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  1. Parachotic

    War Morale

    Refine your spelling, gottem. That's all I wanted to say, bye now.
  2. Parachotic

    Baseball buff

    What he said, although I like the OP suggestion as well, all except for increasing the cost of stadiums because well, people who don't play baseball shouldn't be hindered by this and neither would the people who don't play baseball (also, the majority) agree to that change.
  3. Parachotic

    Racism on Orbis

    He's just aware that talking to brick walls is a hopeless attempt.
  4. Parachotic

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    Secure Protect Qontain Reeeeeeeeee another SPC alliance detected
  5. Parachotic

    Where we droppin bois?

    Mad Max already said he doesn't plan to fight back, so why would he expect his allies to defend him either? If he's content with taking the beating then people should stop white knighting for him and demanding action from his allies.
  6. Parachotic

    A Bold New Frontier

    Hope all goes well, the spread of Tommunism must go on
  7. Parachotic

    SNN: The Wizard

    They're not lying actually. Yesterday I had informed her along with the rest of the alliance that their leader was a filthy crook and that they should all leave asap. At first she didn't believe me, understandably, so she came here to search for further confirmation.
  8. Parachotic

    Where we droppin bois?

    *Has flashbacks of Empyrea raiding Camelot protectorate*
  9. Parachotic

    Let the Games Begin

    You also built your 14th city along with 1500 infra it in but hey, we all make mistakes.
  10. Parachotic

    Let the Games Begin

    Insider footage from Raeiska internal chats. As you can see, I planned this raid 24 hours before he got off beige, aka 24 hours before we decided we were gonna hit him. I chose his nation because he was (at the time) aligned to a crappy micro (Order of the Fallen Angels) that I poached a member from. They retaliated by attacking him and the guy that hit us from Order of the Fallen Angels was too low for any of us to counter, so, I decided to look for someone in my own range and swing back. There was no ill intent, no intention to slot fill, no intention to cause issues for Empyrea, I was simply playing vigilante. Empyrea is free to contact me about war coordination, I'm not against them, I have no reason to be against them, we just wanted to deliver due justice for our member.
  11. Parachotic

    Let the Games Begin

    Let's get this bread!
  12. The last alliance that tried this got rolled into dust just an fyi
  13. Parachotic

    Knights of Malta DoE

    Inspired by Knights of the Blood Oath?
  14. Parachotic

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    2. 90% of micros are infamous for being black holes, sucking in and effectively killing the players they take in. 3. The ego comes from your inability to take criticism (Which I will talk about later). 5. Really, you seem to get very touchy when your alliance is brought up in bad light, so in situations where you can't control your emotions well and respond rationally, you should let your FA or PR guy do it instead because most of the time you end up doing your alliance more harm than good. Additionally, if you think maybe that you are controlling said emotions well, trust me, you're not. They're well apparent and you don't hide them very well, if at all sometimes. 6. You're changing up my words here, I never said you couldn't refute someone's criticisms of you, I never said anything close or even relating to that topic. You can argue when someone shit talks you, but if you can't keep your emotions in check then the discussion becomes overly toxic when it doesn't need to be, in which cases I say give it to your FA to handle or simply ignore it. 7. The forums isn't the only platform where I've seen you over react to someone poking fun at Godfury, it happens in the politics and war discord too, specifically in #recruitment-and-propaganda. 8. War experience is definitely a plus for your alliance and if you're fine with sabotaging your allies over it then fair enough. Additionally, my being in the war, or lack thereof, doesn't mean I can't criticize those participating. Much like how the consumers of products don't need to be involved with the production of said product in order to criticize it. 9. I did read the thread, fully, and yes you have at times agreed with people's points against you. However, the manner in which you do it comes off as snide and almost seems like you do so begrudgingly, could just be me but I doubt you could be swayed on this point either way. 10. Rampage probably wasn't the word I should have used, but basically, I meant that you throw a tantrum the second your alliance gets thrown under the bus. You also refuted your own point about making 0 attacks so, moving on. 11. The biggest issue with this point lies here: "if you feel like pointing out stupid points is 'attacking'" because I will quote a later part of your argument right here: "Too bad i'm not like you and simply don't even bother reading previous convos before trying to attack someone based on things they've responded to." You claim here I'm attacking you, but aren't I only doing the same thing as you; Responding to stupid points in an effort to refute them? Enough said here, I think. 12. See (9) 13. Also see (9) 14. See (11) Figured I'll end off this post with a compliment: Godfury's econ seems to be pretty solid so props for whomever is responsible with that.
  15. Parachotic

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    Joining late is pretty bad, although that alone doesn't make you guys infamous. Being infamous is just an amalgamation of all the stupid things you guys do. Off the top of my head, I think of your guys' crappy leadership (Even the new one that you mentioned), your guys' massive ego (Yes, y'all have a huge ego whether you want to admit that or not), your garbage war performance, joining late to a dogpile (Probably causing more of an annoyance to your allies than enemies), Godfury's head of IA doing pseudo FA (PR) on the forums, and your guys' inability to take any criticism, literally, y'all (you specifically) need to chill out when people talk shit about Godfury, because well, most of the things people say about Godfury are *correct* and instead of asking why, you guys go on a forum rampage, attacking and replying to anyone who isn't on your side. Maybe it's just me, or maybe there's actual problems with your alliance to be addressed, or maybe you'll simply ignore all the above statement and begin typing a vicious reply after reading the first line...

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