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  1. If I change my name to Blackie, will you give me 1b to change it back?
  2. We're supposed to see the results, right? Oh well, hahaha Arrgh for the win suckas!
  3. Didn't leave after all. I'm here to stay
  4. I was offering money to whoever joined my alliance. Cian Handley https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=165761 joined, took the money, and then left. Okay, fine. I put a bounty on him and called it even. Then someone messaged me unsolicited asking if they can join. I checked the account to see who they were and voila! Turns out the man who stole my cash shares the same unique id as Katie James https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=169064. Katie James also has been putting all her money into the alliance bank, very interesting don't you think?
  5. Did you know Owo is a city in Ondo State of Nigeria?
  6. Who, what, where, when, and why should I care. Keep it to yourself and those close to you next time, until it truly affects global affairs.
  7. Flippin amazing, I can't wait to see what else comes next. You're a pretty brilliant guy, Alex!
  8. pretty bloody awesome man, both sides benefit greatly and are good team players. Love it, keep it up!
  9. Get some more for the rest of us, this one seems like a long one
  10. This is the most respectful and fun looking wars I have seen. Shame all wars can't be like this.
  11. "we are memes they are like no one and eveyone hates u s"
  12. Man, that sure is a lot of blubber.
  13. What things have you said, Maia? What things have you seen?
  14. Ooookay, maybe we'll all look back at this and laugh. Heck, maybe you'll even make it on the wiki. But for now, just be quiet and keep your head down Lunch, I hope you invested in your military ?
  15. Moody


    I admire your tenacity, friend. The brave may not live forever, but the cowardly never live at all. Anyways, now you know how vicious the forums can be They really rip on the new guys, especially upcoming new alliances and leaders. High standards, not that I'm complaining. I use to run a little alliance of my own. It certainly was a learning experience. If you ever need support or advice, slide me a DM. We can get to work on your forum posting Good luck, my friend! Stay strong and don't lose hope.
  16. Whoo! Now that's how you do a RoH. Good luck to both sides, make sure there's a lot of carnage.
  17. It's been a hundred days. This is the largest, most costly, longest war anyone has seen in PnW. Why has peace not been achieved yet? I'm not asking for six month peace treaty. I don't understand why this war is continuing. Have I missed an important detail? Is TKR just that stubborn and won't accept they've been blasted out of the water? Some of the proposed articles are a little rough, yet that can't be the only reason Knightfall continues. Let me farm my pixels without worrying about another nuke blowing me up. Here's a picture of my dog so no one can say mean things to me. What evil fiend talks crap when there's a dog?
  18. These ideas are super slick. The problem is there are multiple ways to abuse the system without the rules we already have. I'm on the fence for this one.
  19. More knights? Right after Knightfall You guys sure have some balls
  20. Didn't need to tell us but thanks. Next time, post some real war news.
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