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  1. Ameyuri

    SNN-Too big to fail

    @Radoje If you're gonna come check on what people are saying about you while still ghosting all of us, at the bare minimum don't log in.
  2. I've got no personal stake in this argument, but this line stood out to me as particularly ironic given the war that ended only yesterday. Here are the links if you'd like to catch yourself up on them -- declaration of war by Soup on WTFark here, and peace thread here. Soup Kitchen made it clear from the beginning that there was no political motive to hit. They just wanted to have some fun. Both sides remained classy, and the resulting forum posts make it evident that the participants of this "lame" war enjoyed the experience. From the Soup side: From the WTFark side: I'll not argue against the fact that wars preceded by heavy political maneuvering are entertaining, but hopefully you see why I object to your point that wars born of anything else cannot be just as respectable. Admittedly, there is more in context than merely the lack of a pre-existing rivalry (i.e. that the targets in question all recently left VM), and while I will not be touching that part of this debate I figured it was worth clearing up a misconception.
  3. Ameyuri

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    I pray for you and y'all. rawr
  4. ♪ rebel man, rebel man ,, does whatever a rebel man does ♪

  5. Ameyuri

    Lordaeron Announcement

    I don't normally play drinking games, but ... take a shot every time Noctis says Sketchy? <3
  6. Ameyuri

    Laugh reacts on forums

    Why does it have to be an either/or? Why can't it be both? There's no need to limit yourself.
  7. Ameyuri

