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  1. Komiko

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    Because unlike you we don't have half the game to call upon to back us up. TEst is great and all but we're under no delusions about whose gonna win if we fight even just Guardian alone. Sure, TEst isn't about winning. Except, if we were hitting you, it would very much be about that. Though, in that case, we'd judge victory based on how many pixels you lost, as that'd be the goal. That's not even starting on TKR. Hell the only alliance we could take alone that you'd call is TCW and that's because i haven't seen any particularly stellar performances from them. But of course, it wouldn't just be, TCW, it'd be all 3 of the musketeers coming. That's why everybody doesn't bother. It's the same reason nobody bothers to roll us. Sure, you could, if you wanted to, but is it really worth the trouble? No, no it's not. I *still* can't understand why anybody protects a bunch of useless whales. It's probably some laughable nonsense.
  2. Komiko

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    They ARE an upper tier threat. Especially since they hang on the coattails of two alliances with massive upper tiers. Guardian actually is mostly upper tier. Why they protect them i don't know. There's so much potential you could with that alliance but instead it's wasted. Too much mushy-gooey friendship crap here. This isn't a My Little Pony episode, smh. More pragmatic slaughter, less hippy-dippy nonsense.
  3. Komiko

    Royal Orbis News

    Couldn't find anybody more interesting than the guy whose become a meme for failed coups? Pretty good otherwise.
  4. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Poach me like one of your French girls

    Valid CB
  5. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    *Plotting against Partisan and t$ intensifies*
  6. Komiko

    No Beige If Recent Offensive War

    That's not what he's trying to do, though. What he's trying to fix is his having to moderate anything by trying to stop exploits. That's not possible. The fact this would prevent something that isn't done very often just because a few people complained about it, all the while his fix creating an issue that will be much more prevalent, proves that. It's the shortsighted thinking of somebody trying to quickly fix a nuisance that can't be fixed.
  7. Komiko

    No Beige If Recent Offensive War

    So it stops T$ from getting raided again and everyone having a chuckle. Okay? Even though by all accounts i can see from talking to him personally, he was hit right after entering Arrgh. Even joked with us on the former members channel about some people just being haters. Yeah i don't see that as a problem. What i do see as a problem is that in big alliance wars it's not uncommon for you to lose at different times, and not uncommon for you to leave beige early and hit other targets. God forbid if your side is losing, because now you're screwed. People don't typically wait for all their wars to finish before striking out again or waiting out their week of beige before looking more enemies in big wars like that. This ontop of what Scarf mentioned. Did you... not read a word i said in the other thread, Alex? I'll repeat it here for you again. No matter what you do, how you do it, how grand your plan and vision is, someone WILL find a cheeky, clever way to exploit the consequences of that, and then the person getting dunked on will complain. You're trying to avoid a problem that cannot be avoided. If you don't want to moderate, find people who do and let them do it.
  8. Komiko

    Huge sale of nations in P&W

    KMart ran out of half-price braincells when he went grocery shopping last, obviously.
  9. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

  10. Komiko

    Beige paradox options

    It's not ridiculous at all. It'd be the exact same as if i stopped attacking Dragon right now and let it expire. The intention, made for and shipped, of the war system is to reduce your opponent to 0 resistance and beige them. Slot filling does not do that, and neither does your alliance. The former is wrong in your eyes because of that, so how is what you do any different? Whether it's a good strategy or not is irrelevant. It's the same practical thing. The comparison is only ridiculous because it implicates YOU directly, and YOUR alliance, because other alliances don't typically do this. Most alliances usually use the war mechanic exactly as the tin describing the mechanics says it should be. So what's difference? Last i checked, slot filling could still be slot filling, even if you - as i have - have lunched full scale attacks against your opponent. If you stop short of beiging and sit there though, you're just occupying a slot, just as i would be, just as any slot filler in game history did, just as NPO has done in its wars. Do you see the point, yet? Let me spell it out real blunt for you. The only difference between the typical slot filler you're talking about, and how you fight wars, is just public perception. They're the exact same thing, the only difference, is how people respond when seeing it. NPO's literal go-to war strategy IS SLOT FILLING, case shut and closed, it's just a slightly different variant, done by different people. A civic and a civic with a spoiler are both still Honda Civics. The difference is, you added a spoiler to yours, and now you're claiming it's not a Honda Civic, but a Honda Accord. That's the mental gymnastics going on here. The thing is though, and this is just as key as the actual point, nobody is saying you are wrong or should be punished for it. Nobody thinks you should be. They are however, pointing out that you're the pot calling the kettle black, when you're only a shade lighter yourself. Recognize your own tactics, admit they are tactics, admit they are an inevitable consequence of the mechanics, and lastly; admit that that's fine. If everyone played games the way the creator intended that'd be boring as hell. Like this is the strongest reason for just legalizing it in the rules. Major alliances literally use it as a tactic in full-scale wars. As for your argument on intent, that doesn't change it either. The difference between Murder and Manslaughter is intent, but either way you go to prison for killing somebody. That's what you did, you killed somebody, your charge merely reflects what they believe lead up to and caused that. You and a slot filler, did the same thing, but for different reasons. Nobody bats at an eye at you, but the other guy is the one they go after. Intent matters in that it changes response to what was done, but it doesn't change what was done.
  11. Komiko

