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  1. Haris

    Remove war

    "Posting this here to find people who agree" was one of your titles If you have the masses already on your side why do you need to 'find' people who actually agree?
  2. Haris

    How do i get a statekraft account?

    Oops My bad
  3. Haris

    How do i get a statekraft account?

    It is the right StateKraft, check, or is it just me? StateKraft is still in slow testing and most of the game is still in development and the server might not be able to manage a large intake of people all of a sudden.
  4. Haris

    How do i get a statekraft account?

    https://twitter.com/statekraft?lang=en StateKraft is a kind of inactive game where you need a special key to register. Look through the tweets by StateKraft and hopefully you might find one that hasnt been used yet. The game is rarely active and kind of boring after a few days as there is a limited things to do because of : no markets, no alliances and no wars but I am hopeful that some of the features maybe added in the future
  5. Haris


    Welcome to the forums 😀
  6. Haris

    Criticize the Above Nation

    A guy with a bad Profile Pic and a bad nation
  7. Haris

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    You deserve no money
  8. Haris

    I'm sorry

  9. Haris

    Negative Rep Request

    Your wish has been granted

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