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  1. "sir we are surrounded" "good, now were in a target rich eviroment!"
  2. Make me proud then, son. You are a big ball now and it was time for you to leave the nest. Represent the sphereical gang!
  3. was it because of me, did my breath smell that bad? anyways good luck to you guys moving forward.
  4. They grow so fast, i remember the days when atlas was first starting out. Best of luck to all moving forward.
  5. ahh shoot your right, im outed . aern't you guys chess enjoyers?
  6. it really do be a banger theme, i must say i am quite the egg enjoyer circle fans in shambles RN.
  7. “My past does not define me. My past is not TODAY!” From the people that brought you the most moral alliance. We hereby present Canterlot, ten years after the first Equestrian alliance arose in the nation-sim community. We have abandoned our militaristic ambitions and committed ourselves to pacifism and the enunciation of truth and love, spreading them to the stars above. We shall strive to uphold our dearest values: Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and of course, Magic makes it all complete. All who hope to experience friendship and magic we encourage you to tour around Canterlot https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4937 In order to embody generosity we offer the rainbow ducky to partisan at my teary eyed request. 🦄 Signed 🦄 👑 Celestia: Arthur 🦊 Luna: Uriah 🧙 Twilight: Viselli 🐲 Sunset Shimmer: Epimetheus
  8. i second this, that duck is rightfully mine!
  9. because we are a joke? hehe the best humor is the self inflicted ones
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