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  1. Rygus

    Wiki Bias

    It's locked and now under the jurisdiction of the moderators.
  2. "He was doxxed by Col. A members" Yeah, who?
  3. "Good faith negotiating is absolutely necessary" - right after
  4. I've been a member of KT for two and a half years, and adjutant for ET and KT for 10 months in that period of time, and I have no idea what you're talking about. No doubt you got that sort of overblown and hyperbolic accusations from people like kosmo and Queen M (and the entirety of TRF for that matter), who used such rhetoric to tarnish the reputation of KT. Considering at one point our entire IA was run by Haydon, I think your understanding of how KT works is quite limited, as well as the knowledge of our past governments. Let me break it down for you if the past two wars with you and the wars recently weren't clear enough: KT does not give a flying pixel who you are, where you're from, what you believe. The only thing KT cares about is burning pixels, making war and good memes. It quite literally says this in our alliance description. "If you are unwilling or unprepared to shed blood for your fellow knights at any given moment, do not apply. If you are not active enough and do not use Discord, do not apply. If your meme energy is low, do not apply."
  5. Yeah, it was a classic case of a last second move against a supposedly non-existent IQsphere. Not sure why people keep asserting that TKR and KT are "cozying" up in any way, regarding each other as mutuals in war is not a "friendship", it's simply basic respect. "The content they support is simply not anything that TKR or any upstanding member of said alliance would support." What content would that be? Not sure what exactly you're implying here.
  6. That'll be 15 shekels as copyright payment. 😜
  7. Rygus

    peace talks

    My point exactly. Coal. A needs to give something (i.e. defeat/surrender, doesn't matter what you call it) just to get more terms imposed. It's not gonna happen until Coal. B tells Coal. A these terms beforehand. All it takes is a "If you admit defeat/surrender here's the terms we propose that you guys fulfill as your commitment to peace." It's really simple. I stand with KT no matter what the Triumvirate decides or negotiates, I've munched enough steel and stolen enough goodies this war to last a normal P&W nation's lifetime.
  8. Rygus

    peace talks

    I don't find "surrender first and find out" reasonable at all to be fair. I imagine many alliances aren't so underhanded to circumvent these "non-negotiable terms" that supposedly "prove [our] commitment to peace." After all, wouldn't circumventing these terms be a sign that we aren't committed to peace?
  9. Rygus

    peace talks

    Pasky essentially summed this up for us. It's like being forced to sign page 1 of a contract and not being able to see the rest of it until we do so, and since we have very little incentive to sign for peace right now, it's not going to happen anytime soon. Candy is right in pointing out that guys lack of loot taking by the way, their situation is in no way indicative of what they claim. I think many people seem to be putting the cart before the horse here. The reason we don't want to sign for peace is because of Coal B.'s lack in giving terms that apply after a potential surrender, on top of the fact we're still dealing plenty of damage. Our situation is enough to satisfy plenty of our members into staying in this war. Simply saying: "why bother giving terms if they wont accept them anyways?" is a defeatist attitude and in no way a position a "winning side" should be taking. If Coal. B is so confident in their victory, why don't they keep pursuing terms on a regular basis instead of waiting months? Why not list a set of terms in tandem with a surrender? Why not find common ground? Truth is Coal. B simply doesn't want to find common ground. They don't want peace, and if they don't want peace, neither do we.
  10. Someone nuke him for suggesting such an outrageous agreement.
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