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  1. Dad

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I hope it keeps going so Coalition B can buy me a third extra city.
  2. Dad

    War Stats - Knightfall

    As of the stats update 15 minutes ago it looks like we hit the trillion dollar mark.
  3. Dad

    New Players Joining Alliances

    This kills grassroots growth of micros, but at the same time micros kill enjoyment of the game for hundreds of new nations so I'm not sure how to feel about it. 30 or 45 days is certainly way too long though. 14 or 21 is probably better.
  4. Dad

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    They're so broke they aren't really worth raiding, especially when juicer targets like TFP are open.
  5. Dad

    A PSA for @everyone that is @here

    Well it was kind of necessary since your comrades are deserting and deleting en masse. The stats would get real jumbled if you all scattered.
  6. Dad

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Any tax rate less than 100/100 is materialistic degeneracy, shame on Typhon.
  7. Dad

    Time to Play Hardball

    I saw a guy at 3k with 18 cities, wonder how he's doing.
  8. Dad

    Time to Play Hardball

    Scratch "Fighting" and add "Fleeing".
  9. Dad

    Shifty News Network LLC-Hit the Lights

    Well that sounds boring.
  10. Dad

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    lol good shit, I chucked. Thanks for the K/D pad and the funding for City 17 Bad Company, I named the city after you so I'll never forget you.
  11. Dad

    War Stats - Knightfall

    You posted at the time of one of the two hourly updates. Sure that's not what you're talking about?
  12. Dad

    Beat you to it. HA

    Truly a crippling blow to the war effort, I guess we should all give up now.

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