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  1. Bluedart

    Peace BeCoS why not

    But I live for radiation☢️☢️
  2. Fun start to a fun war
  3. Bluedart

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    Welcome to orbis
  4. Was this really news worthy how much of impact is this even going to make if any
  5. Bluedart

    A Terminus Est Public Service Announcement

    Now I see why people kept mentioning PTSD from the DOE, I like it though throw the harpoons
  6. Bluedart

    Project D

    I was the 14th down vote
  7. Yup I've seen the light one how it just part of the game
  8. It be something like the alliance selects the max percentage withdrawalble in a 12 turns so smaller transactions such as aids go answered without needing 2 gov members so then if someone trys rob the bank it's seen before to much is taken, the for big warsand what not where govs hide their banks they just need secoundary signer to move it efficiently, bank stealing would remain part of the game but it's much less of a hurt to the alliance so a bank like syndicate getting rob is only 5 billion vrs the full 34 billion worth in reasources, just an idea, really enjoy some of the input you guys have give thank you.
  9. I would agree with you but I've seen it from people that were in their alliance for a while and worked up to the postion and decided to stop playing the game and just sent a screw you to the alliance, most alliances are picky as hell with their gov choice, I fill it would improve the game thou regardless of alliance imcompetence
  10. Ok, I am not that old of a player and have been in the game for about 4 months in that time, but I've seen about 5 diffrent alliances get robbed by a member who then deletes or throws their nation into vacation mode, this destroys months of work for alliance and ushualy costs the allliance a few members. A possible solution is to make a option that alliances can select where certain transactions need a secoundary gov member to co-sign a transaction when a person goes over a bank percentage in a transaction or a certian percentage of the bank the details would be up to question but i fill like it would be an improvment to the game, so stuff like the recent robbing of Syndicate's bank doesnt happen as commonly and has a form of red tape the may save alliance alot of money
  11. Bluedart

    Rip Alpha

    Guardian rolled and wrecked every base 5 to 7 times along with Old basterds and one other No f

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