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  1. Question, would your reserve count be publicly viewable or no?
  2. Let’s go, the coup was successful, down with the queen! I mean, uh, congratulations to Adrienne, condolences to Benfro. (Coup Man Good)
  3. This would make the spy war impossible to win, because you would constantly have to spend all your slots on keeping your opponents’ spies zeroed and would have no free slots to actually spy away military with. And spies aren’t some overpowered game breaking mechanic where they can turn the tide of a war or something all on their own, they just help around the edges.
  4. We got a scroll though (plus some atrocious humming that @Squeegee kept begging me to do) so it was worth it.
  5. Wait I didn’t know that KT could read.
  6. Ikr who’s idea was it to sign an alliance with @Cooper_in it? 0/10 worst treaty ever, disband, Orange Man Bad, boo.
  7. I’m confused here. How exactly is this a reference to race? Sounds like you’re the one inserting race everywhere, including places where it doesn’t need to be. Seems weird to infer that some random person you’ve never met before is a racist just because they ask you to switch to the white color bloc, when the rational explanation is that he just wants a higher income.
  8. Sadly, Alex’s decision making is far less informed than that of well informed players like Leopold, Valk, Thalmor, etc. Alex has an annoying habit of not thinking through any of the possible consequences of his updates when they happen, and then when said consequences occur that anyone could have predicted, he never admits his fault.
  9. Would the majority opinion not be better than a bunch of changes that literally nobody aside from Alex wants?
  10. Blitz NPO, blitz SuperCholaX, blitz GoG KT, TGH, Empyrea
  11. Merge Guardian, ally TCW, blitz Weebunism Next: Church of Spaceology, Grumpy Old Bastards, Mensa HQ
  12. I got a chance to work with some of you last war, and y’all are cool people. Farewell Ming, and good luck moving forward!
  13. But still, even just losing 1 of your wars was a big accomplishment. Good luck in your alliance, hopefully you can find success, and hopefully you can find a protector who helps your alliance grow.
  14. In a 3v1 where both sides are going for beige, how exactly do the 3 manage to lose? Gotta give you props Dave, you have to be at least somewhat competent to do that.
  15. I'm just here so I don't get burned at the stake
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