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  1. Congratulations on the coup and peace. I’m glad you managed to take control and this before it got too ugly. Hope you lead tO to a more sensible future
  2. This was such a hot mess, I'm sorry you had to go through it. I promised not to leak any important info, but I will say that TO's FA isn't happy about this either, but they were ignored in favor of a war. Apparently, this war was supposed to be for "fun" and "training" (??? I don't get it either) I'm gonna have to side with Empyrea and you on this one, and I hope Farksphere doesn't get dragged into a global because of such a reckless move. Lots of good people in TO too, I hope they don't get completely curbstomped.
  3. Congrats on the peace! If nothing else, you fought like true warriors and should feel proud. Good luck with the rebuild.
  4. I agree I was garbage, from the moment I told them I was quitting, because the way the war was handled was suicide. And I was right, look at KERCHTOG now. EDIT: Don’t misunderstand though, I still loved my time at RoK/Ming. They’ve given me a home for 1,5 years. But their MDoAP with Rose was a bad idea, and I wasn’t gonna drive off the cliff with them. Gave them most of my resources before I left as a thank you, I hope it helped the members survive better.
  5. This is hilarious. To the Rose member who told me the beiging plan would work, how's that working out for you? Even Pantheon is higher in score than you guys LMAO. Totally not IQ wins again.
  6. In other words, this war is just Ayyslamic Crusade 2.0, a giant waste of time
  7. Noooo, I missed my chance to hit them. Back to normal. non-war Orbis...
  8. I definitely overestimated the cost, by a lot. But it’s still ridiculous to expect city 11 nations to even bother getting the first project, as just the food alone right now would cost them 100 million. That was what I was trying to say. Just to clarify, I personally don’t mind the prices, as I can finally use the resources I’ve been hoarding around, and new features are always welcome in a static text-based game like PnW.
  9. Exactly. Even for nations above 15 cities, it’s still a grind. In order to get both projects, at current market prices, and buy back all the resources I spend, I need to save up around 1 billion (I averaged out the averages of the numbers you gave so it’s not too much or too little), which will take 125 days (4 months) with my income of 8m/day. Keep in mind I have 18 cities and ITC. So imagine how long it will take for 15-city nations to get the project. They either have to decide whether to buy ITC or not, and in both cases they have to wait longer (to either get back the money/resources spent or to get the money with a lower income). And as I recall, I earned something ridiculously low, maybe 1-2m/day when I was city 11. To get the ~300-400m need for the first project, it might take a whole year. It’s better to just buy cities normally and increase your revenue so the total time is shortened. And these numbers are based on the assumption that market prices will stay low, which won’t happen, as everyone will want to make some money on thousands of players buying resources. TL;DR - Change policy to Manifest Destiny and save up your money.
  10. 6 month NAP....well, at least we have enough time to stockpile millions of food for the next war.
  11. Yeah, sure, let people who just won a war on the now non-beiged guy declare another one one immediately. Removing beige altogether is the most moronic idea ever. Just make it so that the timer can't increase. If someone gets beiged and is in multiple wars, and then gets beiged again, the timer stays where it is. There's your nerf. Just don't remove it.
  12. For example, this nation (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=40347) has a gif playing in the custom description. Inspect element shows it is a simple HTML embed. However, when I try to embed a gif myself, all I get is plaintext of the code. So, how did this person add a gif to their description, and how can I do it as well? Thanks in advance.
  13. "We all lose IQ naturally as we age — fluid intelligence reaches its peak at city 14, and then declines gradually from there"
  14. So basically, if someone attacks me while I'm asleep, I pretty much lost the war because I can't raise my Resistance and I can't drop theirs to 0 before they do mine because they had a head start. Great update /s
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