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  1. Tulles

    Rok N Rolled

    come back and join Cam, you dummy (wait, we want him back, right?)
  2. Tulles

    Enlarge the Flags on the World Map

    Tiny tiny tiny flag just like your nation and other things Joking aside, it might have to do with your flag and its size? A possibility to consider, at least. Maybe the words make it smaller than it looks compared to regular flags.
  3. Tulles

    Sorry Shifty, we beat you to it.....

    fair enough
  4. Tulles

    New Map Display Feedback

    Open layers is a go, boss. I mean, whoever actually complains would be sorta ungrateful, so ignore them
  5. Tulles

    OMG - Jedi Merge

    oh shi how does William feel about this? Wait, who was Omega again? What's their rep in Orbis?
  6. Tulles

    New Containment Protocol

    See GodFury, this is what you get for being pieces of trash. First all your buddies call you on your BS, second everyone leaves you.
  7. Tulles

    Micro Mayhem

    GF is starting to remind me of a certain someone I know... Any GF members reading this, it's high time to make that alliance your ex GF.
  8. pretty cool, I'm sure you'll find people clamoring sooner than later
  9. Tulles

    Siriusly, a coup?

    gg no re for Helios good job flexing on us with your fake a**
  10. Tulles

    Everyone else was doing it.

    good luck...?
  11. Tulles

    The Crows Ahead Cry War

    gg no re good luck you Destiny nerds
  12. Tulles

    Sirius (Slightly late) DOE

    Good luck, Sirius !
  13. Tulles

    Omega DPM Elections

    Good luck finding someone!

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