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  1. CitrusK

    Distress Call Received

    Wait.... I thought this was going to be a declaration of war against Empyrea. I was already typing out the story line for your betrayal towards me. But you're hitting Arrgh.... you haven't betrayed me... I love you Minesome. ❤️
  2. CitrusK

    SNN-Jump Feet First Into Hell

    All hail Shifty. I believe in you man!
  3. CitrusK

    Weather forecast

    Sooner or later there's going to be 100 Arrgh posts about wars that Arrgh members are in. Prepare yourself.
  4. CitrusK

    Official BK-sphere announcement

    You have to find the server before you can say it'll take hours.
  5. CitrusK

    Official BK-sphere announcement

    We're attacking you guys? The frick. I thought we were attacking Alex for this shit.
  6. CitrusK

    Ah, it is good to see you...my son...

    This is either going to take a while, or it's going to be quick. Depends on if BK gets involved.
  7. They can be attacked and attacked and attacked. If Knightfall happened now, TKR would be more dead.
  8. Bare with me for a second. Yes, I know I used the wrong "bear," but I needed to get your attention, so the grammar error will do. Anyway, the plan is going to be laid out below. So basically the alliance leader can choose a specific alliance (their bff, or themselves or something), and then that guy gets placed into Vacation Mode for however long he stays as the "alliance." So, what will happen is, the player (Let's call him John), gets to control the alliance's military (there can be total of members in the alliance, and the total military that the alliance itself has). John will be able to declare war on alliances, right? I'll go into more details below. Military. 1. The maximum military is going to be based upon the cities in the alliance. For example, Empyrea has about 1,000 cities. 2. The maximum military per city is going to be 90 aircraft, 1250 tanks, 15,000 soldiers, and 15 ships (It doesn't matter if the slots match up). 3. Each aircraft is going to cost 12 aluminum and $16,000. 4. Each tank is going to cost 4 steel and $240 5. Each ship is going to cost 100 steel and $200,000. 6. Each soldier is going to cost $8. 7. Upkeep for aircraft's is going to be $1,000 during peace and $1,750 during war (each). 8. Upkeep for tanks is going to be $100 during peace and $150 during war (each). 9. Upkeep for ships is going to be $7,500 during peace and $11,250 during war (each). 10. Soldiers cost $2.5 each during peace, and $3.76 during war. They also cost 1 food for every 375 soldiers during peace and during war it is 1 food for every 250. Warfare 1. The declaration of war. Once war is declared upon an alliance, all of their MDP treaties are immediately in the war, allowing the aggressor to attack them as well. 2. Prior to declaring war on an alliance, you are able to send a "heads up" message to your allies. They will be able to choose whether or not they participate in the war. 3. Once war is declared, much like the current game, you can view and do actions under the "wars" page. 4. You can find alliances that are within your war range through the "Wars page" (basically how it is for nations). 5. Once the war begins, you get one MAP every two hours and each war action costs the same amount of MAP'S. 6. If an alliance blockades your alliance, you won't be able to use the bank! 7. It goes without saying that the Ground Control and Air Superiority system works as it does now. 8. You will be using the Munitions and Gasoline in your bank to fund the warfare. 9. War attacks don't hit infra, rather, some of the money or resources in the alliance itself. Alliance Details 1. The player in control of the alliance cannot coup the alliance. 2. If the alliance leader (or both if there's two) feel the need, they are able to remove the player in control from their position... goodbye John. Why this should be implemented 1. First of all, this is hopefully going to make the selection process of your treaties a tiny bit tighter. 2. Second of all, as you can probably tell, this is going to require a massive amount of resources and cash. What do we have a surplus of? It's not a rubber band fix, it's a permanent addition to the game that drastically decreases the number of resources in the game whenever a war erupts 3. Alliance wars will be much, much more prolific in damages, and possibly even the time at war. 4. Need I go on? Anyway, I'm anticipating some hate from a few alliances about this idea, and I know it would be quite a bit of effort to introduce. I'll be looking at the comments of this, and following the topic so that I can have correspondence with ya'll. Anyway, Citrus out for now.
  9. CitrusK

    Hard Mode Coalition [Tkr Surrenders]

    I told everyone we were surrendering. Is it time to get on our knees, sire?
  10. CitrusK

    Hard Mode Coalition [Tkr Surrenders]

    Pantheon was far too active and strong during this war. Their members were resilient, and none of them left. It was amazing to see, and horrible to fight against. Empyrea agrees to the terms at hand, and we apologize to our new lords.
  11. CitrusK

    Its time for a BK ayynnouncement

    "Several Major Spheres," there's three major spheres. Chaos, KETOGG, and BK/NPO. There could be five or six if BK and NPO just split up and decided to shorten their ally lists. Currently, there's three. Of course, this is from an outsider looking in.
  12. CitrusK

    Its time for a BK ayynnouncement

    Oh sorry, NPO has to be a dying alliance first. This is gonna take a while, isn't it?
  13. CitrusK

    Spy, Spy I tell you!

    So are you saying to me that spies will be the game changer in a war? That those sixty spies that we have, will be able to cut down 66% of aircraft like ground units? Are they going to be able to stop the trade into a nation like a blockade? And God knows that nothing compares to aircraft. Your car analogy is off, spies aren't a car, they're a scooter that's missing a wheel.
  14. CitrusK

    Its time for a BK ayynnouncement

    If I understand anything from this, it's that Keshav has become leader. That means that BK has become NPO's secondary alliance. So, I give it three weeks before Bk gets BK'd and merges into NPO...
  15. CitrusK

    NOVA meme comp

    @ShadyAssassinTime to delete.

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