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  1. Denzo commonwealth

    Modernization of People's Liberation Army

    I like ur military views,, in the world of orbis people have forgotten about the power of strong leadership and law and order. Clearly ur upkeepin these values in ur wise nation, I adore ur power well done. I feel like in Orbis strong dictators with a strategic plan should stick together because Its the only way we can stop those Marxist pests. I offer u dear Lord the opportunity of the imperialist dominance pact. It is a pact of countries that want power and wealth to rule the world again. We want to make a good future, we shall show the power of the cross. May God bless u and may ur enemies eat the lead from ur rifles Foreign affairs office Denzo commonwealth
  2. Dont u ppl think that communism, socialism and Marxism are heavily taking over the good world of Orbis, well we r here to stop that we are a group of right wing dictators who know what's best for the future and that ain't communism. We r here to make our nations politically powerful and important and to rule large empires with huge wealth, join us all of u ppl out there who know that this is the way to go we can only stop the spread of commies and left policies if we work together and join forces,,, plz join our quest nd make the world a better place for our children May God bless u Denzo commonwealth foreign affairs Court

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