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  1. Komiko

    69 Days Later

    If you wanna combine things, than TCW alone did more net damage than all of KT/ET and TGH. Logic sure is complicated ain't it. Sit the hell down and try again.
  2. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    Having their own role doesnt automatically identify them as a friend. TCW and TKR discord have separate roles for KT but they were literally just in a war. KT, DB, and Rose discords just to name a few more also have separate roles for a variety of alliances. Meanwhile TEst just has roles for members and gov and one role for ex members and those not members. TGH's discord only has separate roles for alliances its treatied to or friendly with. Every discord server is done differently, the fact that TC has a separate role on yours means nothing to an observer when there is no consistent basis or understanding that only alliances considered friends have separate roles in the discords of alliances, since plenty don't operate that way. If that's all you've got for evidence, you may as well have none at all.
  3. Komiko

    69 Days Later

    I mean sure, except for the part where 3.7 billion > 2.6 billion. Numbers sure are complicated, ain't they.
  4. Komiko

    Paperless Treaty Web - Upper Tier Alliances

    I think it's honestly more that alot of them are just afraid. Of the uncertainty, of risk, or losing. Everyone's treatied to everyone, either blatantly into large blocs or suspected of secretly being organized into one anyway. Nobody wants to move or do anything because everyone expects a massive war over it, they want to wait for opportunities for smaller wars. But nobody wants to do anything to anyone else, so nobody gets distracted or tied up in anything, so there's almost never any chance for anybody to do anything, and even if there is such a chance, they're likely to miss it wasting their time worrying about the risks, and uncertainty of this and that, and possibly losing and so end up doing nothing and playing it safe, instead of playing risky and going for it. Even though taking risks is the only way to move forward in anything. It's just one giant gridlock where everybody feels they have alot - too much, to lose and never enough prospective gain.
  5. Komiko

    Remove National Project Timer

    No, he wasn't, if you read the post i responded to, he was talking about project timers, not cities. I even address points directly that he made in it. Congratulations!
  6. Komiko

    Remove National Project Timer

    Your lack of knowledge on this subject, and of self awareness betrays you. Aside from IA and PB, there are no other projects that are MUST HAVE. Sure, if you produce munitions and alum like i do, you should have projects for those, but it's not a requirement. You makes less over time, and you use less raws over time, its just a slower version of what i do. Things like ID, ITC and VDS are bottom tier crap, the only people you'll see with ID or VDS are raiders who encounter missiles alot or high tier nations with a spare improvement slot who figure"Eh, screw every 5th nuke." and the only people you'll see with ITC are whales. Same for NRF and MLP, mostly high tier nations with the spare slot or raiders who use them alot (sir scarfalot as a magnificent example of MLP in a smaller nation), literally every project aside from 2 is either utter garbage, is 'eh, i guess, might as well' or 'it'd be nice, speed things up a bit i suppose, nothing major'. They just aren't very important, honestly. So i, frankly, don't care if some whale decides to build every project in the game at once. So what? Only 2 of them are super useful, and after he's got those, he'll have irrgation thats useful, maybe one or two manu projects that are useful depending how much pollution they're OK with, and then the rest are of little use either period or only slightly useful at all in a war, which they are winning, because missiles and nukes are Vengeance weapons for your opponent to still clap you upside the head as he goes down. What exactly is there to be concerned about in that?
  7. Komiko