    Lordaeron Announcement

    @Noctis I figure that since most of the people here aren't taking you terribly seriously (and since you continue to disagree with the opinions of those who are), I ought to provide a perspective that's about as unbiased as I can make it about why it feels like the entire forums are against you. I'm a member of TGH, so I guess you'd have a valid point if you accused me of pre-existing bias, but I'm against mass-downvoting campaigns and I rarely ever even downvote those I disagree with (feel free to check my profile for proof). Hopefully this is convincing enough for you to not jump to the conclusion that I'm a brain-dead TGH zombie out to tarnish your reputation on the orders of my hippo overlord. Also, apologies in advance if this post or any part of it comes across as condescending; it's not meant to be, and if it is, I blame it on the fact that it's almost 3:30 AM as I'm typing this and I need sleep. For starters, I think it's good that you're actually reading the posts that you respond to, and that you're responding with genuine, coherent answers. I swear I'm not being sarcastic when I say that that alone probably puts you above the average forum poster. Most people who engage in heated and prolonged forum arguments end up devolving into posting memes, OOC personal attacks, or similarly unproductive posts, so I respect that you're patient and level-headed enough to defend yourself with words and not deep-fried images. Despite that, a lot of people here don't like you. In my opinion, @Buorhann did an admirable job of summarizing it as concisely as possible: "you're not aware of anybody's history in this community." I don't typically bring up nation ages or even think it's a good idea because I believe that even month-old members can make impactful and lasting contributions to this game, but the difference is so stark I feel obligated to point it out -- you've been in the game for 150 days and are currently arguing against three well-known (albeit also probably disliked a fair bit) alliance leaders at 1400, 1000, and 1500 days. And even ignoring the ones actively countering you in this thread specifically, the majority of consistent forum posters are either current or retired experienced FA heads or leaders with long histories. I don't keep up with current politics, but I can state with certainty that anybody worth their salt in FA is aware of at least the basic backgrounds and personalities of anybody else worth knowing. I don't mean to be disparaging, but there's really no nice way to say that Buo's right, and that you make it quite obvious that you're unaware of the people around you. I'm not sure when or where you got into FA, but typically people first spend time as diplomats lurking around Discord and the OWF and getting to know people before slowly entering into in-game political discussions. From what I can tell of your post history, you bypassed the diplomat stage entirely and jumped right into commenting on alliance affairs. It's definitely not a bad thing to do so, because you learn from experience, but to be blunt, I think that what many people are taking issue with is that you comment on threads and topics that you have only a barebones knowledge of taken from the original post, and you fill in the gaps in your understanding with assumptions. I'm sure people would be much happier answering questions that you might have about the thread than knocking down your baseless assumptions and commonly even accusations, but since you continue on defending your viewpoints despite often having a lack of evidence (and sometimes even adequate background knowledge), I think it's fairly understandable that the forum community would begin to get frustrated. I hope you don't mind, but I took a quick peek at your post history to find some examples of what I mean. I found two downvoted posts that I think I have at least some fragment of knowledge in, so here we go. This one was a little over a week ago, and you claimed that TGH was welcoming war-dodgers who were eager to escape TFP's rolling. You declined to provide any proof of this accusation whatsoever, and when questioned simply referenced the downvotes you were getting. You could have easily supported your original claim by providing the link of a single ex-TFP member who was accepted by TGH after the war started, by posting a screenshot of a TGH gov member extending such an offer to TFP members, or any number of other ways. Instead, you deflected the community's confusion by needlessly bringing up your downvote count. Just as having thousands of upvotes does not make someone correct, having hundreds of downvotes also does not serve as adequate evidence for your claim. While I do not condone it, I hope you can at least see why this post in particular spawned ridicule. This one's a bit more recent, from three days ago when Buo posted a screenshot of Rado. I claim both of them as my good friends (one's probably more of an overlord than a friend but oh well) and because I understood that they are close enough friends to humorously taunt each other, I (and just about everyone else who replied to the thread) knew that the post was more likely than not made in good faith. On the other hand, you jumped to the conclusion that Buo was antagonizing Rado (maybe just based off their in-game alliance affiliations?) and posted under this assumption. This could've been avoided with a quick, thirty-second message to Rado asking if he was okay with the thread, or perhaps even avoiding commenting until you were more certain of the situation. While it's good that they cleared it up for you in the end and commendable of you to apologize to Buo for the misunderstanding, this is just another of many examples that show how you make unwarranted accusations, and thus another example that hopefully helps show why exactly this community likes to downvote you so much. Anyway, this post is getting ridiculously long (and it's getting ridiculously late), but my point is that you are absolutely not getting downvoted for no reason, and to be frank you're probably only getting more downvotes from claiming that you are. While it's true that some of your downvotes are from mass-downvote campaigns, many of them are genuine reflections of the community's feelings toward someone who repeatedly attacks others without any evidence. I don't have a personal stake in this argument, but if I was Buo I don't think I would have responded as graciously as he did, by attempting to explain his perspective while maintaining a good-natured tone. Everything aside, however, I'd like to mention again that I'm impressed by your motivation to keep posting despite getting swarmed with downvotes and by your continued interest in FA, and I genuinely believe that if you took some time to step back, observe situations, and consolidate facts before rushing to post, you could be a very respectable and well-known FA guy. Apologies to the original thread people for derailing it, but I figured with all the discussion happening in here, it was as good a place as any to post this. o/ -- Edit: The hippo overlord kindly requests that you view his glorious medal stash.
  8. You heard it here first, guys. When I steal Pantheon's bank, you can blame it on Buo. But seriously, thanks for all the nice comments, everyone! I appreciate y'all <3
  9. Good question, I'm actually not sure. Some mix of a sun would have taken longer and I'm lazy, I'm not a big fan of generic representations of the sun, and I wanted something easily reusable/reapplicable to other flags that weren't necessarily sun-themed like NK, I guess. Also, thanks for the clarification -- you look like Goomy.
  10. I made a bunch of smol, minimalist circles to represent alliances. I started working on these over 6 months ago (@Radoje posted a version of the top 40 alliances a while back) but since the year is ending I got motivation to re-do a version of the current top 40, as well as a bunch of other ones. Anyway, here's the current top 40. War flags were used where applicable and holiday flags were avoided with the exception of Arrgh. I tried to avoid meme flags but for Acadia I'm not sure if the noodley boi is a legitimate flag or not but I put it in anyway. Thanks to Rado for fixing the TKR one and to a bunch of TGH people for helping fix the Rose circle. Here's everything else I've done in an imgur album, including the non-war versions of war flags (ex. NPO, Guardian), alternate flags (ex. Acadia), old versions (ex. KT), and dead or rebranded alliances (ex. Roz Wei, AIM). They're all 100x100 px. Feel free to use these wherever you'd like, but please don't take credit for them. Also, obligatory happy new years~ hope y'all had lots of fun. apologies for butchering durm's flag but i didn't know how to represent it : ( please forgive
  11. Ameyuri

    Official Nominations for the 2018 PnW Awards

    PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: @Sketchy Most Powerful Player: @Sketchy Best Alliance Leader: @Ske -- uh, @Ripper Most Controversial Player: @Sketchy Most Dynamic Player: @Sketchy Best OOC Poster: @Sketchy Best IC Poster: @Sketchy Nicest Player: @Ripper Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2019: @Sketchy Best New Addition to the Community: @Kevanovia COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Declaration of War: link Biggest Meme: @Sketchy Largest E-Peen: @Sketchy Most Missed Player: @Sketchy (rest in peace mr econ man)
  12. Ameyuri

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I'm a simple man. I see Ripper, I upvote.
  13. Ameyuri

    Annual Fraggle Rock Fund Raiser

    I checked the rules. None of them say it has to be a real doggo. Here's me!
  14. Ameyuri

    Movin N Groovin

    Massive congrats to @Theodosius @Vince McMahon @Haydon @Brittain @Rimski and mildly large condolences to @Keegoz ~ enjoy your new positions :)) ----- and @Kilgore

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