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  1. This is a Pantheon announcement, not a TCW one EDIT: I think Cuppy didn't get the joke about how it was Felky who left in Knightfall, not me, and the Irony of his post XD
  2. I really didn't want to get into PnW seriously when i made this nation, but it seems casualty had other plans for me XD. Now that Pantheon is stable and in a good place, it is time for me to bow out of the game(Again). It really has been a memorable journey, with great friends made along the way and proper villains. I would like to thank our membership who stuck through the rough patch, the drastically higher taxes and uncertainty we went through while we got things back in order. Few alliances would of survived what they threw at us, your dedication and trust really did keep me motivated while I was putting those long hours into PnW. I would like to thank our excellent gov who has stepped up and done a truly awesome job running pantheon. I really wish you guys were around when I last lead Pantheon XD. I’m proud of you all :). I would like to thank Partisan, Hilmes, Leopold, and The Syndicate for being such stalwart friends in a game where such things are rare. In so many ways you guys are in league of your own and it’s been a privilege to work with you. And now with that out of the way, I am proud to announce the new gov lineup of Pantheon! Titan: Ethos Champion of the Gods: rawr Olympian of Economics: rawr Olympian of Internal Affairs: Melyaj Vijsopj Olympian of War: Matthew the Great Head of the CSF: Cthulu Deity of war: Tcase Deity of Internal affairs: Sunara Deity of Foreign affairs: JordyHams Deity of Foreign affairs: Tarroc Wizard of much repute: Ridcully Link to new charter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m5kYS9BNbHhBKdlUleoWfW9v2XyxVJc_ZuCOmTrqLaU/edit# Goodbye PnW o7
  3. Trying to reason with TKR and co reminded me of this video Halp me
  4. "I don't understand this, its like im speaking the truth" Hahaha
  5. I was there, I remember shlappa said it to me XD This type of behavior is what got you into the mess you where in in the first place (He specifically said Fist is a !@#$ if I recall hahaha) Looking through my logs, everywhere I see myself mentioning the !@#$ thing I said it happened on your server or shlappa said it, and that it was inline with the stuff you where saying* about us. You where shit talking Matthew for peacing with one of your guys because he sounded so new XD I think you are in the right sphere hahaha
  6. Well said Wilhem I talked about it in another thread, I think the community has a major role in the state of the game and its future. I think we need more people and more major alliances. Ive seen it quit a few times in just this playthrough, quality people not wanting to lead alliances anymore(And sometimes not even wanting to be in the game at all) because of the community. Ive seen several talented morally straight people loose all interest in the game because of what they saw or because of what people said to them People who have gone from loving the game 100% to ready to quit, even after investing lots of time in their alliances/nations. It happens so quick and I have tried everything I could do to help them, but the interest is just lost. We've mostly the same alliances* for years, I think more people and more spheres is what we need ultimately(Unless sheepy really does figure out a way to fix the issues you stated), but with a literally insane and toxic OWF culture I don't think it can happen.
  7. I will make another post on this topic because you do have a point, the implication may not be clear to everyone. The logs do clearly show Nizams point being a lie of why they came to TKR, it wasn't because we where not talking*(As she claimed) to them, but because they where there to ask about peace(And we where indeed talking to them). It also shows shows how that others guy's logic was bad in assuming what he did. You are right though, those logs don't explicitly show me filling them in(Though her claim was that we where not talking to them, which they did prove was wrong, which was my intent), though it was implied. I trust this will be satisfactory: All TKR has to do is agree to give a public apology for this nonsense and some confidentiality agreements, and I'll let Benfro look at the entire embassy, they are real and not out of context if they care
  8. So if most people think something, it makes it a valid claim then? How does it feel to to lead the the Worst Military of The Year and also the Most Inactive Large Alliance of the year? I assume you don't agree with the popular vote then, you guys sure had them removed from your alliance page awfully quick. Hypocrisy. This is what a lack of principal looks like, a double standard that favors oneself.(And given the awards you 'won', I would guess your thoughts are not inline with the majority of the games) I of course don't agree with those awards(Though the pumpkin was funny), please do better Nizam, what I said was harsh but true. You where caught red handed beyond all doubt in a lie, and then you say something middleschoolish like this, fail to understand the obvious, and then dodge. Let's now get failure to understand the obvious: They show... us keeping sirius in the loop with piece talks, and the reason why they contacted you. It proves your statement about them coming to you because we didn't tell them anything as a lie. We had a big dialogue with them for the entirety of the war actually Do you actually read my posts? Now to the dodge: 1) The Dodge: This is not what I was calling you out on, this is just some semi relative stuff you think will make you look good? Where is this coming from? 2) Bonus Lie: This is also another lie. "When I tried to talk to your side about it, you jerked me around and wouldn't give a straight answer for nearly two weeks" You never once talked to me about it, I just checked our history. Jesus christ 3) Failure to comprehend words: I did explain that I did not want to spend capital to peace out with NR after their behavior. People in our coalition did want to keep slots though, but the way you are talking about it with: "you weren't so vested in a handful of extra slots. Did you explain that to them?" Makes it seem like Pantheon was the one calling for the shots for our coalition, the largest coalition the game has ever seen I think... To get things moved in that thing, one has to do a vote, talk to people, ect ect. Pantheon was not the leading power int hat coalition, and with how NR acted, spending capital on them did not seem right This is becoming a lot like our DMs where... =/ EDIT: I really did say what I said with the sole intent of helping you become more self aware, not get into something like... this... I suppose this convo has run it's course then, at least for me. I really do want to see this community be more sane, we're at the point where people are fine with a micro getting tricked and couped, this is really really bad I based that comment off of my time inside TKR, when I was last there BK and IQ was getting shit talked pretty much daily ha
