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  1. Dad

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Don't talk to me or my son again.
  2. Dad

    Name the laggy global war

    Endgame if KERTOGDHDKASYBRAE wins. Infinity War if BKblob wins. Don't ask me what to do if there's a white peace.
  3. Dad

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    There's been a high volume of whinging and a low volume of memes in this last page.
  4. Nobody starves in Comrade Roquentin's worker's paradise. Every few days my ration of hams is delivered on time and before I get too low.
  5. Dad


    Maybe take a breath my dude, this is getting a little weird.
  6. Dad

    The Pantheon situation

    Pantheon was -16bn net damage on the winning side of an overwhelming dogpile (Knightfall), even though one of their members managed to yoink 5bn out of GOB's bank. So I question the premise that Pantheon would have performed any better or won (lmao) against Nova even if Nova wasn't cheating.
  7. Dad

    News With Booze

    I feel like I've seen this somewhere before.
  8. Dad

    Let's Talk

    This is some of the most laughable undermoderation I've seen in one of these games. Not only did Alex only reverse a fraction of the benefits the exploiters gained, but he didn't even delete or ban the two players he himself specifically named as the chief exploiters. The players attacking cheaters is not moderation for rulebreaking, moderation for rulebreaking is moderation for rulebreaking. Letting Nova keep most of their ill-gotten gains and saying "lol you guys deal with it" when it comes to punishment for blatant cheating is honestly pretty disrespectful to everyone who doesn't cheat, apparently we're all idiots for not cheating since the worst punishment you get is a small fraction of your profit being deleted. The NationStates mods would have deleted the alliance itself, banned Pooball & North 14, and nation deleted half the gov just saying.
  9. So cheaters do prosper.
  10. Anything that puts more cash in the economy is fine by me.
  11. So there have been 19 nukes launched in this conflict. 18 from Oblivion/Arrgh and 1 from Alpha/CoA. I feel like I've been misled as to which side are the nuke turrets.
  12. It's certainly a bit more of a band-aid fix then I'd like to see for the vast disparity between the amounts of resources and cash available, but anything helps.
  13. Dad

    What do you like about war?

    Melting steel is my joy. I'm nearing 10:1 tanks killed:lost, next war I hope to push that up to at least 12:1.
  14. Dad

    Remove war

    This is a pretty good troll ngl, getting crazy responses as the embodiment of the pixel hugging strawman.
  15. Dad

    Remove war

    NationStates exists if you just want to watch numbers grow and RP. You're the one who is choosing to play a game with "war" in its name.

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