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  1. CitrusK

    Wasn't that a party?

    You're crazed mate. Stop spamming the wiki so I can fix it bruh. See mate. You're crazed. I get it though, you've been out of commission for a while. Welcome back though, and congrats on the war.
  2. CitrusK

    Wasn't that a party?

    Forums.... what's that? I thought this was the Wikipedia.
  3. CitrusK

    Like a Virgin

    You're probably doing better than CoS... good luck in the war mates! Have fun and fight well!
  4. CitrusK

    Sri Lanka 001 has returned

    Can confirm.
  5. CitrusK

    Well I'm off!

    Good luck in college! If I find out you failed any courses, I'm coming after you lol. Nah but seriously, good luck man. It's been a blast knowing you for as long as I have.
  6. CitrusK


    Oh sweet Lord! I would love to see it! Yessssss
  7. CitrusK


    Next step! Weed! Makes your soldiers chill in any situation.
  8. CitrusK


    Brilliant idea! I love the idea of water! One of my friends is water (shout out to @Fiji God) so I really like this idea. Now, I'm leaving this comment here to hopefully boost this. I don't know the algorithms of the forums, but I'm going to assume that comments means that it's pushed higher up. 10/10. Could be apart of my "I'm Not High! You're high!" series. I mean it's perfect.
  9. Can I have what you're smoking?
  10. CitrusK

    [DoE] For Escobar!

    Kitschie, c'mon. I said "there's only so much the FA can do" I'm inferring that the FA is the only good part (which it is). I believe in you Kitschie to make this alliance run well in Foreign Affairs. Just uh, I won't be joining. Love ya though.
  11. CitrusK

    [DoE] For Escobar!

    Look at the gov line-up... The FA person can only do so much..
  12. CitrusK

    Peace Terms.

    As a member of KETOG, I don't want a 6 month NAP.... I WANT A 12 MONTH NAP! And, every time I beige someone I want 10% of their economy for 1 month, so that when peace breaks and they start making money again, I'm earning that sweet money. Not only will I have my own economy to boost my rebuild back to the upper echelon of infrastructure builds, I'll have some other people's as well. Mwahhaa!
  13. Which member of Vanguard, TuE, Polaris... Also, why are you still calling it Vanguard, they disbanded dude.
  14. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I think I have a rough idea for how water works. It’s hard to swim in, and you can’t just magically appear at Europe coming from North America. Now, what do I know, I’m not somebody who passed their geography test (nor do I know how to swim). But it’s not just that you know, it’s also aircraft. Ya know? I just find it kind of odd that the world is so small that hitting someone across the world is the same usage as someone next to ya, ya know? Anyway, the suggestion is below. An Idea For Ground Units Alright, I got a few ideas for how this system could possibly work, right? So, first idea, delete ground units lose ten percent of their fighting worth (army worth?) when the nation you’re attacking is from another continent (The defenders don’t get affected by this, of course). Now, the pros and cons of this idea. The pros. Soldiers and tanks are less useful over a large distance Continents become more important to strategy (man I love my continents) EVEN MORE TANKS GONE! The cons Absolutely nothing… Well, I guess a con could be that a nation could set up a ground force (Max soldiers) and would rarely have to worry about their opponents getting ground control. The other idea. You need either a ship, or a national project to bring tanks and soldiers to another continent. To further this idea, tanks and soldiers could have a “weight” that adds up to the max amount a ship can carry, for example. Soldiers = 0.01 space, Tanks tank 0.5 spaces, and each ships has 50 spaces (100 tanks, 50,000 soldiers). Now, the second part of that is more of a way to implement, than a “this needs to be added.” But, here’s what I’m thinking. The national project lets you cross continents for no de-buff to your units. The project costs 7,500 Gasoline, 5,000 steel, 5,000 Aluminum, and $20,000,000 Pros and cons Pros Introduces more use for continents (and gives a second reason as for why people would change, more credits for Alex, yay) Increases the steel used (For ships and the project) Requires nations to keep buying and making steel for the ships to send units over (more steel prices) The cost of the project will increase prices by a marginal amount in the time people buy them (it’s not long lasting) Cons Airplanes reign supreme (more on them later) It DoEsN’t MaTtEr (But it does, look at the cons) Time for some damned Aircrafts Now, aircrafts are a peculiar thing because they are the most overpowered thing in the game. Feel free to @ me. So, to bring the continent idea with aircrafts, we need to think about a way to “nerf” aircraft the way that I’m doing against ground units and so here’s what I thought up. I thought up two different approaches. The first approach is that if a nation is on a different continent, I.E. North America and Europe, then their aircrafts will use a larger amount of Gasoline when they go to do warfare against another nation. For example, if an NA dude hits an EU dude, right now he uses 100 gasoline (it’s just an example), under my idea it may cost 125 or 150 (depends on whether you use 25%, or 50%.) The other idea is that the aircraft will lose 10% of their fighting worth. Now, you could add 7 more projects, each one lets you use ground and air units at 100% worth. The price for the project could be a lot of stuff, I don’t know. But, it would be seven, one for each continent. So, you can study the alliance your fighting (BK for example) see that they’re in South America (Idk if they’re actually there) and then you buy the project for that continent. Most nations wouldn’t be able to have all the projects at the same time so it would be a strategy. Now some pros and some cons Pros Aircraft’s get nerfed (so does ground force, but shut up) 7 new projects introduced, hallelujah. I actually have no idea what I’m typing anymore Cons None (NPO will get mad at me) I mean Honestly Nothing could be wrong with this
  15. CitrusK

    (RoH) Soooo ya some issues lol

    Zygon, I think this is one of the few times I agree with you.

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