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  1. Dad

    Shorten Wars

    Is there a PnW version of Godwin's Law that talks about the time it takes before somebody tries to derail a topic by attacking the NPO?
  2. Dad

    Shorten Wars

    Resistance and War Length are different things my dude. And last I checked the other thread had devolved into discussions of a completely different game.
  3. Dad

    Shorten Wars

    I think wars should be shortened to 48 or even 36 turns. Nobody is really slugging it out for the entire 5 days, especially after Fortify got nerfed. 60 turn wars also are the key of what makes "pin" blockade strategies so effective since you can strangle a nation for 5 days with one naval IT. I don't really have an essay to write about this, I just think 60 turns is way too long given current levels of resistance depletion per attack. Edit: And this is blatantly self serving since the current warlength bores me to death.
  4. Dad

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Either wars need to be shorter or Res damage needs to change, ever since fortify was nerfed 5 day war lengths have become incredibly braindead and boring. Holding someone under a 5 day blockade and hitting their rebuys once a day is enjoyable for precisely nobody in that interaction.
  5. Dad

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    Nothing brings me more joy than the grinding infra into dust and steel into slag.
  6. Dad

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Shit it even has search suggestions, this thing is next level compared to anything we've had before.
  7. The only good part about going back to normal time is how much better PnW is scheduled now.

  8. Dad

    War Stats - Global War 12

    I need to stop getting excited for actual war stats when I see new posts in this thread.
  9. Dad

    How does one make profits in baseball?

    Max quality. Increase seating to fit new capacity. Don't bother with players unless you're very dedicated. Spam games with a friend for 15 minutes at a time or so. Profit.
  10. Dad

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    That's what I figured, by war's end you'll probably need an entire symphony to fit them all. Huh. I always thought you were committed once you entered VM. But then again I'm not a coward so I'm not as familiar with the intricacies of the system as TKR would be.
  11. Dad

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Don't know if I'm just blind, but I think you missed one of the best ones. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=64069 Who takes a year of VM for one war? is only infra, why you hef to be mad?
  12. Dad

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Where'd the infra columns go?
  13. Dad

    Bounty Suggestion

    If a criminal with a bounty attacked you in real life and you killed or captured them in self defense you'd still be entitled to the reward. I don't see how being the aggressor or defender matters in regards to accomplishing the task the bounty was set for. If you're paying to have someone nuked do you really care who shoots first in the war?
  14. TKR+TCW have more members in vacation mode than GOB has members total, yikes.

  15. What will we do with the drunken whaler
    What will we do with the drunken whaler
    What will we do with the drunken whaler
    Early in the morning


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