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  1. Hey There Orbis! I am going to want to chat with you all about my alliances. On what my future will be in this game. After the past coupe years you've come to known me as the "Man Behind The Coups" I intend to stop that today. My reputation is a meme. However,I don't earn money off of it so if you want to use me as a meme there is a tax on it. - California State Government. Now, on a serious note. I will either be joining my final alliance to retire in. Or create a successful alliance such as Phoenix Rising & The Mighty Atlantic. I will be launching a new alliance where I will put the same effort as I once did in PR & TMA however I thought about it talked with some experienced players and we can all agree on what lead to my coups. Now, I intend to put an end to it. I love the people here, (even CirtusK). I intend to not to have a heir spot and to only place trusted people in the Officer role. With or without an ally or protectorate I intend to make assets not liabilities is which I have been doing and to use Common Sense when leading. I love this community dis why some of you have noticed I haven't left it . However I'll still be doing my break and won't do this while on my break. I would love to work with people across the game for assistance and there opinion on this before I start starting it. Through Trial & Error on several types of leadership and alliance types I believe I do know on what I can do to finally succeed without a coup party. (Party Idea) Thank You Orbis! Lova all!
  2. To address all of you, I can rebrand myself. However, I've always had an idea for an alliance that would be successful. Like nobody in government except me. I can make a successful alliance however people just get in the way.You can see in Phoenix Rising, etc... The thing I need is that nobody offers really except for Afrika Korps that @Khai Jäger gave me. He actually gave me support when needed. Defended me etc.. and it ended up being a great successful alliance but then they left and then shit hit the fan but I've been in government several times and done well but never stuck. I love creating a community and etc.. I had an idea of creating an alliance community where we are on CN, NS, & P&W. I am originally from Project Terra.
  3. I can't run an alliance without always having a target on back.
  4. They ended it after Parrish took over then.
  5. Hey There! I am Sean Anthony I am wondering if I could call on the Politics & War Community for help! I want to know if you guys think I should leave and if not for those whom are the best (cough) you know who you are would like to talk with me and tell me if it is my fault if I get couped or not and help me figure out why. I would love to create a successful alliance however need your help the people of Politics & War!
  6. Hello! I saw Parrish's Forum post. In-fact he is wrong. What happened is this. Nothing else. The Truth. He couped me cause he was pressured, he was weak. Alliances of GPC & BoC where threatening to hit. I talked with Roq about it and he said he'd protect us and he'd be surprised if they did attack. I showed Parrish the proof. I followed GPC's & BoC's peace deal terms of put the number 27 in my alliance description. They never followed there end of upholding a protectorate deal. So I remove 27 from my alliance. I have been busy these past few weeks so I couldn't be working on the alliance. That is what happened. Nothing else. Parrish will deny it but he's Parrish. He's made some terrible alliances that make me cringe like hell. But the truth also is. I have come to the facts. I can't make a successful alliance. That may come to a shock for many of you however, in return. I'll be taking a break from this game & lovely Community. I may return someday. The Crimson Entente I had hope for it being like TMA but it didn't. Parrish, gave into weakness has shall has. I want to thank these People & Alliances for my journey throughout P&W. - Afrika Korps, Viridian Entente, New Pacific Order, The Light Federation, Orange Defense Network, Godfury, & 520 Alliances I have made. - Velium, Nokia Rokia, Roq, Spongebob (from Solar Knights/Nuclear Knights), Khai Jäger, WsWphoenix (Polaris), Presidential (VE) & Epi. tl;dr = TCE will last about a few days. The true number of alliances I made is 33. Edit: If you want to chat or help me in P&W before I leave or make my final departure please send me a message. I want to say again that P&W is a Fantastic Community! Love you all! Except Minesome cause nobody loves him. (Except Dusty)
  7. I am the only one that has the official number. Cause this isn't my first nation
  8. Thats why I got signed on by Hollywood to make a "Blockbuster" about it To get you to read Still haven't gotten couped since
  9. What if the stories of our lives weren’t so unpredictable after all? What if all of the stories ever told were bound together by threads, what if they were all held together between the pages of one book? What if the stories we live and the old, old stories we tall weren’t that different after all? We are... The People of Tomorrow. We believe in enjoying life to the fullest without having to compromise everything. We are responsible for the generation of tomorrow and respect each other and Mother Nature. tl;dr = I made a deal. With myself, With New Pacific Order, with everything in this lovely community I joined in Late February 2015, this is my final alliance. My Final journey in Politics & War. So many great people in this game! Live Happy or Die Happy! I Like Today, But I'll Love Tomorrow! This is my final alliance forever. If this fails then consider it my retirement. I've learned the lessons of the past. Chose Happiness over all. I first started in Viridian Entente, now I've made a long journey through so much. Now it's time to lay low & be careful and go slow!
  10. Donate I need it to start new alliance
  11. Sorry we are flying a Boeing 757 Oh shit...why didn't you tell me before hand...
  12. No, we wanted to run it like a business our alliance so we picked Boeing
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