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  1. Again, what's the difference between this instance and the OWR and NPO instance? And remember: by your rules you supposedly don't listen to any of the accuses' defense, nor the accusers actual accusation. You say you look at the bare facts. Edit: Order of the White Rose has an “r” in it.
  2. Unfortunately, a game called politics and war will not have any war if hegemony takes over. Also you seem to still be suggesting realism that only benefits your personal interests. I therefore propose that population can never increase within term. Instead, it will take 9 in game months for the population to increase by 1.5-2 times from an infrastructure increase. Why limit bigger nations from attacking smaller ones too? In the pursuit of realism I’d propose that there be no score limits on declaring war or espionage. Why limit the number of wars a nation can be in as well? That doesn’t seem very realistic. I also propose that in the pursuit of realism, if more than 1000 nukes are detonated all nations in the world get banned permanently. Sounds pretty realistic to me. I also propose that you be able to build anti aircraft gun projects, or maybe introduce global warming as a debuff for all the coal? Call this all a mild proposal. Maybe even... A Modest Proposal. Just call me Jonathan Swift.
  3. OWR. NPO. Precedent had been set, as long as t$ and NP aren’t directly allied & one is stomping the other, it’s perfectly fine. /thread?
  4. Except you wasted everyone’s time, and time is our most valuable resource in life. Can you name a single nation that identified themselves as communist that **hasn’t** become infamous for human rights violations? By your logic fascism is alright, which is not alright.
  5. He says, completely dodging my point. I wish I could win arguments by saying “I don’t want to listen to you so your point is invalid” as well. Edit: My point was that you appealing to “real soldiers” doesn’t hold water, when nukes are so weak that it should offend victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. aka. Everything is unrealistic, deal with it. It’s a video game.
  6. Definitely not a self-serving change. This ruins the entire point OF beige mode, which is to prevent people from being pinned down forever.
  7. Please note there is swearing by this brit. https://youtu.be/8lBO23Dh23I
  8. It's been exactly 2 hours and Keshav has his first conspiracy theory. Kinda slow this time, is everything ok?
  9. Fahrenheit 451 has a differing opinion on getting rid of paper tbh.
  10. This might be the first New Years Resolution that I actually keep.
  11. Again, I’d like to see some evidence. Y’know, the stuff we provide to back up our claims. Surely you have some on hand, since you think it’s a 100% fact? I think we’d all like to see it. Again, IQ February doesn’t count.
  12. Bullshit, we've fired enough nukes to end life on Earth at least 5 times over. If you were really offended by the values of human life in a video game, and not trying to make suggestions that favor your own self-interests, you shouldn't be playing a game with the name "war" in it. Go play farmville.
  13. Pretty sure you missed the part earlier where I say “I’m not a representative of CoA”. This is all my speculation. Aside from that, nice attempt at victim blaming. “Oh you assumed that there was malicious intent because of sketchy circumstances, that’s your fault”.
  14. Evidence which for some reason had never been presented. Please don’t cite IQ in February again.
  15. >completely omits the part about us not knowing about the rest of the terms, along with t$ not being includes, being the reasons cited.
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