  9. Sure XD There entire argument is a huge leap in logic, it's obvious to anyone who cares about such things. Our prot asking TKR about peace terms in no ways says we where not discussing it with them. But now that they have dug so deep into this nonsense, I think it's time to end this XD Here are the logs of me telling sirius in their embassy that they can talk to TKR and work out a separate peace if they want to: Here are the logs of their last leader talking to us about how the talks went: I mean... It's obvious that TKR's screenshots did not prove what they said they did, and here is the proof that they where absolutely wrong and spreading falsehoods. They are warping and spinning, exactly like I said they where. It's a shame some of TKR's gov is like this, this is a terrible way for prominent members of this community to act(Atleast for those of us who don't like being lied to XD), and I think it is not only shameful but also just bad for the game. It hurts the politics side of the game when people are -that- warped where even the most basic of logic is beyond them. As we can see from the 2 logs above, that was a lie. Fake screenshots are easy to make though, if you have any doubt as to the authenticity or context of these, I will even give Benfro access to the sirius embassy(With some conditions of keeping what is in there in there, we talked about a lot of stuff and had a constant dialogue throughout the war). I will just require an public apology for you lying about this stuff though. Why do you play the game like this? You assume this is about "Improving Pantheon's brand", but that isn't quite right. People tend to be tribal here when it comes to opinion XD The stuff they are saying is wrong, and I have been trying to tell people the truth. As I said in my earlier post, atm the OWF is dominated by people and leadership that cant tell the difference between reality and what suits their narrative. If you would take the time to read my posts, you would likely understand what im doing here better. As for how I know you are being warped, it's the MOST BASIC of logic that TKR's screenshot does not prove what they said. Because they came to TKR asking questions, that in no way suggests that. There are other reasons they could of came to TKR.. like trying to secure an individual peace...hahah. Validity matters, because without logic a person will often be incorrect... The community has a problem, and then some elements of the community started being perfect examples of that XD Fortuitously they choose to use angles on things I know are incorrect ha And your thoughts where -terrible-, if you cant put an idea through even the most basic levels of scrutiny, your thoughts arnt worth much outside of your own head.. An aside: Ive been seeing how bad the OWF was for sometime, though outside of defending a few smaller alliances I really haven't made any posts and tried to take on this literal insanity head on ha. I do hope atleast some people reading this will take something away from it. I think the first step in fixing a problem is acknowledging exactly what is it is, and I was fortunate enough that some of the heavy shit talkers, lairs and BSers chimed in. Let's do better as a community, this stuff really does turn off great players. To Nizam and Radoge, It's plain how you guys think. And people do have a strong tendency to view others using themselves as a reference. Because of this phenomena, I think it's worth saying that Im not here to here to carry out any agenda besides exposing some of the most insane elements of our community and correct falsehoods(This thread was about a EMC player who tricked and couped a prot, least we forget XD). I know TKR has a shit talk culture, and I understand the tribal effect that has on the mind, and I can see from your point of view how our thinking is the same(I know how reason pretty much goes right over your heads, but shit talk is something you guys understand). Defining shit talk as "Saying negative crap about something without any successful critical thought". If you would, I request that you try understand things from another point if view
  10. I told them they could take to TKR and nova and try to work something out if they wanted XD You don't understand the full situation and are just assuming shit to fit you narrative, it's pathetic =/
  11. You are also proving my points, we had been in contact with sirius and answering their questions the entire war, they just didn't like our answers about how it will end in coalition peace and went to you guys(And some of what Robert said was false, we where clear it would be a long war, we didn't keep telling people it would be a week XD). So you see something that makes someone you don't like look bad, don't do anything to properly understand the situation and just run with it. That's bad form Nizam*, I would ask that you do your due diligence like most of us do before making such leaps in the future(Especially if you plan to do some on the OWF). It's sad to read stuff like this =/ Once again, you oversimply something to the point where it fit's your narrative and post on the OWF without putting the thought you should into your words. If one was to think about the situations, we did go in on your entire coalition shortly after(With the slots we can have anyway, but ofcourse you omitted that ha). The coalition requested we hit those prots, and I decided to go with it because my guys where hyped and with our culture it would bring instability to blueball everyone because TFP bailed on you guys. NR didnt do anything to deserve a large rolling, and shortly after we blitzed them I went into their discord and saw how terrible they where acting. I had gone in there with the intent to talk to them and then spend political capital attempting to get them an early peace. Some of our gov members gave them early peace, they mocked us and called us shit because of it, they where talking some pretty extreme shit, and upon conversing with pooball I found he was a dishonest and crappy dude, and decided not to spend the political capital on people who behaved so terribly(I also thought that was common knowledge, did you not know?). I was surprised someone like that would be a TKR prot, but you guys really have changed =/ You are oversimplifying, omitting key parts, and warping things to fit your narrative. Please put more thought into your posts and ideas in the future, and if you earnestly try to understand an adversary, it will give you some insight that will help you do well. And there is the legendary TKR shit talk XD A post where you jumped to incorrect conclusions, omitted key elements to warp things, and did not think out your words properly topped with shit talk ha. Though in all fairness, I have seen a lot of bad out of pooball, but he and his alliance should be proud for weathering what they did, it's not an easy thing to do. If Pooball can handle himself with dignity in the future, I think he has a solid basis for a very successful alliance.
