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  1. Sean Anthony

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    I just kept thinking you guys where IQ, I didn't realize that you guys existed still. But uhhh nice!
  2. Sean Anthony

    A Bold New Frontier

    Love it! Best merge ever got to admit! LETS GO!
  3. Sean Anthony

    Alliance Creation Guide by Cynic

    I should be following this xD, and that's what I just exactly did.
  4. Sean Anthony

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    What happened to The Commonwealth? Oh wait...they are just dropped down a lot.
  5. Sean Anthony

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    Yes, I apologize for that. Next time I get couped I am going to retire.
  6. Sean Anthony

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    No, I didn't get couped in New California Republic. We juts went to go revive TMA. Does everyone think I got couped in the NCR?
  7. Sean Anthony

    The Mighty Atlantic Declaration of Existence

    They have been with us for over a month
  8. Rebuilding the MIGHTY ATLANTIC :D

  9. Good Evening, Morning, or when every you are reading this! I am here to announce that I have created an alliance called The Mighty Atlantic created in late May. I wanted to revive it, we are going to reach Top 50 once again! We are an alliance that helps our members grow and prosper their own way at their own speed. We look after and protect our own. Our government is fair and equal, and every member has a voice. Unlike most alliances, we don’t just want you for the taxes and manpower we value you as a member of the community. More details about the alliance are below. Fleet Admiral - Manfred Richthofen (myself)Rear Admiral - Elliot N Rost, Penultimo Captain of the Truth - Skyler MiltonCaptain of the Operations - GodBuildCaptain of the Engineering - VacantCaptain of the Weapons - VacantCaptain of the Administrative - Ivan SmithLieutenant of the Operations - VacantLieutenant of the Engineering - VacantLieutenant of the Weapons - VacantLieutenant of the Administrative - Vacant We are Proudly Protected By Godfury
  10. We, The Mighty Atlantic, aren’t like any other alliance out there. We don’t aim to simply get rich and powerful or dominate the land and sea with our strong militaries. We are here for a greater purpose. To empower the weak and support the strong, and in all we do, pursue glory and honor for The Mighty Atlantic. Unlike so many others, we genuinely care for the individual nation - something that new and old nations alike crave for so strongly. We also provide generous funds to build your nation. We are a meritocratic force more than anything else. This comes with the guarantee that if you go above and beyond the call of duty in our alliance, you will be promoted to government positions. At the same time, inactive or troublesome people won’t fare well down here. We’re looking for professional, mature, responsible people who want not just to be rich, but to have their names known around Orbis as legends. We want people who care, more than else, about the welfare of those weaker than them, and most importantly, the honor of the Eastern States of America. If you’re willing to make the jump, message our Fleet Admiral, Manfred Richthofen/Sean Anthony. Apply on our Discord: https://discord.gg/KACJZ4n
  11. Sean Anthony

    Rok N Rolled

    A poem isn't an essay
  12. Kicked some ass in a war

  13. Sean Anthony

    Rok N Rolled

    I accepted your Surrender with Camelot. Next time its best to leave me and my people be. We were doing fantastic until your plans showed up. Nobody supported the coup xD. Anyways good luck to Rag! Thanks for that $55,000,000! Can't wait to see what your apology essay is going to say Only got couped 3 times. 1) TMA coup with Morgan. It was a top 50 alliance he thought he could be a better leader which ended him up to disband the alliance when it lost over 25k score in less than 48 hours. 2) TCE, sort of a coup but not really. I was voted out of office. 3) ESA, Foreign coup planned which starts a 4 hour war. DM me if your interested in making a shortest Orbis war wiki page xD 4) Coming soon to a theater near you!
  14. I have to agree with this even though I am in a Micro Alliance Myself.
  15. This new map system will draw in new players and expanding the game! This also makes it more realistic and glad you added Antarctica as a continent! One of the best updates to the game Since when I first joined in Feb. 2015!

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