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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/unique/id=182717 That's the ID. I was looking at it too dude, like "wtf" Lol.
  2. I added some "paragraphs" to make it look better. It's honestly worth the read if you haven't read it. I tried to put the paragraphs where it seemed to fit, I probably messed up on the positioning in a few places. I'd suggest reading it, it's a nice read, and a better story. On a side note to Sol, what happened to you and your alliance, sadly, isn't too uncommon. There's been plenty of alliances that have had leaders take time off, and die while they were away. It's something no alliance leader wants, but it's the "curse" of this game when you're busy. It honestly sucks. But, I hope that in the future you can create another alliance, have good friends, and work on it as a group. I can't wait to see how your story unfolds.
  3. Wait.. if The Enclave surrenders to TKR, will we have surrendered to Goons by proxy?
  4. CitrusK

    peace talks

    I'm uh... In Fark... But duly noted. The thing about giving them terms before they surrender, is so that both sides know stuff. Because, Kerchtog could surrender today, and talk to your government. Your government could impose a term like "The Knights Radiant cannot sign a Protectorate for a duration of..." and then the war would continue until that term was removed. It's good to know which terms are "good" and which terms are "bad." before entering negotiations. It's just good to know what you're surrendering to. And it's good to know which terms are extending the war. I don't think there's a chance in hell that Kerchtog surrenders, unless they are explicitly told terms before hand. And they have the chance to fight against those terms.
  5. CitrusK

    peace talks

    Soo..... You're saying that you don't have a finalized terms list. You expect the war to last a few more months (and you're not going to bother doing peace terms until it ends). Okay, so you do have a terms list. You just don't want to share it. Understood completely. From what I understand, you have been talking about peace, being disingenuous about the terms for months, with the hope that the war continues, and that you have time to create more terms. Completely understood.
  6. 1. "Didn't you desert a war and literally create..." no. I literally left my alliance due to a disagreement with other members of the government based upon where the alliance should go. I literally created an alliance of friends, former government members, and a noob. I've been the head of Internal Affairs and Economical affairs concurrently for an alliance that was twice the size of yours. It was far more active than your current shit stain of an alliance. And I didn't even need the leader role. 2. "Why are you talking again?" That would be a good question if you were a child throwing a tantrum. "I don't like your opinion, so I'm going to tell you to shut up." That's an incredibly stupid way to look at things. It's the "I'm wrong, but I'm not gonna let go of this," type of arguer. You're the stereotypical steroid-filled Feminazi. Honestly, you should set me as heir to your alliance so I can coup it and give the members what they deserve... A disbanded alliance. Now, if you'd like to join my small-little alliance, feel free. I am fine with accepting those that I have to teach. If you're lucky, and should this suggestion get passed, I may give you the lowest of the ranks. Good luck!
  7. I feel like "reading isn't your strong suit" shouldn't be your go-to response when someone is responding to something you wrote... I mean. Trying to read through your message is like trying to lobotomize my brain with garden shears. Your texts are so dull and boring, I could liken them to a broken pencil. If I was given the choice between reading your messages, and being water-boarded for five days straight without food, I would choose the latter. Now, claiming "ridiculous rants" is not something I would expect from a child-like prissy shithead like you. You go on more ridiculous rants than Inst, and yet you claim intellectual superiority. You must be very happy about this suggestion, because it means that your piss-filled brain won't have the chance of screwing up your group too bad. Now, "having been leader of an actual alliance," is also quite bizarre. I wouldn't call your group of molested youths an "alliance." It more resembles the fourth crusade. The leadership structure in your rag-tag team of misfits was made by an optimistic five year old who has yet to understand the basics of how something should be run. This suggestion is the last bastion of hope for your dirt-filled dome. If you put all of your alliance into the low gov position, it may be able to counter-act the fact that you're complete shit. Although, given your current allies, I don't see a bright future for you.
  8. It was so long... Too long my friend.. After the countless hours of war, the countless bodies dropped... We... Can't see the past. The walls of blood have hidden the beginning. This is why the conflict had to end. We don't know when it began, but we know the casualties...
  9. Nah mate, they're filthy commies. Not purist commies. Get your head out your ass and come to the front lines. Stop wasting time, we haven't enough. We have to stop their progression. They already have ten million soldiers on the front lines, and our fort near Kazakhstan was wiped out. Come my brother.
  10. Okay. I understand you're not good at war. But the point of war is to cause as much sustained damage as you can. That means destroying units asap. I'm saying that aircraft are better at that, even more so than the proposed tanks.
  11. I mean... yeah? Most people don't want to beige their enemies though, and airstrikes cause substantially more damage...
  12. Uh. It costs one less map. And at the current state, it's not nearly as effective as aircraft. (Not even close). It also only takes down two less res than aircraft. Lol
  13. I like this idea. I think the cost should be a tad bit higher (like 40, 60) But other than that, I like this idea a lot. Also, how will this effect nation score?
  14. Okay. I feel like anti-aircraft's should be expensive on the upkeep. So, the upkeep should be like, 80/120. So, if I had 10,000 anti-aircraft tanks, I'd have an upkeep of like 800k during peace, and 1.2 million during warfare. As other people have said, this seems to be way too high. I'd think that, as Shadow said, it should be 150 ant-aircraft tanks per aircraft. So, even a nation like Wampus could only destroy 360 aircraft. (Which is still about half of their daily aircraft buy, but it's better than 3600 aircraft lol) I like this idea. So, just to be certain though, you're saying that a regular tank may be worth 27 armed soldiers (or whatever, I don't know the actual math for that bs) and an anti-aircraft with be worth like 22ish armed soldiers (or 3/4th of a regular tank)? That'd be a really cool thing. Also, you never mentioned how'd you go about actually buying anti-aircraft tanks. I'd assume that it would be like the other units in the game (with it's own little thing) and the max would be your (factories *250 - (regular tanks+anti-aircraft tanks)) just to get the # you have remaining. I think they should also show up in battle differently (for two reasons, the first being so that Alex can more easily program a new unit, instead of using way too much code to not do that. The second reason is so that you don't waste anti-aircraft in battles against an enemy with no aircraft. Just to save the extra munitions.) Over-all though, I like the idea. Seems like something we've been wanting for a while now.
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