaty web. BK therefore has the right to defend their protectorate from Empyrea's unwarranted assault against warranted Camelot counters, although one could argue the premise of whether they're warranted or not, it doesn't matter though because it's BK's word against theirs and if Empyrea really wants to go to war over it, they have that option but they should also consider at what cost.
  2. Parachotic

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    So you agree Camelot can counter for their protectorate yet, you don't believe that countering Camelot's counters is an offensive action against Camelot and therefore BK's protectorate? If you counter a counter, I would consider that as an offensive action because, if allowed to continue, then it results in repeatedly countering each other's counters which would just be a war without a declaration, yeah? Personally, I don't see why y'all would hit Camelot's protectorate in the first place, it just seems like poking the bear and asking for retaliation.
  3. Parachotic

    When Boredom Strikes

    How old are you?
  4. Understandable then, I'll save further judgement til y'all sort out the truth. Good luck with it all.
  5. Those logs look forged, if you look at the color of the text, it has a different shade of white (or added transparency) than the actual discord font color. Edit: Now that I thought about it, that could simply be an issue with screen capture software/device used and not a result of poor editing.
  6. Parachotic

    When Boredom Strikes

    Damn I missed it!
  7. Big words for someone in CRUSADING DISTANCE
  8. Parachotic

    New Players Joining Alliances

    Or we could just unite together in the name of wiping out hazardous micros, yeah? Maybe stop protecting them while we're at it, yeah?
  9. Parachotic

    Lordaeron Announcement

    At this point I think Noctis could identify himself as a salt shaker and society would find it socially acceptable.
  10. Parachotic

    Read RIP #2

    Upvote for effort and immersive storytelling 😛
  11. Parachotic

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    I thought this was gonna be another war declaration, shame.
  12. Parachotic

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    They'll beat you to the finish line at least...
  13. Parachotic

    Time to Play Hardball

  14. Parachotic

    Shifty News Network LLC-Princes of the Universe

    Except that all of IQ together, have too many treaties to count resorting in much ground being lost unlike when you were in TEst, which is paperless. Regarding your friends, I doubt the relationships there have changed so you still have your personal obligation or whatever to them as well. SNN ain't dead but lost a lot of potential content to cover which is unfortunate.
  15. Parachotic

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I think the unfortunate part of it all being that only a tad above 450 billion dollars currently exists in pnw although, not counting resources I believe.

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