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  1. I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere. good luck
  2. >Uses religion in an argument on why people are overreacting to the Corona. Here's a bright idea. There was no person who created us with the intention of a ticking timer. The goal of all species on Earth is to survive and reproduce. So you can take your magic llama and shove that straight up his ass. Oh wait, he thinks people should be stoned to death for that. My bad. The flu only kills more because more people have been infected by the flu. According to the CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/2017-2018.htm, in 2018 approximately 5945690 individuals that could be considered "seniors" were infected with the flu, with about 50903 deaths. This is a mortality rate of about .0086 among seniors, or about .86%. Data from 2019 shows a mortality rate of .0083 as well. Currently, the COVID-19 has a mortality rate of approximately 3.6% for individuals in their 60s, which can go up to 15% if you're above 80. I include the 60s part because that's the closest to "senior" data that I could find. Off topic but when you present an argument with this many holes in it, maybe you should shut up. A verbal warning was issued for being Off topic - PW Forum Moderation Staff
  3. I guess you could say that we... pirated their name.
  4. I seem to recall Alex discussing how it was a common tactic, which implies that it’s legal otherwise they would have already been banned. You seem to be heavily cherry picking here in the hopes that you’ll get a cut of the loot. (again, correcting his report here no ban pls)
  5. I’m going to provide evidence here. This is clearly a weak attempt to use moderation to get bank loot, as anyone with a pair of eyes can see that a new alliance was created. But that does raise the question: would changing names to avoid being loot even be punishable?
  6. quick check: do you know how piracy works in this game?
  7. VAC banned from secure server
  8. New 2000iq down declaring method confirmed. /s dont abuse glitches, that’s both IQ and low IQ.
  9. IIRC it resets every month
  10. You have to do the Asian version of that to impress me. GET OUT OF DA CAR
  11. the 12 crusades of christmas. On the first crusade of christmas, deus vult gave to me... An Ayyslamic Crusade. Sing it with me guys: On the second crusade of christmas, deus vult gave to mee... _________________
  12. 4 hours? Sleep exists. Ideally at least 6 turns.
  13. Sorry guys, no power outage or discord server crashes this time This is just a clear indication that the micros took more power/effort to blitz than IF.
  14. You forget about the mandatory 2 hours a day that people spend arguing on the forums during wartime.
  15. I think we should agree to no wars during AP testing times (May). No bias here from me whatsoever.
  16. what they did was not cleared by Alex, and it was happening for 9 months. nice copy paste from your alliance leaders.
  17. That's 15 days, yes that's what I'm saying.
  18. Remember: Hypothetical babies who quit the game (maybe hypothetically because their leaders got banned for cheating) and start spam sending porn might have resources to spend, since they're quitting the game. A material cost doesn't prevent anything.
  19. 15 days isn't that quick. It takes about 2 days to destroy someone's spies completely.
  20. CandyShi

    The Future

    Imagine having allies in general. Imagine not currently being paperless
  21. In other news, my power went out about 20 mins before blitz and hasn’t come back yet. I’ve drained the power grid to sustain this KT blitz.
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