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  1. Os_Dir_OkhMmZn-0XzDEJgKkAmD3njFJBC0aAMvCQ8OAHXU9fH9av0V-JDtji4T5flMBNY0JqqAXNrjUnJDTEY4p1v_-Ow5pDcFaiMhors_9UE3EcSVDsqSwZF8577qXiZnuYvAZ

    The sun sets on Highlandia

    William Wallace, King of Highlandia has led his nation with pride and honor. However, all good things must come to an end. William Wallace after much thought has decided to lower the flag of Highlandia on the Castle Edinburgh for the last time. Apart of many alliances including Husaria, Jedi Order, Covenant, Solar Knights to name a few. 


    Due to personal reasons King William Wallace has declared to have all flags lowered in honor of the great nation of Highlandia and hopes the next King to rule the nation of high lands will be a great one and continue to rule with honor. King William Wallace wishes to personally thank all of those he has built relations with and hopes to one day reunite with friends and allies.


     Signed: William Wallace, King of Highlandia


  2. The Covenant DoE


    The Covenant is an alliance who follows the righteous path. The Great Journey belongs to all believers. Although only a mere micro the Great Journey shines as a beacon to all to come forward into its light and onto the path.

    "Halo! It's divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation."

    "Soon the Great Journey shall begin, but when it does the weight of your heresy will stay your feet, and you shall be left behind."



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