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  1. Lets be realistic here 1. people hit jackpots once a while (and no not real jackpots) but its no where near game breaking, in fact id bet to say if there were stats Keno eats more money than people win. 2. Its interesting to see some people say shit against it.. like your in favor of baseball where your 100% going to will money but against Keno? .... dont get me wrong im in favor of baseball and mad it got nerfed but something i found funny 3. Ive played Keno since ive made this nation, lately ive been on a loosing stint so id say i evened out all my winnings, it does not bother me someone else won 25bnn, i actually think i congratulated him Please dont make suggestions cause ur pissy u did not win er actually he did claim Keno and it was till figured out
  2. I mean this entire statement is wrong, BK's "burden of proof" for nova was way may compelling, the nova incident, im not sure why you think the burden of proof regarding AK is even remotely substantial, all the "proof" people have from AK is one government member cheated and may or may not have gotten that information from elsewhere. Nova being rolled "portionally" is really another argument altogether, the real argument I was trying to get across here was that, there is not enough proof to implicate AK or their government at this time. It partially my fault the argument strayed slightly but anyways overall there is not enough burden of proof to implicate AK, furthermore mass damage to the economic status of the game did not occur in this incident, With information I dont really see how anyone can expect anything to happen to them, I am not about to throw a ally under the bus for a action of one person. Like i said before if you have any other proof then dm me, we will be happy to reevaluate if such a time comes.
  3. Why is Nokia listed as a leader but is running the Originals
  4. I assumed / assume he was referring to Nova, if not my bad Ok well i guess I will start off with the simple factors to this. Firstly we did not do a investigation into Nova ourselves as multiple other parties had already done this, these investigations showed enough proof to move on, however even with that we waited until Alex posted his verdict that implicated multiple gov members. The investigation into AK was not overly large per say, however we did look into the amount of money coming into the game, the time frame and other factors and yes we did talk to the AK gov With that said it is possible the exploit was mentioned in the server, so yes i will admit it is a possibility the cheater learned of the exploit through that channel, with that said id like to reiterate my point that just because the exploit became know through our colo chans, it does not give enough cause to implicate the entirety of AK or their government. It could have been a simple conversation in the AK gov chats where Don mentioned the glitch and the cheater decided to try it. Furthermore I personally never saw AK complain about resources, its possible they mentioned it but our colo is helping anyone that may need a boost during the war, and AK had yet to mention anything to me. Before i move on i want to touch of Nova, a large portion of their member-base did benefit from this, directly or indirectly through cities or grants where AK gov and members never saw the money (apart from the cheater) so while not all members of nova knew, they did benefit While i understand why you may want to jump to the conclusion that the entirety of AK is guilty or their government there is no facts or evidence that could be found. If more evidence is brought to light im sure we would be willing to reevaluate the situation, BK has not and never will condone cheating of any kind. P.S sorry if its structured like shit, have yet to goto sleep and my grammar is shit already
  5. I was more directing the comparisons to @Buorhann as he mentioned "because its a BK ally" or around thoes terms. Once again I have never tried to justify or condone cheating, i have merely stated our reasons for not persecuting the entirety of Africa Korps or their remaining gov. I think that is a important distinction to make here
  6. Peace man, gl with whatever comes your way
  7. You are literally just as bad as the last leader now
  8. Limit posts (edit: topic) to one per 48hrs on alliance affairs, alliances like the originals are annoying
  9. Wait you just surrendered to a dead alliance?
  10. You missed them being couped, this is good news
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