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  1. Why would Tyrion need to know about anything in his alliance? His government promised him cities - what happens to get him cities doesn't matter - so long as he's still getting cities.
  2. Are we allowed to declare on Polar for this crime on humanity? Like... all of us versus just him, no one else in his alliance. Just sacrifice Polar to the Blood God... Can we do that boys?
  3. We've had two posts on the forums about us. Neither of them were posted by us. One was a report by a delusional leader who wanted admins to step into his losing war, the second post was extremely hard to read on the dark option of the forums... Regardless, thank you for keeping our forum presence alive!
  4. They wanted a hug and the dog pile was the closest they could get.
  5. Sucks for you. How truly unfortunate your situation is. This still isn't the correct forum section to complain about this on. There's Nation Affairs and or Orbis Central for this stuff.
  6. Single nation alliance post aside... you're probably the first person I've ever seen say "The year of our lord 2020." All I have to say on that matter.
  7. Being paperless didn't last long, eh?
  8. I purely agree with the toxic half... Six months is a long nap though.
  9. Tell him to post to imgur and embed the link.
  10. I mean. There's going to be a clear winner, and it's me because I get to see both Minesome and Nokia lose infrastructure.
  11. Which one of your leaders is cheating? Just make it obvious so that when ya'll are banned it's simple 🤷‍♂️
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