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  1. Arthur made a thread because Epi and him felt guilty over their role in the worst war the game has ever seen. I'm salty at Epi and Arthur because they're human beings with empathy. If only I had been leader, we wouldn't have stepped down to those Kerchtog people! My current allies mean nothing to me, and I enjoyed every single moment of rolling them. The only dark stain on that war isn't how long it was extended, how IQ did peace, NPO's involvement, hitting former allies for making mistakes mid war, ridding the game of thousands of players, making the game unplayable for an entire side for 8 months... no no no, it's that NPO started cheating in month three of completely dominating the game. The coercion to delete the game minimally impacted the game as a whole... I could tell you to delete and you wouldn't. Now, if I were to hold you down for... let's say the 3 months that the war went "legitimately," with members of your own government telling you that we're not allowing you to even get close to a peace talk, with members of their government willfully admitting that they have no plans to ending the war, even in private conversation between friends they're telling you to just dodge out because they're talking in the leadership channel about how to make the war last as long as possible. Strangely... I'd think you'd delete like the thousand + players that left Kerchtog during the war. Ah so if you would have been fine if the war ended in November? After Kerchtog already had 300+ deletions, at least a hundred vms, and many more on purple? After six months of sitting on Kerchtog... Over two months of GPWC being a thing... yeah, I agree completely. The war was completely justified to last six months. Sure, it would've been great to have saved us from the final three months of the war... but ya know what, inflicting either six months or 9 months of an unplayable game onto half of the game without remorse shows that you're a total !@#$. Strange... why would a group of experienced government get high gov? It's such a strange question... why would these people, who have been government for top alliances for years, get to join our high gov. It's completely astounding! By God the horrors they'd inflict onto us. No longer could Cam ever be ruled by us... the true government of Camelot... Oh God, if only. Thank God for Eclipse, now we can 'win the game' without having to worry about getting partnered with people of more experience. Normally I don't respond to such bull shit, but this time, I'm going to respond to this bull shit. Pushing out old gov members to try to reform Camelot's image. Excuse me if I am wrong, but post merge, you spammed the gov channel post merge about how Camelot did nothing wrong. It was only NPO who did the bad, that Camelot was blameless, and that adding GG&FU to the alliance was sure to fail. Oh and let's not forget you literally trying to poach Cam government in the government channel. Maybe I'm absolutely bonkers, but even I would not poach the government of an alliance in the government channel... and then a year later start !@#$ing about how those who left with me were pushed out... You're also mistaking something huge here. The idea of a "reformed" Camelot was mostly Rose posturing. The difference is - Camelot gov felt accountable for their actions, Epi and Arthur agreed they did bad, so they apologized. It's called accountability. I'm sure it's a strange concept, but when you do something bad, you apologize and you strive to make sure it doesn't happen again. Why did Camelot apologize - because Camelot held itself accountable for its actions... maybe your position in gov didn't get you privy to all the good bits of information, but Camelot had already been planning an apology prior to the merger. Rose had been "touching it up" and they were prepared to apologize. Another... very startling thing to notice is that you don't see holding the game hostage for months as a wrong doing. You were happy to inflict lasting damage so long as NPO didn't cheat... that's incredible. Also, you wouldn't know this because you got removed and took your band of salty kids, but damn near all of Camelot government expected to get rolled at the nap. Even Rose was prepared to get hit. If you told any member of Camelot gov post merge that apologizing would save them from getting rolled, they'd laugh at your face and tell you to wait for nap to end. We felt assured that we'd get rolled for a month before they peaced out and we'd continue with our lives. That's what we expected, and we planned around it. If I hadn't already given up on politics I'd sit around and wonder why six people upvoted this garbage. Since I no longer care, I'd like to send you the customary response for any union member... F U
  2. No. I haven't deleted any cities either.
  3. As the party in question, I can confirm it's pure cheats.
  4. Welcome back Anna! I'm glad you're back
  5. Was fun being Oceania gov. Good luck to the bois, have fun and good luck. Love ya'll. We're unmerging. They missed out on this opportunity...
  6. This is terrible advice! Don't partake in the game! Run as fast as you can before your time is sunk into this game. I haven't been able to see my family in months and [redacted]
  7. Roquentin is overrated, his involvement in the scheming/process of the resource production isn't nearly high enough for the value that you're giving him. I think that more active participants in the scandal should be more deserving of the praise that goes with it. Honestly, if Roquentin had the same teammates that Pooball had, Roquentin's scheme wouldn't have worked nearly as well as it did. On a purely individual level, Pooball was much more involved and he did a much better job at what he did. Roquentin was more or less a figure head, whereas Pooball actually did what he claimed to have done. So, Pooball did a lot, with worse teammates, and most importantly, he was from Oceania...
  8. I have mixed emotions about this post... do I upvote? Do I downvote? It's a struggle for me.
  9. Of course you come from Black Skies...
  10. This is a far more accurate solution to your problem than anything I could have come up with... Honestly, stick with Hidude on this one.
  11. Akuryo and Changeup are only that high because Alex removed the feature that was downvotes removing upvotes... now that he has removed that option, shills like those guys get their upvotes increased, while the downvotes they get do nothing... In other words, there are three ways to get upvotes... The first is to post DoE's. So long as the alliance isn't a complete waste of space, and is tied to a major-ish alliance, you'll get upvoted by most members of the sphere you're apart of. The second way is to post quality memes under every major topic for a while. A good meme may get 5-10 upvotes, and the highest I've gotten from one is like 31 upvotes... The third way is to post propaganda and tell your sphere about your posting of the propaganda. Even if everyone on the enemy side downvotes it, the current system only counts the upvotes, so screw your enemies... Be ruthless, and remember, no matter what you do, you will never catch up to Prefonteen or Prefontaine. The pre's are better and are our Gods. Worship them to gain their blessing, and with their blessing, may you be successful.
  12. Don't get in the way of a retired man telling exaggerated stories. Nokia was the head of milcom for Nova Riata, The Knights Radiant, and Black Knights all at the same time. Back in Nokia's day, people weren't only head of milcom for one alliance, they were head of milcom for several alliances, and never complained.
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