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  1. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    Sorry we are flying a Boeing 757 Oh shit...why didn't you tell me before hand...
  2. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    No, we wanted to run it like a business our alliance so we picked Boeing
  3. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    Can't get couped if there isn't anyone to coup you. Also I joined AK and I learned a lot.
  4. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    I don't Sorry, people keep telling me about the 737 MAX 8 crash and I just don't know what they are talking about. Hmmm
  5. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    33* This is the first I am hearing of this. Contact me on Discord if you want to hear more.
  6. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    Its already lasted a month
  7. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

  8. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    We've been created for a month now.
  9. Sean Anthony

    Flying Like An Ace

    Good Evening, Morning, or whenever you are reading this! I am here to announce that the alliance Boeing! We are an alliance that helps our members grow and prosper their own way at their own speed. We look after and protect our own. Our government is fair and equal, and every member has a voice. Unlike most alliances, we don’t just want you for the taxes and manpower we value you as a member of the community. I get that I have been couped several times in the past however over the entire month of February an alliance like Afrika Korps has helped me learn how to lead an alliance the right way. So far our main focus is Internal Affairs & Econ. Not Foreign Affairs or making treaties with micros which don't go anywhere. I have waited to announce this to see if I'd fail by now but so far I haven't. Usually, I would have by now but so far we are a month in and doing great! A few bumps in the road but that's all apart of Alliance Creation! If you think I am going to fail or even get couped, go gamble on that but don't be surprised when you lose all of your money. If you want to make fun of this go right ahead I don't mind cause this is the First Alliance that will be doing the best. Our Government is listed Below! CEO - Manfred Richthofen CFO- Naruu Vice President of Human Resources = El Chapo Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations = Parsa President of Boeing International = DemonReaper Vice President of Boeing Global Services = Jim Vice President of Enterprise Performance & Strategy = Suckmaplonker If you have any serious questions please type them below and I will respond to them. WE ARE PROTECTED BY AFRIKA KORPS + UNITED PURPLE NATIONS (we don't do NaPs nor PIAT's) Thank You Orbis! You are all amazing!
  10. O god..... I prefer the one lead by Caeser
  11. Sean Anthony

    SNN: Springtime for Shifty

    I rather not be in war but Raiders Shall not Profit.
  12. Sean Anthony


    Says the guy who's probably made more alliances than me. Also it was 3. Also your not the original Ragnarok from what I see
  13. Sean Anthony

    Liberation Time!

    Well first off, let me just say this, let's say the Enterprise is stupid. Then lets say they are strong enough to defeat t$. Can you imagine that? I can't
  14. Sean Anthony


    I know how it feels. But damn. Rose is strong as hell I was completely shocked when I saw this take place. Long Live the Soveirgn!
  15. Sean Anthony

    Desert Tales

    OMG, literally the funniest treaty I have seen all day.

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