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  1. Listen I don't know where you're going with this and I don't think you do either. I'm just saying that minispheres banding together to fight common enemies doesn't "diversify politics", it does the opposite.
  2. That makes no sense. Many sides uniting to fight a perceived common enemy doesn't diversify politics, its an us vs them situation. Its bipolar.
  3. Its only through my brief involvement in this thread that I discovered I can't delete my posts. This thread really ain't a good look for anyone seriously posting in it, especially those not even directly involved.
  4. I'm aware you said something regarding the "it" part, but the statement prior seemed like you were telling onlookers to ignore what Firwof said and it would be better, which is how I interpreted it. I stand corrected, however. Apologies for the confusion and the remark. Only Firwof has lost his mind it seems.
  5. The first observation was accurate. I don't see the need to forego the part where he dehumanizes them by referring to them as "it". You requested everyone ignore the unnecessary spiel about gender, because you feel he made valid points. In which alternate reality do you live in for that to not be considered making excuses for him? That has nothing to do with me though. I just can't believe you'd be pleased with Firwof for saying something absolutely cracked, just because you agreed with part of it.
  6. Your friend went on a zealous rant about gender confusion amidst his incoherent wall of accusations and you're making excuses for him and you're asking me why I think that?
  7. Mate, the war is over and you're still looking for "Ronny's HM leader" for you to get to the bottom of this. No one with the info you want is talking to you, that's why you're still here. You leaked because people are confused as to why the war started? But everyone knows why the war started, there is like 28+ page thread for it. The only point of contention was who was at fault for the escalation. That doesn't justify a leak. I don't know what you understand from trustworthiness. You can be honest without being a liability, you can give the truth and provided evidence when prompted for it WITH support from your source in doing so. But no, you leak conversations and blindside the other person and that's without being challenged or prompted for evidence by anyone. How does that make you trustworthy? Its not just about being 100% transparent.
  8. Its not though. Have you noticed that the only people who have the information you want are the also the ones not talking to you? Why should it be made public and why was it more important for that information to be public? It didn't shed light on anything, and only turned people against you. With all this leaking, what information do you have that wasn't already known by the time you arrived? I don't think you have grasped that we all get what you're trying to do. The issue is, you are now being told that you "putting the pieces out there" (leaking) is not appreciated. Again, you are not doing a service or making demonstrating anything that isn't already known, you are just marking yourself as an untrustworthy individual.
  9. Phoenyx, what would you be confirming by leaking and expecting an opposing party to play along? You don't have any guarantee of honesty or transparency there at all. Apparently you haven't been paying attention: Leaking as carelessly as you have puts cooperating sides at odds with another, and damages reputation since there is potential for it to be misrepresented. We've seen it with Ronny and Tyrion, we've seen it with you, and we've seen it with Boyce and Sphinx (although this was deliberate). You're not illuminating anything by leaking, you're just showing everyone you are naive and untrustworthy.
  10. To begin with, this analogy is just strange bruh. Parents shouldn't confide in their kids in this manner. Second, what does this example illustrate and how does it relate to this game? What is it about your parents venting their problem to you, that proves keeping information given to you in confidence can be harmful?
  11. > I tell you to stop trying to start discussions with people who have no interest discussing the war, like you did when Ronny and Adrienne only brought up the fact people won't talk to you because of your conduct. > You proceed to try and start discussion about the war with me, when all I did was criticize your conduct. I'm banking on the hope you'll finally recognize what I'm getting at here for the second time.
  12. This is prolly a waste of time but mate, you were just told no one wants to talk about this further WITH YOU because you have no sense of discretion, are persistent to the point of being annoying and are way too convinced in Swamp's innocence in all of this to even foster a fair discussion. I don't mind or care that you keep making these threads... but why are you still trying to have people engage with you about the war, when all they said to deserve this response was this:
  13. Same man, glad I could make things more interesting I guess.
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