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  1. Fien Zinfi

    The Dank Whisperer's War Against A Dankless Religion

    I make a joke and you retards think I am serious. And this is why Sheepy has $40/month subscription for you retards cus you're stupid. I haven't replied because this post went south and proved my point that y'all need Jesus, cus maybe he can perform a miracle and get rid of your downs.
  2. Fien Zinfi

    The Dank Whisperer's War Against A Dankless Religion

    What's the next lesson?
  3. Fien Zinfi

    The Dank Whisperer's War Against A Dankless Religion

    Wait what? Frostbite isnt involved in this...no sir-E, this is a holy man's mission to learn about the positions.
  4. Fien Zinfi

    The Dank Whisperer's War Against A Dankless Religion

    @Thalmor I think he fails to see the irony in that statement. Who are you?
  5. Nearly Twenty Four Hours ago, I was minding my own, you know raiding UPN and finding out they have no bank or active members... Then KT decides that their little ET recruits needed to raid a raider. That makes me a sad bear. Now since I love this game, and really care about winning wars and not taking infrastructure damage from an alliance that has millions and billions of rubles to spare, I calmly asked them why they were retarded and sent DoWs on a couple of their members. The oh wise and smart leader that currently runs that sh-...wonderful alliance said, "Why are you raiding us? Herp Derp, you'll be countered if you don't stop." I responded that he was a wonderfully observant genius as it was obvious that I was raiding him and did not have an aggressive wars against me before I started throwing bear feces at their other members. In my final hours, I like to reflect and think, "What kind of stupid ass morons are Knights Templar?" And wonder, who raids raiders. Alas, I will never live to find out... and that makes me a sad bear. I hope in my next life, I gain an extra chromosome so I can join KT. #frostbitebearfurlife
  6. Fien Zinfi

    FB-tHC Announcement

    Just like Frostbite, and look..we won a war against Black Knights. lulz
  7. Fien Zinfi

    FB-tHC Announcement

    tldr; who the hell is FB?
  8. Fien Zinfi

    We're All Out of Bubblegum

    @Cynic This is why we have spheres...god damnit you screwed up again!
  9. Fien Zinfi

    Frostbite Announcement

    God I gotta do work again!
  10. Maybe cus the hosting system sucks?
  11. Fien Zinfi

    A Nuclear Winter (NK-FB MADP)

    why would we move into Nuke Bloc? It's a MnADP.
  12. Fien Zinfi

    A Nuclear Winter (NK-FB MADP)

    1. Consent We all agree to consent, cus consent is good. Written consent is better. Not attacking each other, that is not consensual. 2. Bail Money Sometimes Cynic blows all his money on blow. That's cool. We agree to aid each other whenevs. 3. Mutual Ooops We all agree that sometimes consent isn't as clear cut and things go down. Whether it's our fault or theirs, and whether we start it or they do, it's all a big fun cluster you know what. 4. NK > SK Since NK > SK, we don't chain. Chains aren't good, chains are a no no. 5. Hatred Runs Deep My Child Yeah, this ain't going to last. At least give us 72 hours though. Sincerely, NK, who is better than SK FB, who is better than Arrgh!
  13. Fien Zinfi

    A Lesson in War Tactics by The Inquisition

    So, is this a joke or a shitty meme?
  14. Fien Zinfi

    Rose-ROK Treaty Upgrade

    Finally, a treaty I approve of. You must be so proud.

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