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  1. @MinesomeMC Remember he stated that he would never make another alliance after this. Also that he wouldn't quit and would join GPC. Then again he also said that he wasn't going to get couped....
  2. I mean he ain't wrong. Also, I downvoted you again because you know I am a nazi or something.
  3. Discovering spies and helping steal and kill things yet you are not a protectorate of BK. gtfo
  4. No interspecies breeding until we know what they are capable of.
  5. He stopped drinking. Then got mad when I went Dr Phil on him for being a whiny Alex. Regardless, he has a point, people want this shit, and he provideth. *word italicized to show that it was replaced automatically by the Christian server censors.
  6. Now you are just trying to get me banned with my puns.
  7. I mean, this is scraping the bottom of Epi leaks. I don't think you're in the barrel.
  8. I don't see you mentioned anywhere in his thread?
  9. Yeah then the OWF goes from a thousand points to five a year. Also, sorry reviving a dead post just like they revived a dead alliance.
  10. Oh God you check the forums?
  11. Looks like Cobber finally got that government position and the really bad artist that did such a bang up job for Arrgh! got hired again. Maybe merge into Diomedes and get a trifecta?
  12. @MinesomeMC You did something Sri Lanka liked. Now do you understand how big of a mistake this was?
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