    Beige paradox options

    That's a good idea too - if people don't know you're a mod they can't try and screw with you over it. And to clarify, Alex, i'm not saying give these people admin powers, obviously. That'd be insane. Just the moderating part.
  12. Komiko

    Beige paradox options

    How is option 3 better? No, really. Explain it to me. Use some logical, rational thought and explain it. Removing beige is bad right, it makes the aggressor almost always the victor, since the attacker gets advantage in big wars. So, how, exactly, is option 3 better than that? All that's going to happen is that the defender in a war is going to be screwed if their opponent is even slightly competent. No hilarious missile beiges from Scarf while being rolled by TKR. The point of not removing it is to not screw over people on the losing side from coming back. You did this and that's what would happen. IQ's pullback in Ayyslamic Crusade would never have been what it was if you had this crap going. Frankly all of these suggestions sound absolutely worse than what currently exists. One is even named 'Frick raiders and micros" mate those people are fricked already why you lookin to go further. Honestly keep it as is and legalize the team beigeing, etc. Why? This is why. Just because you disapprove of something does rewrite causality to make it non factual Sorry friendo, but that is indeed tactical. Do you know what tactics even means or are? That's the definition of tactical. It's like having an army of swordsmen against an enemy entrenched on a hill with mostly archers. So you attack at night in the rain. Because the night makes it hard for them to see and the rain fricks with their bows and the arrows once fired. Is that what the night or rain was meant for? Of course not, they're just natural mechanics of our world, they become tactical when you take advantage of their advantage of their effects. That's literally textbook what tactics even is. Even better coming from an NPO member - beige isn't there for you stop just short of inflicting it and sit on the war til it ends. According to Sheepy's definition of it, that's slot-filling, you declared a war with NO INTENT to actually win it, instead, stopping short and sitting there. That's like if i stopped hitting Dragon right now, he's one naval IT away from beige, 0 ships, and i've been one shipping him. I imagine T$ is upset i took the slot already, can you imagine how many complaints Alex would get if i did that? Mechanics are always going to be abused, you can't prevent it. Institute any of these suggestions and i guarantee new cheesey, clever little uses of them - uses that weren't intended - will arise. Will they be illegal too, because it's an unintended consequence? Here's an ever better suggestion than changing the legality of slotfilling/team beigeing. @Alex Hire or find someone, find meaning a volunteer, who won't mind doing the moderating instead. Maybe multiple someones. Cause you're probably better off, financially, with volunteers, and that means players, which means lots and lots of bias. I'll volunteer right now, i have too much free time, and there aren't many people less biased than me. You see, i'm quite happy to see everybodys nations and alliance go down in chaotic hellfire just so i can watch with "He's a pirate" playing as i sip Captain Morgan mixed with coke. And if any such volunteers make a decision that comes into question, you can create a fancy system whereby the other moderators will take a look, i'd say pass it up to the admin but we're trying to avoid you in the system here. Add in other rules to them, like for example if you're in oh say, NPO as a mod and you're fighting Rose and KT again and some KT guys get accused of whatever the frick, you would have to let a different moderator or moderators not involved in said conflict review it. Simple stuff. If they abuse this power, you own the crap, pick from a wide array of decorative and terrifying hammers and swing. Because in the end at least we will moderators who actually want to do their job. A moderator who doesn't want to do their job is likely not to be very good at it either.
  13. Komiko

    Avalon’s Avarice

    >micros >making moves moves towards what? Making sure the next time AK raids they have a bunch of irrelevant micro friends to flail around aimlessly and say they're helping?
  14. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    Stop rushing my job, these things take time. Graceful precision, timing, and a killer punchline are all required. I'm tired of all you normies, who just don't understand the profession.
  15. Komiko

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    There is no good explanation. My roommate signed up the other day. We sent emails to get verified 2 hours later And our nation's have had no contact. There's no excuses, it's indefensible.

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