  12. You wasted 5 minutes of my day when I found that convo and re read it all. You TCW guys can sure keep the BS coming hahah. I did !@#$ at him hard, I was upset about how Pantheon was failing and I care a lot about this alliance. I did not threaten him or use that to "manipulate the other into giving them the reins of an alliance on a damn browser based game", and then you call me warped? You just made up shit and lied on the OWF(Not that this is new behavior for you or your gov) #TCW logic I strut spewing garbage? Im not the one lying and BSing here on the OWF, It almost looks like you just assume everyone is as shit as you are to make yourself feel better as you play the game in the manner you do. Think there could be any truth to that? I acted like a douchebag? Going back to several years ago about the silent war? The me of back then couldn't handle backstabs, and I happened to eat a couple in a short period and I couldn't handle it and deleted, yeah. It's not flattering for me, but that's the truth. I suppose Yui didn't mention it to you that I asked who wanted lead and she said she did, she didn't ask for help or for me to stick around. You ignore how Pantheon had the worst gov of a major AA in the game while I was out, and still blame everything on me while not understanding what happened? Oh TCW You also use a terrible definition of "wrong" and morality, it isnt as simple as someone saying something is "Wrong" to make it wrong, but I think the way you think about morality explains a lot about you. It's a childish and foolish way to think that falls apart under any scrutiny I think you are trying to make me look bad but you are just supporting what I said about this community, as is prone to happen when someone is correct in a statement XD Sirius first gov lasted quite a while, but Fabrezzy stepped down to IRL and I think because of the toxic community following his OWF post(Which was a shame, he was a good leader). The second government lasted a while as well, until Robert came in with a vote. Robert was dishonest and acted sketchy,we didn't trust him, and he did spoil relations between our alliances. He was removed when dusty couped them. At no point did sirius gov quit the game because you guys countered(That story is flattering to TKR though.. I notice a theme with the OWF types here). It was just a long war for an alliance that was new and lost their main leader, and ended up with a really bad one(Not that a bare gero any ill will, but it's the truth with how he conducted himself. I hope this is a teachable moment for him, everyone makes mistakes and there is no shame in that). THIS is exactly the type of crap I was talking about in my post earlier. Once again your side makes up this 'hit piece'(And unless im missing something, you threw in a screenshot that doesn't support your claim about us being ignorant of our prot XD) Moving on to your second paragraph, You are talking about what I did a few years ago when i deleted? I couldn't handle what happened, I was a fool and trusted too emotionally and deeply, and I wasn't strong enough to handle it. I did also oversleep when prepping that night, and the guilt was extreme. It's the truth and, I suppose I am a bit of an oddity here, but I don't mind admitting to unflattering truths, and I dont lie and try to do the crap you can cuppy are so fond of. I did appreciate the help you gave me at the start, the details of what happened between TKR and myself are complicated and long though. It's common knowledge we where ondeck to hit TFP, but because of the politics we got sidelined to a counter, they decided not to enter, and then we tested our blitz software on the prots and entered against you guys. You spin it as: "abble with TCW, only to have you hit our protectorates when us and them were both pinned down". How many wars did we fight against TKR and TCW? And you just spin it all to fit your narrative of TKR stonk Pantheon mean hahah. Sirius couldn't handle the longest war in Orbises history, and lost their main leader to IRL and the community. Once again, you are just proving what I said about the terrible aspects of this community. Nzaeem likes your post though atleast! TKR was one of my favorite alliances in this game, it really does bother me seeing you guys be like this =/ Your leadership used to have principal and be able to form rational arguments The issue is what I said it was, that the people who are vocal on the OWF(And some in alliance leadership) are so base that it negatively impacts the game. A lot of what you said was silly, but I'll just leave it there for now ha
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