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  1. This is the only rational option for Alex.
  2. @Klassenkrieg Aye! We're #50 boy!
  3. I think that this gives extra incentive to win wars.
  4. Can I follow your example and coup my TKR prot?
  5. He told me that he was the supreme chancellor and was in charge of all PR and HR movements. He has also said that everything he is to say should be taken literally and figuratively, as long as (the other people) get a valid cb from it.
  6. 1. The Knights Radiant 2. The $yndicate (Please don't break my kneecaps for putting you in #2 :( ) 3. Grumpy Old Bastards 4. The Enterpri$e 5. The Commonwealth 6. Guardian 7. Seven Kingdoms 8. House Stark 9. Farkistan 10. Rose
  7. Well Elijah, it was nice to have you around dude. Was fun to be your co-host for the shows we did. It's been a pleasure to be able to call you my friend and I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do with your life.
  8. I would just like say, fark off
  9. Hey, I'm gonna assume you're Sean Anthony, so I'm going to talk to you as if you were him. Welcome back Sean, it's been a while. Hey Sean, normally people make alliances with protectorates before they form. It's actually a good idea to do so because it means that you will be protected for as long as you can. With that in mind, it's an even better idea to get experiences being a government member before you form an alliance. Making previous failed alliances does not count. There are plenty of micro alliances (with 20+ members) who need new government members, and there are plenty of major alliances who may welcome you into their low government. I wish you luck in whatever you will do. And, if you continue on the path you're currently on, I will happily be making smores over the fire that is your nation.
  10. Nothing happened. No losses were given to either side, I received no money, he received no damage and he didn't lose any resistence.
  11. No no no, that was made by GG&FU
  12. Hey, welcome back dude! How have you been?
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