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  1. Cianuro

    69 Days Later

    Bro, I didn't say I agreed with Shadow's logic, I'm just pointing out how you are trying to correct him when you were wrong to do so, like this isn't that complicated is it?
  2. Cianuro

    69 Days Later

    Oh I was not trying to insult TGH or your allies, I'm just stating how I look at the situation, I'm sure TKR and their allies are going to have an easier rebuild because, yes, they've probably built a huge bank, have a large upper tier that was untouched because KT and TGH could no longer reach them after falling too far below in score, and just having the sheer numbers to basically guarantee their win in this war, not to discredit their fighting ability, but their large numbers advantage made this war favorable to them from the very beginning.
  3. Cianuro

    69 Days Later

    Please notice the word **combined** which therefore makes his statement correct. Words sure are complicated, ain't they.
  4. Cianuro

    69 Days Later

    In all honesty, the aggregated cost of everything and how much the two sides contributed to that cost is all that really matters to me and from the looks of those stats, the combined forces of KT-TGH-ET did almost an equal amount of damage compared to TKR-TcW-TRF. However, I also know that TKR and friends are in a much better position for rebuilding than KT and the lot of em, so in terms of who won, I think it's TKR-TcW and ally.
  5. Cianuro

    69 Days Later

    I must say I'm impressed with those stats with the odds against KT and TGH from the very beginning, they pulled through pretty well.
  6. Cianuro

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    Did you mean "just don't expect to not get made fun of and called out"?
  7. Cianuro

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    Shifty: I wanna take a break from all the salt in the other thread. This thread: Salt Salt mines are located everywhere, even in the oblivion, sorry Shifty but there's no escaping it.
  8. Cianuro

    Upper Tier Alliances

    Hypothetical: An alliance has 150 members, 50 in upper tier, 50 in mid tier, and 50 in low tier, so ~33% each (close to TKR's 35% upper tier). I would say that this alliance has a large upper tier, but is not an upper tier alliance due to that fact that the majority of their nations are not upper tier. An upper tier alliance would be GoB because the majority of their nations are upper tier. But anyways, the entire definition of an upper tier alliance is subjective, and because of such there's no real reason to argue about it, it's more of a my opinion vs your opinion back and forth.
  9. Cianuro

    Upper Tier Alliances

    It does all depend on definition, and my definition is an alliance primarily composed of upper tier nations.
  10. Cianuro

    Upper Tier Alliances

    I agree, I think that TKR has good blending of their tiers, but are not necessarily a high tier alliance unlike GoB, TEst, CoS, etc...
  11. Cianuro

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    The majority of us are not condoning Thalmor's actions, believe it or not we're not all nazi's who are out to get you; You're just saying a lot of stupid and ignorant shit digging a hole so deep you're close to rock bottom.
  12. Cianuro

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Dude you need to stop finessing people with compliments just because they disprove the basis of your argument, you did it with Mikey and you're doing it again with Kastor (in the same thread), stop throwing compliments to those that disprove you and actually counter their points, jeez.
  13. Cianuro

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    *clap clap* can't agree more.
  14. Cianuro

    Join the #RESISTANCE before its BANNED

    One of the few platforms Alex Jones can still post on.
  15. Cianuro

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    I really did not want to continue the argument much longer, these things just contribute to an already toxic thread. Alright.

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