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  1. San Fortunado

    P/W download on TI-89 Calculators

    That's an illogical statement => Ø
  2. San Fortunado

    P/W download on TI-89 Calculators

    You mean you are actually 12 and your mom doesn't have one.
  3. San Fortunado

    P/W download on TI-89 Calculators

    Will my MJ Nation render properly on a TI-89? I might need a CAS model that now does color...wait what? Calculators now come in color? Damn kids are spoiled these days.
  4. You are actually too overqualified in the home-of-sectionals part.
  5. Bold words coming from Afrika Korps member.
  6. Shits about to get dank.
  7. San Fortunado

    Terrible Ideas that would break the game

    So I am guessing Trump Towers is a no go?
  8. San Fortunado

    cinco de shifty

    This cinco de mayo...shitpost better when you are shit faced, and get everything paid for by México. Join Hyperborea if you have trece (13) cities. You don't need to know español to join, hell, being un puro gringo is actually muy bien (very good.) Reply below, or visit the Shifty Fan Club Discord to hash it out (official discord will be provided after you contact Shifty): https://discord.gg/rUBEJ9
  9. San Fortunado

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    I always knew that El Barto would go far. From being groomed to run a Diomedes micro to now running his own shit show...*sheds tear* so proud. Edit: To KoM: Also, forgot to tell you, Ironic Flag takes the life force of any alliance it does business for...don't worry, you might be as lucky as Triple Entente.
  10. San Fortunado

    Water to quench my thirst

    Thank you! I can break out my old meme I made.
  11. San Fortunado

    SNN-Saxy tiem

    I don't care, can I slide into your DMs?
  12. San Fortunado

    SNN-For Steve, For Glory

    you deserve your high upvotes, Syphilis.
  13. San Fortunado

    Ironic Flags

    Sometimes life doesn't give you easy choices. Other times, you'd be stupid to choose otherwise. Anything but free graphic design? As IF. https://discord.gg/8qhJPk Please Note: Labor intensive projects or projects requiring special tools will be rejected.
  14. San Fortunado

    SNN-For Steve, For Glory

    Somebody should teach the person in charge of the alliance page BBCode.
  15. San Fortunado

    Water to quench my thirst

    Okay, who isn't washing their hands after shitting?
  16. San Fortunado

    ITC Improvement

    Can we just bump ITC to 122% cap? Decided to keep it simple for simpletons, and just leave it at that. Let the ragers and the shitposters hash it out below. *grabs popcorn*
  17. San Fortunado

    Twin Dragons

    Wait, one is decent?
  18. San Fortunado

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    Read it as "Twinks out for Carthage!" Then I reread it and then saw the post... Disappointed is an understatement.
  19. San Fortunado

    Laugh isn't actually upvote?

    Why not have three types of Laugh reps? The current laugh: neutral The yeet laugh: Positive The cringe laugh: Negative
  20. San Fortunado

    ITC Improvement

    No, it just lets you not reveal to your alliance how much taxes you are paying.
  21. San Fortunado

    An Announcement from the New Polar Order

    Disband then Ill upvote.
  22. San Fortunado

    DOE of Kazoku

    There's too much gold in this one tbh. Which is scary, since it's really only like two sentences.
  23. San Fortunado

    Ironic Flags

  24. San Fortunado

    DOE of Kazoku

    It's funny until you realize that the forums are going to get more updates than the game going forward. Back on topic: Acadia still exists?
  25. San Fortunado

    Construct 2 Missiles Per Day

    Better idea: Construct additional nukes, and replace the MP with yet another Nuclear Project.

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