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  1. Incitatus

    The Orbis Oracle (TOO): Issue 6

    This is awesome! Thank you for making these! Helps us newbies figure out the lay of the land a lot quicker.
  2. Incitatus

    In Loving Memory of Kastor

    House Stark is an alliance filled with fine people, you picked up a good ally Lordaeron
  3. Incitatus


    Do you play Age of Empires? Also, welcome!
  4. Incitatus

    This is Bad Company

    We should probably make the most of the single-use that we get out of it then, eh?
  5. Incitatus

    It's about... to go.... DOWN!

    Ah yes, the American classic 'Timber' performed by Rock-n-Roll All-Time Great, Ke$ha. With an anthem talking about momentum going in the downward motion, I'm sure there will be great things in store for your endeavor. Best of luck!
  6. Incitatus

    I'm a Zombie

    Welcome to the forums! We need more of us Undead folk kicking around these parts.
  7. Incitatus

    My Introduction

    Welcome to the world, Roberto!
  8. Incitatus

    ayy lmao

    It's like a snapshot of Lance Armstrong's life in the early 2000's
  9. Incitatus

    This is Bad Company

    This is a thing of beauty
  10. Incitatus

    Tending to Some Things

    Best of luck to you and your future endeavors.
  11. Incitatus


    We'll move about our day and turn the other cheek. Looking forward to getting along just fine. Also, if you're looking for an alliance - House Stark is a pretty fun community.
  12. Incitatus


    Same here I also miss the NCAA Basketball games. I loved building programs up, was a ton of fun.
  13. Incitatus


    If this is an attempt to inquire on alliances who were interested in courting you, I wanted to give a quick bit - I just arrived on this world and have to say that I am already impressed with the alliance that I have chosen to pledge my allegiance to. House Stark is a great group of active and competent people. Also: Tonight is the new episode of Game of Thrones and we have a special channel in our discord server that we discuss the action) Their discord channel is located here: House Stark
  14. Incitatus

    Latin Money

  15. Incitatus

    The Atlas Initiative Re-Opening

    Best of luck with your project

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