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  1. Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

    “We never will either” You already have.
  2. The BOUNTY SYSTEM DOESN'T work on the test server so why does Alex think that is going to work in the game?
  3. Describe the above's profile picture

    A monkey who has a bad trim.
  4. I think that the increase of prices is because of the Advertising that Alex is doing. As of this larger nations will have to cope with a larger demand as there are much more new nations, which aren’t producing any recorces I will agree with this to an extent. That is why just recently the prices have become out of control.
  5. Alex has finally declared war on someone but no actually attacked them yet. Too scared to even do something so he offers peace.
  6. Letting players sleep

    Just to add- If you are on the test server turns happens every 30 minutes compared to 2 hours thus meaning that you can win a whole war in around half a day which can really take the opponent by surprise.
  7. Simple balance suggestion

    Well anyway the new update should make it a lot harder to save loot as there is new war strategies. The raid strategy should make it a lot easier for people who are constatantly attacking to keep gaining loot in the game.
  8. Hello

  9. Letting players sleep

    Nice idea, however there will be LOTS of complaints by Arrgh, as it will be easier to turn around wars in a day and overall with the fear the opponent might win, there will be less wars happening around Orbis (which Alex wants the opposite to happen( By new war changes which are decreasing the value of fortifying)). But if you find this as a problem I recommend sleeping on a military and log in just before you go to sleep to discourage wars being declared. Unique idea but if you want to attack someone in a completely different timezone you would have to go online earlier then usual or later to catch him off sleep mode. Most of the people who play the game are living in the North America region, while I live in Europe they can easily catch me off guard as I will typically be offline by the time they are active but Vice Versa when I am declaring wars. So overall, people like me will heavily struggle finding people to attack as they would all be in "sleep mode".
  10. New Resource

    Finally, every type of improvement has 4 buildings available and this would only ever be added if there becomes a large increase of players overtime create a general need for new buildings as the current ones are over used creating a low value because of competition in the resources we currently had. For Example: There are currently 50 nations who make their majority of their income by selling Coal. A increase of players happens in a years time. The will be a lot more large nations who would be selling coal creating too much competition in the market so the price drops. A new resource would have to be added so the coal producing nations can move over and produce another resource. However there would still be a high demand for coal but not as much as before
  11. New Resource

    It sounds like a nice idea now, but chances are that it wont be implemented into the game as Alex is way too busy at the moment
  12. PvP Overhaul

    Nice idea but it will really decrease the wars going on at large nations vs large nations with the threat that one of your cities might be destroyed
  13. P&W Test Server Cheating

    4 members of a similar creation date have started an alliance called the Black Panthers on the test server. When if I am correct only 2 Nations on the same network is allowed to join the same alliance. Their last logins seem to be the same suggesting it is the same player controlling the same accounts. "Two nations on the same network are allowed to be in the same alliance, but they are not allowed to declare war on the same nation. Failure to follow this rule will result in a nation strike the first time, and a ban the second time." Finally they have 5 accounts. 4 accounts are in the alliance they made "Black Panther" and the final account is in the alliance "Revolution" saying this both alliances have a treaty together. But overall , I am not confirming this cheat but I am hinting out the suggestion that this is happening. Thank You