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  1. No one likes math, let me drop the truth on y'all. In this world, there are two types of nations: Those who have open slots, and those who do not. BK exists for one reason, one single all-defining purpose - to take those nations in the first category and transfer them into the second. TFP was merely another step down that sacred path.
  2. TheNG

    War Goals?

    Personally, it’s to get a couple billion in reps and a year-long NAP, then have Thrax and the Hippo complain about me (as an accessory to the horrors of BK and NPO of course) for the whole time. What can I say, I’m an optimist. As for the coalition war goals, under definitely says it best:
  3. You'll never see a faster backtrack/excuse-making than when TGH realizes their members/gov have said something(s) dumb and hostile again. Good luck Hodor, you're doing your best!
  4. Do you though? Aside from some low tier guys who I'm sure are making bank, there's precisely one unrolled big nation left in all of Chaos. Unless of course you're talking about the survivors in Rose and GoB, who I'm sure will be happy to fund your rebuilds since you guys are all one big happy family! But sure, the bumblers who couldn't even win the whale tier after a couple weeks are definitely keeping us all down economically. Whatever helps you sleep better Thrax.
  5. Complaining about some infra selldowns a month and a half after they happened? Man, talk about myopic. I think the thing you fail to grasp Ronny, is that Sphinx sold down that infra because it was going to be destroyed anyway, and so he could get lower and help out his members and allies clear out the mid and upper tiers through downdeclares - you know actually contributing something of value to the coalition he's a part of. This is of course in stark contrast to the bumblers in GoB, who have spent this war whining about "muh 3.8 billion" and doing nothing to assist their allies while they all got rolled. Then of course when we got to you guys, you waited patiently to die or even worse built tanks and expensive infrastructure to preserve your precious nations for another week. All GoB has been good for is padding our stat sheets - maybe you should've sold down too, eh? If given the choice between Sphinx and a hundred weak, selfish GoB members, I'd choose him every time. I know I'd get something of value in the trade.
  6. That's ridiculous, it's unfair! Sometimes friends can only be pushed so far. Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands... Everyone reach for the sky! Put the money in the bag! We're not leaving unless it's 2 billion (or more)!
  7. Losing someone close to you is a terrible thing, you have my deepest sympathy Sphinx. Best of luck with everything over the next few weeks, we'll be here when you're ready. ❤️
  8. No. You don't. Is that what they're telling you guys now? lol Also, since all the stats-jerkers are out again...
  9. *thinks about all the times "rolling" and "Acadia" have been in the same sentence* *laughs nervously*
  10. I'm sure all your smaller buddies would be able to attest that they've been doing nothing but winning for a month, even before NPO entered lol. I'd rather win the war than have stats as my consolation prize, but whatever makes you guys happy.
  11. First you guys can crush us easily. Then you would've won except for NPO. Then it's alright because "our whales will fund everything." Then you guys at least have better stats for now. What'll the next excuse be?
  12. "unga bunga?" Glad to see KT and TGH are still keeping their old traditions alive. But since you agree, now just get your allies to sell some of those units and come play with us, so we can have a real party!
  13. KETOG, Chaos, and Rose nations trying desperately to build tanks and ships to get above 5k score and hide be like:
  14. This thread is not yet dead! The Implication, starring BK and TCW (inspired by this) *TCW and BK meet at the start of the war* TCW: What do you mean, what do we need a meatshield for? BK: Why in the hell do you think we just spent all political capital on a sphere? The whole purpose of forming a sphere in the first place was to get the micros all nice and treatied topside so we can take em down to a nice winnable war in the midtier… and you know they can’t refuse – because of the implication. TCW: Oh. Uhhhh ok. You had me going there for the first part, the uh second part kind of threw me. BK: Dude, dude. Think about it, they’re out in the middle of nowhere with some alliance they barely know, you know, they look around and what do they see? Nothing but enemy alliances! ‘Ah, there’s no where for me to run, what am I gonna do, refuse to fight?’ *laughing* TCW: Ok… that just seems really dark. BK: No, no it’s not dark, you’re misunderstanding me bro. TCW: I, I think I am yeah. BK: Yeah, you are. Because if the alliance refused to fight, then the answer obviously is no. But the thing is, they’re not gonna say no, they would never say no, because of the implication. TCW: Now you…you’ve said that word implication a couple of times… what implication? BK: The implication that things might go wrong for them if they refuse to fight for me. You know, not that things are gonna go wrong for them, but they’re thinking they will. TCW: *quietly* But… it sounds like they don’t want to fight for you… BK: Why are you not understanding? They don’t know whether or not they want to fight, that’s not the issue! TCW: Are you going to hurt these alliances? BK: *angrily* No I’m not going to hurt these alliances! Why would I ever hurt these alliances, I feel like you’re not getting this at all! Goddamn! *pan to Fark staring at them* BK: Well don’t you look at me like that, you certainly wouldn’t be in any danger! *laughs* TCW: So they are in danger! BK: No one’s in any danger! How can I make that any more clear to you? It’s the implication of danger! You know what, let’s drop it. Just sign your treaties and go!
  15. Inevitable or not, you guys did indeed start this. We'll be the ones finishing it though, no worries! Also, while I would agree that outside of Scarfy's deranged copypasta, it's mostly us using the "BK slaves" line (because it's really quite funny tbh), the sentiment, if not the exact words, behind it is all over your coalition's forums posts. Just look at the OP of this thread: "BK forces all the protectorates into war." "What are you guys doing there? Suffering under reign of terror?" How else can that be interpreted besides more of the usual "muh (BK/NPO) vassals that they control in totality and use as meatshields" shit that's been peddled this whole war since Scarfy went ballistic over Discord roles? I don't think it's that hard to see why nonsense like that is only deserving of a good rendition of "BK slaves" ?
  16. You guys are still complaining about this? Boo-hoo. Don't start wars you can't finish then. NPO clearly just had to step up and show us Coalition B newbs what a real rolling looks like since your coalition failed so spectacularly at doing it. ?
  17. Evidently not, which means that was totally part of the joke too yes sirree!
  18. Doesn't look like BK is running a slave ring out of their Discord server either, but here we are. That's the part of the joke you took issue with? Geez, we really must be winning.
  19. Simply an artist's representation of our lord and savior Roquentin blessing his bots with air control. May many immense triumphs come to you this day brother.
  20. Nonsense, such negative thoughts have no place in the Holy Inquisition 2, house of Roquentin, blessed be his name. Come, join me in prayer.
  21. Sounds like you two need a refresher on strategic thought and tacticool warfare. I’m sure @Sphinx would be happy to provide. Until then, Sphinx man is still bad.
  22. For such a "bad" tactic, your own alliance seems awfully afraid of it working... ?
  23. Who do you think talked him into the hit, eh? *wiggles fingers dramatically and vanishes in a puff of smoke.*
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