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  1. Pestilence

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Now accepting Refugees and Political Prisoners We will now be accepting refugees and political prisoners from Panthon, only one simple condition *dont be shit* .BK Provides a "safe" space to all new comers and best of all we dont get couped 3 times a year! Apply here: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=877
  2. Pestilence

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Id laugh so fricking hard
  3. Pestilence

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Well seeing that hes not a reroll all i can really do is wish you luck. Will be interesting to see what T$ has is planned. but the real question for today is Wrong vs Bad.... what does Orbis think? @Mad Max https://www.businessmanagementdaily.com/25023/wrong-decisions-vs-bad-decisions
  4. Pestilence

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Please for the love of god tell me hes a reroll of a long term notorious player and not a 5 city 92 day old nation
  5. Pestilence

    I had a chat with a guy....

    15 after your keno fund
  6. Pestilence

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    That forums pip doh
  7. Pestilence

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

  8. Pestilence


    Actually i find it funny how he rates just about every alliance as shit, i just am gonna use this to troll him for the next year or two, unless he gives me something better
  9. Pestilence


    Been busy in the trash compactor
  10. Pestilence


    Guess its time for you to join BK max, atleast according to your review
  11. Hmm another micro bites the dust You really should have used this energy to find a protector
  12. Pestilence

    Am Back

    God damn it ... er i mean welcome back
  13. Pestilence

    Been Awhile People!

    Welcome back!
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