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  1. Negan

    What Happened to My Thread?

    I apologize for the lack of communication on our part. Your thread was hidden while it is being reviewed. While not in direct violation of the Forum Rules, you are most definitely toeing the line of Game Rules. We have passed the information along to the administrators and you will need to speak with Alex regarding this situation.
  2. Negan

    New Radiant Order #UnderSiege

    My apologies. You are correct. I made a mistake. Moving it back now.
  3. Negan

    New Radiant Order #UnderSiege

    Moved to Orbis Central.
  4. Negan

    Inappropriate alliance name

    tbh, this is a No Discussion Forum.
  5. Negan

    Forum Suspensions

    Players Forum Name: kosmokenny Length of Suspension: Restricted from posting - 3 days
  6. Negan

    Alliance Affairs

    @Holton We'll try to watch a little closer. Thank you for the report.
  7. Negan

    AIMing to be danker

    Moved to Spam.
  8. Negan


    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Negan

    For my friends in IQ

    Moved to Orbis Central
  10. Negan

    Possible multis

    Friendly Reminder: Unless you are the accused or the accuser this is a No Discussion Forum.
  11. Negan

    Amid bin Al Rasheed

    Welcome to the forums!
  12. Negan


    Welcome to the forums!
  13. Please keep on-topic. We will be monitoring this thread and issuing warns for off-topic posts and thread derailment. We thank you for your co-operation.
  14. Negan

    Possible Multis

    @Commander Thrawn @MoonShadow @Double B This is not a debate or discussion forum. The report has been made and the Admins will look into it. Unless any of you have any further relevant information to provide the Admins regarding the report, please refrain from posting any more in this thread.
  15. Negan

    United Commomwealth of Nations

    OP moved to no matching nation group. Thread moved to Spam.

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