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  1. Sean Anthony

    Rok N Rolled

    A poem isn't an essay
  2. Kicked some ass in a war

  3. Sean Anthony

    Rok N Rolled

    I accepted your Surrender with Camelot. Next time its best to leave me and my people be. We were doing fantastic until your plans showed up. Nobody supported the coup xD. Anyways good luck to Rag! Thanks for that $55,000,000! Can't wait to see what your apology essay is going to say Only got couped 3 times. 1) TMA coup with Morgan. It was a top 50 alliance he thought he could be a better leader which ended him up to disband the alliance when it lost over 25k score in less than 48 hours. 2) TCE, sort of a coup but not really. I was voted out of office. 3) ESA, Foreign coup planned which starts a 4 hour war. DM me if your interested in making a shortest Orbis war wiki page xD 4) Coming soon to a theater near you!
  4. I have to agree with this even though I am in a Micro Alliance Myself.
  5. This new map system will draw in new players and expanding the game! This also makes it more realistic and glad you added Antarctica as a continent! One of the best updates to the game Since when I first joined in Feb. 2015!
  6. Sean Anthony

    God of Alliance Creation

    I rarely use the forums
  7. Sean Anthony

    God of Alliance Creation

    Message me on Discord, You seem like a great guy! I am Sean Anthony#7040
  8. Sean Anthony

    God of Alliance Creation

    xD, do it Nobody, thats the point Thats where people disagree...
  9. Sean Anthony

    God of Alliance Creation

    oh, xD that wasn't my intention. Chris (an admin) told me that this would best fit here. Probably should've xD
  10. Sean Anthony

    God of Alliance Creation

    I put it in the wrong section so I messaged Chris (an admin) which I asked to delete it and I asked where I should put this and he said in here. So thats where this is now
  11. Sean Anthony

    God of Alliance Creation

    Alright so, I know I've screwed up the last few alliances I have founded and with the Crimson Entente one is such biased from what others told me its not even funny. However, I agree that I've made mistakes in being leader. I am now in Camelot as Lord of Finance (High Gov). I am here to create new friends and to learn more leadership. I am currently working on learning more about leadership and working with others etc... Very few people have asked me 'the question', "Why do you keep creating alliances if they keep failing?". The answer to that is because I don't really ever want to give up and creating an alliance is a thrill and a roller coaster. It sparks adventure and into a new part of Orbis and you can create it how you want and see fit. I can't say I won't create another alliance again cause I know if I'd say that i'd be lying to everyone and to myself. I'd create another one when the time is right and when I've fully learned how to be a proper leader. But anyways, if you have any questions or anything just respond and I'll reply! "The best form of revenge is success" & "TKR sucks (clickbait)"
  12. Sean Anthony

    Vanguard Declaration of Neutrality (DoN)

    xD good point
  13. Sean Anthony


    Welcome! *COUGH* camelot...tis the way to go *COUGH*
  14. Sean Anthony

    Orbis Weekly - Job Listing

    Interesting... You guys should do a pod cast on spotify
  15. Sean Anthony

    Vanguard Declaration of Neutrality (DoN)

    Instead of declaring Neutrality in the war, just form the Green Protection Agency at this point

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