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  1. Glad to be working w/ yall
  2. Azazel

    Poker Time

    Nah its called Poker
  3. Hey Everyone who may care, (Yes the ad is outdated from a time long long ago) Im looking to bring back a poker server that was used actively for almost a year 3 years ago, it was widely successful with some making a few billion in profit and some loosing money. In the end it was just a great time where people from every sphere sat in a vc, played cards and made friends. I think its time we bring back some community events like that. So with that said ORBIS POKER IS BACK, looking to host our first game this weekend, date will be announced on our server. Join below
  4. We never banned him, he left randomly without notice one day so basically you are This actually caused quite a bit of arguments internally. However in the end we decided not allowing Epi to return to the alliance that he helped build up brick by brick would be unfair and down right wrong. With that said Epi had to make a few promises in order to be allowed to return and we are looking forward to the future
  5. Declaration of Wonder From the producers of Guinea Pigs Gone Wild, a bountiful Scottish Kingdom and Epi in the city. We present the anniversary of Camelot and Gentlemen Gaming and Fisticuff Union's successful merger. In the past year we have discovered new friends, rivals and ambitions. Our time at peace has finally exceeded our time at war. And by next month we will have been in CAT ASMR for longer than we were a peripheral of the Inquisition. Accomplishments We established our first charter and refined our government structure.
  6. Interesting.... you fail to realize that motivations and narratives can actually be true and different for both warring parties. Meaning it's simply what side you are on that will decide who's narriative is "right". Not really sure what happened to you beside consistent posting that upset your alliance government, I don't agree with forcing members to stay quite or push then to post a certain viewpoint however I also don't blame them. Once again truth is completely subjective to who you are and what side you support. It's my understanding that multiple people have t
  7. Over the last 10 months Orbis has enjoyed relative peace with only short or small wars occurring. However Quack-Sphere’s unparalleled power and growth has not gone unnoticed. Acknowledging the fact that Quack shows no signs of breaking and dismantling the hegemonic power they created, a kind of power they had both claimed to hate prior, Camelot has been put in a position where we feel we have no choice but to bring forth our Kingdom’s Complaints and Grievances. Complaints and Grievances. Quack’s existence as a hegemonic power, showing no signs of relen
  8. I mean yes, the question comes down to if the losses sustained out weigh the benefit. With arrgh that’s really hard to even guesstimate.
  9. That’s actually not exact truth, it’s a half truth. Argh is filled with members who raid to loot. So in theory If a alliance were to actually sit on them, the raiders would begin to move on as it’s not profitable. So with arrgh, to “win” against them you have to make it boring and not profitable for a period of time. edit: however in my time I don’t recall this actually happening.
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