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  1. Roq raising @Dio Brando from his cryogenic slumber to drop some bombs on TKR and the forums.
  2. BK ordering their allies and protectorates into battle (2019, colorized):
  3. I like where this thread is going, you think someone would've stopped biting the bait lol
  4. Allow me to shed some light. Basically, this is what our little coalition will look like rolling into peace talks in three months with our reps demands and joke terms.
  5. I'm going to be serious for a minute, which is usually a mistake on here, but here we go. @Sir Scarfalot Take two deep breaths, and a walk please. I get that you're not a fan of BK right now, but the level of moral outrage in the OP over a meaningless flavor role in a freaking Discord server, it's not healthy man. PnW isn't worth this, and this is not worth your outrage. War is supposed to be fun, isn't that what you guys always say? And on that note, BK man bad
  6. Man I like this thread already. It's been too long since we've had a good forum meltdown.
  7. tfw I have to explain to the rest of the coalition how these wars go for me.
  8. Once again avengers meme apply to any situation.
  9. When you can't even refresh the page to see how badly you got wrecked so you just gotta sit there in no mil.
  10. Many years ago, when Partisan was just a young snek making his way in the big world, he heard a strange knock on his door one bright morning. He was not expecting anyone, so imagine his surprise when he opened the door and saw a young nation before him! Partisan had no desire for a child, but he was a generous soul, and decided to raise the nation as his own. As the years went by, Partisan taught young NG everything he knew about memes and walls of text, until NG grew into a handsome (and terrible) young alliance leader. Partisan was so proud, and when the time came for NG to go out into the world and get rolled, Partisan gladly acceded, though his heart grew heavy. Years passed, and Partisan had great success, until one day a foul, evil hippo set his wicked gaze upon the noble snek. With the aid of treacherous accomplices, he snuck into Partisan's home and stole his name - his greatest possession. Partisan swore vengeance, and vowed to stop at nothing to reclaim his name with the help of his many allies. And in this hour of need, the greatest of them returned, NG came home! Together the two would stop at nothing to reclaim the name of Partisan... The Wind in the Willows - Terminal Jest protects Acadia: Article 1: The Coils of Safety Terminal Jest agrees to protect Acadia from war, raids, and all manner of ills that might be wished upon it for the duration of this treaty. Acadia is not obligated to defend Terminal Jest in the case of a war involving Terminal Jest, but may join if so inclined. Article 2: Reptile Cunning Terminal Jest agrees to instruct Acadia in all the ways a proper alliance is run and defeated in war. Lessons in 4-D chess will be taught until great skill is obtained in this art. Article 3: A Happy Ending If both parties are in agreement, this treaty may be dissolved. A 72-hour grace period will be in effect once the treaty ends so both parties may sort out their FA in the meantime. tl;dr Just give the snake his damn name back already... please
  11. Hi there OWF! I’m [KETOG/Chaos member] and if there’s one thing that really grinds my gears, it’s when I see people calling our war boring, or not fun. See, really it’s great fun, we’re all having bundles of fun fighting each other out here. I think it’s important that me and all my friends tell you about all the fun we’re having in this fun war of ours or else all the no-fun people not having fun fighting in our breathtakingly fun war might not properly understand all the fun to be had in our very fun war. Well, now that it’s been said, I’ll get back to the fun fighting in our mindblowingly fun war that we’re all totally having incomprehensible fun-loads of fun in, yes sirree!
  12. You haven’t even heard what a trash alliance we are? Christ, I’ve been slacking.
  13. That's the thing though, you can't end Pantheon. They're part of the fabric of game reality at this point, the PnW cockroach. Just have to recognize that, we all work for Pantheon now.
  14. Pooball when akuryo confronts him about using multis to spawn 200 billion worth of cheater resources into the game but it’s ok because NR just does a lot of “resource trading” so stop asking questions please:
  15. The OWF when they fall for another fake BK merger announcement:
  16. Pantheon: *about to get rolled* Rawr: "uh guys? should we do something about that?" The rest of Pantheon: Godspeed Pantheon o7
  17. Hey, keep that up and you guys might be consolidated into the memesphere as well. ?
  18. Acadia and UPN begging more people to join the memesphere 2019 (Colorized): Edit: Also TheNG is now best girl \o/
  19. Allegedly, but you have to admit it's weird every time someone claims to have a picture of them it's blurry and out of focus. I'm just saying, something's off. My money is on Roq making the whole alliance up to scare kids.
  20. TheNG

    Boring game.

    This is only the beginning. Just wait until you see the rest of my redemption arc!
  21. TheNG

    Boring game.

    You make your own fun in these things. When the game gets dull, I return to my family's farm and like farm for a few months. It ain't much, but it's honest work.
  22. tfw NPO and GotG aren't merging into you fast enough....
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