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  1. mega lootn chomk time, yums
  2. treaties this, treaties that, go paperless already smh
  3. the KT train is still trudging' along, THE CRUSADES WILL NOT BE CONSTRAINED BY PAPER
  4. Rygus

    Orbis Accords

    How about, no and no?
  5. I wish i was in range of you to I could punish you myself for this supreme click bait.
  6. Rygus

    The Future

    KT is already way ahead of you, princess.
  7. Aye, it gave birth the best MilCom in the history of Orbis. First to 100+ bln net damage in a single war by an AA, and still maintaining the military prowess today even as our numbers dwindled. Thanks for the sacrifice bruv. Reducing the old growth to ashes gave birth to new life. o7
  8. Rygus

    Wiki Bias

    It's locked and now under the jurisdiction of the moderators.
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