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  1. STARTING COSTS: Costs are decided based on time, effort, and what you want. Memey graphics are encouraged, as such, will have a 50% off costs. (i.e. Flags are 2.5m instead of 5m if they are meme worthy.) Remember: We are here to help, if you cannot afford, ask about "Boy, You Poor AF" discounts for poor people and allies. All Edits to pre-existing are 1m unless they need to be recreated due to poor quality. -Flags: 5m -Logos: 5m -Alliance Graphics: 10m (Entire Page) -Advertisements: 4m (8m for Animated) -Other Art, Please DM Me on Discord. Please join Discord today by clicking the link below to take advantage of any special offers, to place orders, or to ask questions. https://discord.gg/BfP7vPb FEATURED WORK OF THE WEEK: (Updated: July 14, 2019) Golden Phoenix Coalition Advertisement
  2. San Fortunado

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Poor BeeKay.
  3. San Fortunado

    SNN: Inquisition Civil Wars

    @ShadyAssassin Good luck whatever it is that you do, and remember, I can find a bank if you need me to keep it safe.
  4. r/whoosh for you too. Notice the word micro...though, nice propaganda.
  5. Tbh, I forgot about them, like everyone else does during peacetime.
  6. San Fortunado

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    The greatest casualty.
  7. San Fortunado

    Woodstockia DoE

  8. I hate to be the one to tell you: All alliances are shit. I mean Pantheon had a gov that quit so he could spam about being a victimized black because somebody was antisemitic. BK and tCW has more leaks than my grandfather with dementia. Soup is ran by two drama queens that think "The Soup is hot." is funny. And KT has to deal with people like you.
  9. I don't know...Arrgh! doesn't seem like a micro that believes in its people.
  10. This is the second side of the story to Shifty's last SNN posted 17 hours ago. Sorry for a late response, I didn't know what to post at the time and if it would be at all appropriate, but after thinking it through, I owe it to everyone involved to give them the truth, not some souped up summary of what happened last night. I also owe it to SAXON to clear his name and to note that Shifty deserved better than what I gave him last night in those DMs last night. No logs will be posted in respect to everyone here, just the facts of said case and how this was entirely MY fault. Without wasting any more of your time, let me just get right into it. First the facts: SAXON was telling me he was contacting Rose, SK, and others on the other side to cut down on attacks. In the midst of this, other members of Hyperborea were thinking about whether we should be peacing out of the war, and most of the alliance was inactive, being kicked for inactivity, or just being plain useless. HOWEVER, SAXON never actually spoke to the other side (according to logs and his statement to me) about white peace. (This would be found out thirty minutes after Hyperborea disbands.) Shifty came on hours later and jokily asked what was going on to which I stated that SAXON had been contacting the other side and doing FA in a pursuit to get peace. He demanded logs, which SAXON was afk at the time and I did not have said logs. Shifty asked why SAXON did this, and I jokily said we assumed he (Shifty) was dead. This led to another DM between Shifty and myself where he asked for logs, and I said that I did not have them. This led to Shifty accusing SAXON and I of trying to coup him (Shifty). I laughed and said, coup what? His inactive 7 members? I then went on to say that the bank was mainly SAXON, so there was nothing to be had there. He stated that he had some stuff tied up in the banks, to which I said, still mainly SAXON's. Shifty then said if that's the case, then this is not a surrender or a coup, but a disbandment notice. I told him I would not argue for either case. Shifty then posted to Hyperborea that he was disbanding in 24 hours and to find a new home cus Hyperborea is dead thanks to Saxon and Fien (me) being traitors. He then posted that post which you saw there and then decided to immediately delete both Hyperborea's server and in-game alliance then go into Vacation Mode for a year. He then alerted all of his "allies" and informed them that SAXON was a traitor and why he disbanded Hyperborea. Why this is my fault, if it isn't obvious: Shifty, without getting into much details since this is a public forum, trusted me as an online friend (as well as currently dealing with some IRL shit) and I took advantage of that for a shitpost. This led to a lot of damage and some irreparable costs. I hope that alliance leaders and gov viewing this can see that SAXON is clearly not a traitor and did nothing wrong. No, Shifty was not drunk and even though he did overreact, he is going through a lot of shit, and I shouldn't have let my apathy and my anger let me shitpost the way I did when he clearly needed serious responses from me. What I ask from you reading this: Please leave SAXON and Shifty alone for right now and give them time to heal and gather up the pieces I blew around. I will go into VM starting after I am finished typing this and reconsider my priorities for this game and the community as well give myself a timeout for what I have done. I will put VM in for 69 Days in honor of Shifty. All work ordered by you guys for the graphic studios will be still done, do not worry. Thank you. TL;DR: SAXON isn't a traitor and you guys need to give him a break. Shifty didn't deserve the shitposting treatment from me that led to him quitting and I am putting myself into VM and giving myself a timeout for being an idiot. -San Fortunado
  11. San Fortunado

    Elite Democratic Republic Peace and is out of the war

    I did some graphics for them very competent nice guys.
  12. San Fortunado

    Dr Shifty's ER

    At Emergency Room, we see all kinds of shit...from broken alliances (Pantheon) to nations that get their penis stuck in an alliance and can't get it out ( @Thalmor). As such, I like to say, my one man declares war on all applicants that are inactive or have good loot during this war. Stay sexy and lootable my friends. Also, don't hurt me daddy. In b4 the massive downvotes cus I am "clogging up as a one man" yet AD gets like fifty posts and t$ still acts relevant.
  13. San Fortunado

    P&W strike

    @Micchan Let me break this down for you: The server sucks, but it ain't the server... PHP can leak memory, and when programmed incorrectly, it can leak memory even more. And you see, memory leaks are from the server (that is, PW's side) to the client (that is, a player's side.) Imagine, if you will, the game as a basement and it is surrounded by pipes that drip water every now and then. At first you may see a small puddle, however if there is a great surge in the water supply (which is an analogy for a surge in players playing the game), that puddle is now an ocean, and when you try to open the door to the basement, you realize you can't now, and the water bill and damage is out of control cus Sheepy was the roommate responsible for calling the plumber and he was too busy saying he couldn't do it because of school and it was too much work to call said plumber, so he won't.
  14. San Fortunado

    SNN-Jump Feet First Into Hell

    Everything is going great, I think we'll get major reps for this.

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