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  1. No ones going to sign a one man alliance His best bet is to join a real alliance and actually plan a alliance out... you know .... with other people
  2. You put yourself in the position, raiding has been a thing in this game for ever, you should know that. So you a unprotected 1 man alliance decided making a forums post was a acceptable idea, you painted a target on your own back by doing so, not to mention your holding some money. Do not blame the game or others, this is YOUR fault from YOUR stupidity Im really tired of the "toxic game" excuse.
  3. Its quite clear you did not plan this alliance out, growing from 1 member is near impossible, not to mention im sure you will be slotted shortly
  4. Also BBcode is broken it would appear, cant tell you whats wrong, i paste the code and it says edited, but nothing changes Same issue when editing nation, https://prnt.sc/rry45i
  5. Greetings Orbis, Camelot has been busy on multiple fronts this week. People have been banned, treaties have been dropped, forums have been created, and it is only Hump Day! Because of our tremendously busy week we will be putting multiple announcements in one post. The Foreign Office and the Camelot Intelligence Agency have been hard at work toiling through the night to complete their objectives. To whom it may concern, As of 3/24/2020 at 3:30am EST Camelot’s protectorate with Golden Phoenix Coalition (5485) has ended Camelot has issued Brotherhood of the Clouds (5013) a 14 day notice on 3/18/2020, the treaty will officially end 4/1/2020 The Coalition has merged into Camelot, as of 3/22/2020, furthermore any player remaining on the alliance affiliation as of today (if any) are no longer under Camelot protection As of 3/24/2020 Goon Squad (5039) no longer falls under the protection of Camelot, we would additionally like to congratulate them on their new tCW prot! Camelot has signed a protectorate with The Roxchean Confederations (7375) Camelot has signed a ODoAP with Solar Knights (1634) (Treaty transfer from GGFU) Camelot announces the creation of the Camelot Intelligence Agency. Our agents have been busy in the field and the CIA is ready to publicly reveal the findings. Earlier this week Brotherhood of the Clouds appointed a new head of econ. This head of econ took out a loan from Dusty of North Point (former BoC leader before he left with the bank during GW14), couped BoC, then sent the loan and the BoC bank to a “friend” and deleted, leaving a random member in charge of BoC. After Camelot was informed of this, the CIA immediately started their investigation. After finding some suspicious information, the CIA informed Alex of the dealings while continuing our own investigation. The Camelot Intelligence Agency uncovered a dastardly plan: Dusty, using a multi, gained high gov access of BoC and took out a loan from himself. Then, his multi stole the bank and the loan and sent it back to an accomplice who was in North Points offshore. Finally, Dusty approached BoC telling them that they only had to pay back half of the loan that they had taken out from him. If Dusty’s plan had succeeded he would have stolen BoC bank for a second time, returned the initial loan to himself, and have charged BoC billions in “loan repayment.” Alex confirmed the CIA findings and has banned both Dusty and his accomplice as well as returning the bank to BoC and replacing the rightful government back in control of the alliance. Part of the investigation can be found here and Alex's post is here. Finally on behalf of Camelot i would like to thank @Alex for taking swift action against cheaters once again.
  6. Congrats guys! Great first step in the world balancing out for once.
  7. Was fun KT thanks to Rose for the assist ❤️ o/
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=57265 LMAO This is why u dont DOE ahead of time
  9. See you around hopefully but if not enjoy your travels
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