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  1. DNFJ, you better come into next war with at least 400 nukes, the more the merrier.
  2. I don't think you understand what's going on, deleting is completely voluntary atm, people are allowed and even encouraged to stay and fight for a while, at least in the GoG. Afaik we're not putting pressure on other alliances to disband.
  3. Sadly, most of our nations are either deleted already, will be deleted soon, or have moved to other alliances. The spirt lives within the community, don't worry.
  4. I think you would be glad to know that GoG will live on under Seeker. We're moving games, but our community lives.
  5. Well, I'll be seeing y'all, ppl of Camelot. Best of luck to yall.
  6. Be careful, GPC might unmerge itself again.
  7. Did you take a loan during war to build a new city..... You're going to have to pay that back you know... Because Horizon is actually a good bank, unlike this "aiyr bank".
  8. Lol, this is just bait so we can destroy more nations at once, 5 slots on attack just ain't enough. Guys attack me plz
  9. Funny that TcW isn't in this peace deal.
  10. I still feel like peace for the entirety of Great Leak war is coming. Afterall, this is wayy further than what Dial Up has achieved in terms of peace.
  11. So basically, theres still a good bit of Great Leak that hasn't surrendered.
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