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  1. Glad to see another corporation in the markets! It has been lonely lately 😝 all the best luck to you guys! Feel free to pop into our headquarters sometime and maybe we could integrate some of our services between both of our corporations!~
  2. What were you doing (or trying to do): Play P&W with multiple windows on screen at once What happened (describe thoroughly please): The nation page fails to scale correctly and ends up overlapping some elements Link to page: N/A Any other relevant information: N/A Screenshot:
  3. Obligatory "what is nokia doing?" post
  4. to add to this report non VIPs can also see visits on VIP player's nations. It seems the vip perk currently just makes your page visits visible to all players
  5. Lets say I like clearing the queue when it gets large then switching back to home game's doing a little of both to keep the game moving forward instead of just being greedy. Why would I be punished by reducing my max daily revenue
  6. Just tested. It is for both home and away EDIT: beaten to the post by alex
  7. That in particular is probably the most important point. As a banker if you came to me as a brand new nation wanting to play baseball, I still wouldn't even blink at handing over that 40 mill. I think the issue with the "majority" is most new players don't really know what options are available to them. Heck I am sure most alliances would loan money to their members for baseball fees.
  8. That is if someone wants to have us hold resources for them. 😊 Generally an account with cash we pay you 1.5% per week, and in regards to the specific thread being about loans its generally 3-3.5% depending on risk factors
  9. A toast to all the memories! I wish you the best jack 🙂
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