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  1. Great job guys! glad to be working with you
  2. Refreshing to see some change! Congrats guys!
  3. Don’t get it twisted, almost no one is going to see this as a white peace. Most will see it as swamp letting you guys have peace because you “the leader” refused basic demands and we’re willing to keep your micro at war for your own ego. Essentially yet again destroying ANOTHER one of your alliances basically swamp got bored and let you go
  4. Very nice of you, congrats on the win
  5. Uh what? I'm surprised anyone likes this update... Wars might as well last one day now, whoever fights and wins day one, wins the war. Since nations and alliances no longer need to practice discipline of beiging a nation, people can now just zero someone out, send resistance to 0 and re-slot instantly. HOORAY no more strategy required.
  6. Actuallllllllly was more wondering who Void Touched is
  7. Congrats on the leadership changes and good luck
  8. Arthur was replying to a post specifically asking him a outright question, and he gave a honest answer. Never once did we claim to be victims, whats presented is his reasoning for his actions at the time. I believe you are correct, however this is the underwritten message of many posts ive / aero / arthur made, so i apologize if it was not transparent enough. However I can say with certainty Camelot does not support the actions IQ took, and we are sorry for having been any part of it I actually disagree, denouncing their actions isnt a apology, Camelot was apart of the colo that did act with no morals and caused many people to quit, and simply posting a denouncement would be a dis-service to you, our members, the people who were forced out and every other community member. Arthur posted the apology because he does regret being part of the colo that allowed BK / NPO to war for 8 months and force many people out. The alliance is working hard on repairing broken trust and relations with everyone and I truly hope you will see that soon. From my understanding NPO ect were already mad they refused to peace, so I believe hes referring to peacing out, however I can ask Arthur for deeper clarification if you would like.
  9. Out of respect To t$ I will tell you this is incorrect, when Partisan said he would be willing to speak to us so we can discuss this, he did so in good faith. Ive seen reached out and plan to continue to as time goes on.
  10. Thanks for displaying Arthurs ability to act rational and compromise?
  11. I do want to interject here Patrick is no longer a member or Representative of Camelot. In fact he is one of the few that did not embrace the changes and adjustments we have made over the last three months and left.
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