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  1. Bluedart


    @Richard Payne III mind given access to the doc
  2. Bluedart

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

    Mmmmmm they only get dumber and dumber dam movie was true
  3. Bluedart

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    It was 14 to 18, with an alliance that had a standing rose protectorate, and 5 ghosting members showing it had a form of support from not 1 but 2 alliances so yeah I'll brag and trash talk, Oblivion screwed yourselfs, you wanna pull a victim card but why, you just here to wreck and as your alliance page says don't stand in your way, well we did🤗 and you couldn't find a work around
  4. Bluedart

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    Lol didn't need t$ I had control of all my fights with a single days build you guys just arnt good a war
  5. Bluedart

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    Lol haha same @Loshi it's been fun rolling Oblivion and their ghosts
  6. @Alex how long till the changes are implemented
  7. There weren't any war updates in the test server
  8. These were alot of fun things on the test server should enjoy them on the real sever
  9. Bluedart

    Treaty of the Hellfire

  10. Bluedart

    War Boys I: The Legend...CONTINUES

    You joined like 12 hours into the war from another alliance and immediately declared several wars, I would call that ghosting, regardless, no hate I was one of the 5 ghosts that single handled made this war a domination according to everyone
  11. Bluedart

    War Boys I: The Legend...CONTINUES

    Everyones complaining about Stark ghosting when the other side did as well🤔
  12. Bluedart

    War Boys I: The Legend...CONTINUES

  13. Bluedart

    Peace BeCoS why not

    But I live for radiation☢️☢️

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