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  1. Of claws and thorns! Cheers to new friends!
  2. This is, by far, the best trade deal in the history of trade deals. Maybe, ever!
  3. Greetings young'uns! Today I am announcing the Official opening of Papa Red's Flag Shop, where I create and personalize flags from scratch or edit current flags to make them more pretty! I have extensive history in flag making, even all the way back to 2015 when I first started playing P&W. Currently, I am charging a low, low price $25,000,000 in game cash for a personalized flag, JUST FOR YOU! Prices are negotiable. Examples of my work: Feel free to DM me on Discord under Reddinator, and we can discuss what you DESIRE!
  4. When I first joined the game, I immediately joined Rose. I have not left the alliance at any point. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=241794
  5. Congrats! Hope it all goes well!
  6. Regardless, its a swastika and should be taken down.
  7. The War of Sheepy's Failure
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