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  1. When I first joined the game, I immediately joined Rose. I have not left the alliance at any point. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=241794
  2. Congrats! Hope it all goes well!
  3. Regardless, its a swastika and should be taken down.
  4. The War of Sheepy's Failure
  5. Oh look, the war system is finally being improved.
  6. *reads comments* *notices none of the comments have to do with post* *moves along*
  7. There goes the Liberal Media again. Sigh.
  8. ...*clicks Google tab* "How to not get in war"
  9. Arrgh is like herpes, just when you think they're gone, they keep coming back
  10. Looks like the stupidity from the war system spread to the game script.
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