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  1. SamohT

    Friendly practice wars between alliance members

    I can only agree with that (:
  2. SamohT

    Friendly practice wars between alliance members

    Yeah, let's not create a fake clone nation just to fight friendly wars. If you want proper war experience, fight a proper war.
  3. SamohT

    Friendly practice wars between alliance members

    I'm personally not a fan of gameplay that has no game effects, but i do understand why you want something like this. But how do you intend to simulate real proper wars, which is needed if new players are to learn anything from this, if you do not lose units or infra etc.? Then it will just be useless attacks, where you won't face the consequences of your actions, or experience the scenarios where your enemy got the upper hand against you. It will just be single attacks, that leads to nothing. I don't see this as good military training, and because of that, not really think this is something i would encourage.
  4. SamohT

    Friendly practice wars between alliance members

    Well, who cares if they die? If new players, who declares on them with the main purpose of experiencing the war feature and get some basic military training, ends up killing them, im sure they won't be missed.
  5. SamohT

    Friendly practice wars between alliance members

    I get the intention - Military drills. This is already possible for those who REALLY want to experience and try out the war feature - Join the test server and wage war without consequences! To learn proper warfare though, you need more than a few friendly wars. The actual blitz, the stress of coordination along with other vital aspects in PvP wars. If you just want to try out the war mechanics, and learn the very basics, find a shitty micro and run it over - There are LOTS of them!
  6. SamohT

    Atlas DoE and DoW

    Couldn't have said it any better!
  7. SamohT

    Entente announcement (DoE)

    Thanks to everyone
  8. Entente The day has come where Entente wants to declare it's Day of Existance. Alliance page: Click here! Embassy (Discord): Click here! Protectors: The Knights Radiant & Rose Other treaties: NAP with The Communist International Recruiting has just opened, so if you are a new player who wants to help building a new alliance from scratch, feel free to contact us!

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