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  1. Holy crap...whoever convinced you to come back to the community really should be taken out back and shot.
  2. The plot will be predictable with Diablo returning as the main villain for the final act, and Blizzard will make a quick cash grab, state they will support the game for years, and then quickly lose interest after making huge amounts of money off of it since it will be one of the most sold games of all time, and instead make piss poor updates that will dwindle down to pure cosmetics before dismissing it for another project. So...just like all their other games.
  3. Something Citadel was his ruler name iirc...didn't know he deleted...he was around for years.
  4. Either invalid nation link, or an hour is all it took. gg
  5. Thank you, Kanye. Very cool. Congrats to Sval for still leading OWR or something.
  6. It was a statement, not an insult. Nearly put an insult but decided wasn’t worth it.
  7. It’s goons. It’s all IC drama. We don’t talk about their irl stuff. That’s reserved for Facebook and Twitter.
  8. I sell mine for five bucks a gram. Shit's stronger too, so much that I believe five bucks is a lot of money.
  9. He also has an alliance that you can join too with the best government members around.
  10. Everyone ask Where's Keno, but nobody asks How's Keno?
  11. We respect that, even from people such as yourself. Gotta give GOONS some credit though for taking hours to plan this out for a few minutes of perceived gratitude.
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