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  1. We acknowledge and respect your no fly zone because you have no resources we want. King Kenneth respects the sovereignty of all nations. Kennethlanders are a peace loving people who have no desire to perpetuate violence like the capitalist, imperialist powers..
  2. Saddam was a hero? Really? Despite his mass execution of your Shiite buddies whom you profess to love. Or does being a Muslim who dies fighting against the "big, bad Uncle Sam" absolve him of this? Spilling the blood of American troops makes him a martyr in your eyes, right?
  3. The sheer amount of infrastructure and population lost are big enough repercussions. Zeroing improvements would be excessive.
  4. Yeah, if your nation were within my range we would see whether or not Allah would save a trolling, jihadist banana republic.
  5. Thanks, Eric. We must all do our best to make Orbis the best place it can possibly be.
  6. It pains HRH King Kenneth to announce that today at 8:29 Orbis Standard Time two nuclear bombs were detonated against the nations of Best Korea and Alethkar respectively. Over 300,000 lives were lost in this event. King Kenneth and General of the Army Horace Jacob Montgomery have issued a formal apology to the civilians of these nations, and they join the rest of the nation in a day of prayer not only for the valiant troops of The KAF but also for the souls of the dead civilians of the two belligerent nations. His Majesty assures Orbis that this action was taken in defense of the motherland. The face of war is ghoulish and terrifying. We, as members of the enlightened nations of Orbis, will continue to struggle for peace and prosperity in every corner of the planet. Thank you all, and Godspeed.
  7. This has nothing to do with "national affairs".
  8. I fully support this proposal. I think it will make the game fairer and more just for all.
  9. I hope you have a successful surgery, Lord Balian. I admire your strength, and my thoughts are with you.
  10. I was trying to purchase the uranium enrichment project, but when I attempted to do so, I was presented with an error message stating that I do not have enough uranium. This is despite the fact that I have surpassed the quantity of uranium and other supplies needed to purchase the project. Thanks in advance.
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