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  1. The whole point is; You quit on your alliance for a stupid reason. You gave up, and all of a sudden think it's a massive thing to reform an alliance that no longer has any meaning to the world of Orbis.
  2. Genuinely, do you think we care? You disbanded it last time all because you got above rank 50. You're a joke.
  3. You used our alliance score index to prove.. what point, exactly? That we were dogpiled by OD? Lol.
  4. My orders were to beige Coalition A and B. I ignored the B part, since I figured it would be easier to raid broken down Coalition A folk. I figured getting some loot as well as beiging them wouldn't hurt, as I'm getting blockaded and killed by fully built up Coalition B folk, and they might get a rebuild to attack Coal B and take some heat off of NP. You could have clarified things before deciding to post something that is just false. I am not specifically trying to help you rebuild. I'm getting loot at your expense, and maybe you can rebuild after.
  5. I just want to point out that my signature was forged
  6. Excuse me, excuse me, did you really just say that Aku is losing? Seems to me that your noble queen has lost all of her air, and is starting to lose all of those meaty tanks. Even if Aku is at a lower resistance, I can promise that the amount of damage done to Aku compared to the amount of damage done to Rebekah is memeworthy. Don't talk as if you guys are actually relevant. And yes, we can afford it. But, you're all broke. Don't really think you can.
  7. I agree, that politics should play a bigger part. However, majority of this game is about alliance politics. So, perhaps suggest less drastic methods for your nation, and focus on aspects that could change up the alliance politics.
  8. I'll only raid you if you seem as incompetent as she was.
  9. Good job mate. Maybe you can lead the alliance somewhere.
  10. So, did Rebekah abdicate or get couped? Regardless, I prefer it this way. Now you guys may actually have a chance.. maybe. Probably not. But maybe.
  11. Don't blame it on micros in general. It's Rebekah. She is/was a pantheon fangirl.
  12. So, they showed their true colours. Very well then. We apologise that you have endured this.
  13. I wanted to say something mean. Maybe even something funny. Alas, as I sit here and read the post. As well as read the comments.. I cannot help but feel sorry for you. Your inability to lead properly. Your horrible, horrible FA and Milcom system. Hell, I even left the guide I made for you, yet you can't comprehend it enough to follow it. Honestly, I just feel sorry your members. You're just pantheon 2.0, and they don't know any better. 39 members are being led into the dirt by your incompetence. Do yourself a favour and abdicate and join Fark. So they can actually teach you something. Then, maybe, in a few years, you won't suck. Anyway, good luck and stuff.
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