    Upper Tier Alliances

    Let me join your alliance Ronny that way you can claim diversity of nations and that you're not just all upper tier :^) Also give me all your money lol
  8. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    For the love of Atom i can't believe it. I agree with James. James is right. You heard it here first folks, live from the SNN. This is pretty much the only type of religious proselytizer i wouldn't slam the door on. Who can say no to nuking people as a religion?
  9. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Show me a Nazi i'm defending. Of all the people i know, the only one i'd really swing at calling an actual Nazi is Shifty, and even then it's still more likely he's just another shitposter like Thalmor who turned the edgy up to 74/10. Edgy shitposters don't bother me. They could if i let them, there's plenty of things for them to bother me about if i allowed it. Grow up, get some skin, and move on. I'm also far less concerned about Nazis than their more prevalent... cousins, i guess? On the opposite side of the spectrum, who are responsible for causing this shitshow. When i first arrived at this game a good eight months ago, i know there were some rather far to the right individuals, i've since seen them all disappear or have met them, and despite ticking several boxes that they'd typically go after hard, have not suffered any notable disturbance. But please, show me an ACTUAL Nazi in PW. Not somebody shitposting to be edgy, an actual nazi, who wants to actually throw Queen into a torture camp and thinks Jews control everything. I have yet seen a real one here, almost like a unicorn, let's see if our dried-out-irrelevant narcissist has any wisdom from the past to show us a Nazi in its natural habitat. And on this trash with Kastor about you saying how he's black and you're Jewish. Yeah, and? So? I'm not only not straight, i'm trans too, and yet, i linger and interact with these people all the time. I don't go crying to Moderation about it, or screaming harassment, or going "OMFG EBUL TRANSPHUBES" because i'm not some whiny !@#$ who just curls up on the ground and gets kicked. You wanna lay on the ground and get kicked and whine and scream you go right a goddamn head, but don't ask others to join you. I'll start complaining to somebody when they pose a threat to the me sitting in an air conditioned room in California, all they pose now is the risk of becoming a minor annoyance i can ignore for a few hours and be done with. Move on mate, stop choosing to be a victim, it's way more fun not being one.
  10. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    >Talks about others having poor character >Literally done nothing here but shittalk the game, everyone in it, everything they did, and says they're all irrelevant trash >S E L F A W A R E N E S S D R O P S T O 0
  11. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    I've done more than you have, whether or not it is considered is meaningful depends on who you ask. I can point you to some who would say yes, and others who'd just shrug, and yet others who'd say no. Coming from the guy who literally pulled of a flawless Mitt-Romney impersonation by flip-flopping across the forums faster than a mcdonalds burger across the grill. You do sometimes say reasonable things that flow logically without shitting on themselves Kastor, why don't you grace the people of orbis by trying to do that more often. I'm sure the only people who will complain will be the people who've hated or disliked you for as long as the sun has been a thing.
  12. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    You didn't whip me at all, as demonstrated by Smith, you simply resort to anime-physics level acrobatic thinking that makes absolutely no sense in the real world and lacks any self awareness or situational awareness. I don't need to be on a high horse to be above you, i just need to be able to keep my shit straight, that's all anyone needs to do to be above you, which makes the failure of those who can't all the more embarrassing.
  13. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Then he should make it known to everyone and post it in the Moderation section of the forum. Something already suggested by Buorhann, i believe, earlier in this thread. And yet here you are, your own arrogance betrays you by continuing to draw you here. If you're a wolf, you're an old one with a wound to the leg and no pack to guard at night. Which means, again, much like CN and my grandfather in last of 3 months with cancer, you're as good as dead already. Which is fitting, considering the rest of your existence.
  14. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    You're nothing but a myopic, arrogant narcissist, rambling on about 'better times and better things', which just so happen to involve a point in your life where half the people who thought you posed any relevance weren't also imaginary. You try and talk shit about everyone and everything here, i almost wonder if you yet realize you're a bigger pile of it than most. I didn't even know you existed until now, and now i know why. Because the last time anybody gave a damn about you, it was in a game that's as dead as my grandfather in his last 3 months with cancer. You're not better than these people, or anyone else here, many here may be piles of garbage, but so are you, the difference between you and Shifty is that he's a self aware pile of garbage, and you're just an irritating, loud-mouthed narcissist. Go back to the shadows of irrelevancy where you belong and whine about how worse everything now is compared to a bygone age of your existence meaning anything. You existed in the mythical place of his long gone relevance, the narcissism and arrogance is taking over, don't expect anything of substance, just laugh at the horse and his carriage as you drive by in your Model T. Also, as for all this shit about Alex and it being his game and he does whatever he wants, gtfo if you dont like it, and other such nonsense. This game is not World of Warcraft. It's not Call of Duty, it's not Battlefield, it's not some giant omnipresent system in the lives of humanity, wherein one in control can actual like a total cocknose and all the outrage that comes after doesn't really mean anything because all publicity is good publicity. This game, does not have publicity. It and all other nationsims are very niche, small-scale things, built and operated by small teams of people at best. The power of the free market, is, largely, unable to really scratch at something like CoD. CoD is not afraid of the free market, there's little it can do to hurt it. To games like this, the free market is a cup of unknown liquid. It might be a superpower drug, or it might be hemlock. Drink at your own risk, but tell people to 'gtfo if you dont like it' or 'i am admin i can do anything arbitrarily cause i say so' will be the end of it. This is not a game, nor a community, which has the privilege of being a massive MMO, where dozens or hundreds of highly involved, experienced, and invested people leaving is of no major concern because that many people start playing the game everyday or every week. This game has seen that many in it's entire lifetime - years. They disappear, there's not going to be an army of Guy Fawkes who step from the shadow in a dramatic reveal to drop their masks. You all ought to know that by now, but, for some reason, you lack the only good quality Shifty possesses. Basic self awareness.
  15. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    You know your argument is idiotic, irredeemable trash when Kastor can drop you this fast and hard.

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