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  1. I will defend my motherland. Unbelievable that t$ attacked us.
  2. Shipwreck museum for all the orange ships such as?
  3. Mind if I make a port in your nation for my ships to ship out salt in your salty nation?
  4. Nation Name:America https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=44
  5. In recognition of friendship towards one another and in the hopes of cooperative and peaceful growth, The Dutch East India Company (Hereafter referred to as VoC) and the Empire of Spades (Hereafter referred to as EoS) do henceforth enter into the following protectorate treaty and agree to its terms. Article I: VoC recognizes EoS as an alliance with potential and vows to respect its sovereignty. Both alliances recognize the need to keep open communications to maintain a strong and stable relationship and agree to handle all issues through private channels. Neither signatory alliance shall initiate acts of aggression against the other signatory of this treaty. Article II: VoC and EoS recognize that economic support is mutually beneficial for both parties. Therefore, priority will be given to each other over non-allied entities. If either signatory engages in political or military conflicts, it is the duty of the other signatory to offer diplomatic support. Article III: VoC gives its word to defend EoS through any and all means available, whether militarily, politically, or economically in times of distress. EoS is encouraged, but not required to come to the defense of VoC at any time while this agreement is active. Both signatories have the option but not obligation to assist the other in offensive campaigns. VoC is not required to defend or support EoS if it can be proven that EoS initiated aggression towards another alliance or nation. Article IV: EoS agrees to promptly notify VoC of any pressing matters. EoS accepts VoC's guidance and support, and agrees to have all treaties cleared by VoC in order to ensure that treaties are made in the best interests of both parties. Both signatory alliances agree to share any information they learn that conveys a possible threat toward the other signatory. Article V: Should either VoC or EoS wish to terminate this agreement, they must notify the other signatory through diplomatic channels.The treaty is binding for an additional 72 hours from the time of the notification of cancellation. Article I will remain in effect a further 7 days after this time. Signed for Empire of Spades Garrett Tipton: Ace WISD0MTREE: Jack of Diamonds LordMane611: Jack of Hearts Signed for The Dutch East India Company Minister of Finance: TheNG Minister of Defense: stetonic Minister of Foreign Affairs: ColoringNick Minister of Education: Clarke Deputy Minister of Finance: Skyler215
  6. DEIC is now protecting Uranicus Socialitas.
  7. Throughout the course of history, there have been monumental achievements steadfastly thrusting pixel-kind forward. The wheel, sliced bread, beer, (I think beer came first). Anyway, this is one of those things. The In-Between: The Dutch East India Company, formerly known by a name that most of this world cannot even hope to pronounce, and the Cobalt Clique, formerly known as a blasted pony themed alliance, have grown fond of and friendly towards each other. In the spirit of booze, drunkenness, and general debauchery, not to mention goodwill and glad tidings, we do hereby sign this Optional Defense and Aggression Pact. Dawn: In the event that either of our prestigious, glorious, and generally exalted alliances comes under attack, or in the event that one of us so chooses to engage in the pursuits of flesh of the pixelated variety, the other is invited to, encouraged to, but not obligated to join in on the fun and entertainment. This could be economic, militaristic, diplomatic, or well, any other way we can't possibly think of right now. Noon: Should either of our heavenly alliances come to learn of something that the other ought to know, so long as sharing won't violate a higher value treaty, or breach alliance security, we need to share it, and we will. It'll probably be over a pint, but there you have it. Dusk: If by some nutty miracle, our two alliances feel we should upgrade this, then we can. If however we decide we'd rather depart and go our separate ways, we can do so. If we want to alert the world ahead of time, we can, but that's not really necessary. After all, no sense prolonging painful agony, right? Signatures: For the Cobalt Clique Grealind, Cyradis, Robert Ap Ioan, and the whole Clicky Clique For the Dutch East India Company Chairman: Mortimer Minister of Finance: TheNG Minister of Defense: stetonic Minister of Internal Affairs: Wilhelm II Minister of Foreign Affairs: ColoringNick Deputy Minister of Finance: Skyler215
  8. I would like to point out that Diabolo hasn't been in DEIC for a while now. He left the alliance on his own, and the choices that he makes after leaving the alliance are his own choices and not of DEIC.
  9. Is "the butthurt is strong with this one" reference is referring to Prefontaine?
  10. Has none of these answers solved your problem? Try using Bing.
  11. Great announcement, Keep them coming.
  12. THIS IS THE BEST ANNOUNCEMENT OF ALL TIME. Now time to actually read it.
  13. Well even with the hard drugs. Gangs have to form to commit criminal conspiracy, which is only being violated because the people are going to plan on breaking a drug law, and then they produce the drug which is illegal because of a drug law. Hell they even traffic and sell the drugs, and that in violation of more drug laws. So making the drugs legal, or more semi legal as the Netherland will give drug addicts a dose of heroin but not enough to cause them to OD, but enough so they don't commit other crimes such as grand theft auto. The drug laws encourages more violence. On the seat belt laws this is a situation where you would be best off enforcing the law by making laws that all cars produce must have a seat belt with the seat. Also, it would also be smart if congress made regulations that said new cars in production must come with a system that will cause the car not to crank or drive if the driver seat belts are not in. Then laws preventing people and pentalties for anyone that try to modify the system, or anything.
  14. Why do you care? It seems like an issue to me that police use to just invade your privacy.
  15. This sounds just as stupid as privatizing prisons, or parking meters.
  16. You will hear that and the funny thing is. The so called "Liberal President" will be signing laws that are conversative in nature, and vetoing crazy laws that would be horrible for Americans. Also, the so called conversative laws will not be so good. It's almost like the democrats where paid to be losers. You know the red state Missouri had a ballot measure that would raise the min. wage. It pasted with 70% of the vote while all or almost all the Republican canidates for congress/senate won. Why is this you may ask? Well the democrats in that state wouldn't even say their position on min wage and Republicans would go around hinting that they may want to increase min wage. As I say, Democrats are paid to lose while progressive ideas in America are more popular than conservative ideas
  17. I find it funny that ISIS is popping up in Lybia now. In a way that I see this is that we should of split Iraq up into 3 different nations, and we should possibly try to get Iran to do more work. You know it would be good FA if we held our airstrikes hostage saying we will not do them if Iran doesn't dismantle some of their nuclear reactors. When Iran doesn't let our inspectors in, halt airstrikes until Iran starts doing what we want.
  18. I am surprised that there are not military strikes against missiles and nukes. Also, strikes against military installations such as airforce bases, and shipyards. Also, make it so that you can't build a missile/nuke and use it right after making it. Like have a few hours, or a day before you can use that missile/nuke. Would encourage people to have missiles on stock, and encourage more tactics while at war. Plus I thought these missiles only did 150 infra damage lol.
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