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  1. CandyShi

    peace talks

    Coal B then says “Hey they surrendered, that means you guys should give up the war effort”, which hypothetically puts in an even worse negotiation position. Did you repeat what your alliance told you or did you think this through?
  2. CandyShi

    peace talks

    Germany from WWI? That’s a bad example considering that the Treaty of Versailles was responsible for Hitler’s rise to power and (indirectly) responsible for the Great Depression. If your terms are so bad that you’re comparing them to Germany WWI I don’t think anyone in their right mind would accept them.
  3. CandyShi

    peace talks

    Or C) you guys planned to attack us first
  4. >Attacking me for being born Chinese? That’s the definition of racism bud. Thanks for proving my point. (fyi I’ve lived in America my entire life, but I’m ethically Asian/Chinese) [redacted because I don’t want to get banned] @Alex do your job. Yes I know about the Allied war crimes as well, the best example for me being Ex. Order 9066. Out of curiosity where were you born? You make it seem like you weren’t born in Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Asia, or Africa. Aftrr all you’re critical of anyone who’s had war crimes committed in their nations history that you must live in Antartica. If I remove the 50 stars from the US flag does it change the fact that it’s based on the US flag? Thank you for admitting that you considered the real AK flag when your flag was being created though. I only see the nordic cross there. Stop deviation from my actual concern, which was the palm tree.
  5. Circular argument, of course every group that uses templar imagery uses templar imagery. Doesn’t mean the source material isn’t more well known, which isn’t the case with the swatstika. I take you haven't read the thread. Bullshit, their name is Afrika Korps. If their name was literally anything else it’d be unconnected.
  6. I think removing the swatstika below the palm tree doesn’t change the fact that it’s the source material. And I think you missed the point where we specifically point to the more commonly known 12th century military order. the fact is that if you google Afrika Korps you get a swatsika, but if you google Knights Templar you get a wikipedia page on the 12 century denotation I’m starting to suspect that you’re not actually reading previous posts but, as was pointed out, the popularity of Islamic imagery among far (?) groups is due to its anti Christian/pro Islamic connotations, which is certainly popular among people who also fall into the traditional category of ‘terrorists’ (Like Al Queda for example) but isn’t confined to a specific ethnic group. Is my religious viewpoint (or lack thereof) relevant then? I’m an atheist and I don’t see any problems either, I’ve associated the Templar theme with bravery, courage, and the determination to fail 9 times and try again.
  7. You realize we’re based on a 12th century military as well right? As far as I know, the Knights Templar was not responsible for racism in the modern era.
  8. Read the text below it. I think if you can post a Templar symbol despite saying its a symbol of white supremacy and then criticize when I post a swastika (which is the Afrika Korps symbol) to show the Afrika Korps imagery that leads to white supremacy that says a lot about your actual view, no? Edit: And before you default to “hurr KT white supremacist”... I’m Asian.
  9. I say the same thing about BK and the Twin Towers and have the same impact you guys have had right now. After all, Islamic imagery has been used by terrorists, no? Or are you saying that it’s not Islams fault that they were used by terrorists. In that case you can’t say the same about the templars. Or the CoS and offending my sense of not-idiocy. Or the communist nations who, in their real life forms, slaughtered millions their own civilians.
  10. CandyShi

    peace talks

    Please specify. If you say this war then I’m going to have an aneurism out of sheer stupidity.
  11. CandyShi

    peace talks

    I don’t see any oppressive government or accusations of double-think or thought speak or censoring of media, so either you’re baiting people (which wouldn’t surprise me) or you’re stupid and use words that you don’t understand (which wouldn’t surprise me). You’re derailing from the point of my post, which was that “surrender”, “diplomacy”, and “neutrality” have as much value to NPO as avoiding hegemony. (see: TEst, AD, TFP, Yarr, Swagrr, t$) I think you’re getting the order wrong, expecting your opponent to surrender THEN having terms revealed is unconditional surrender.
  12. CandyShi

    peace talks

    Only NPO would think that alliances that surrender are still in the war. ..That actually explains a lot tbh.
  13. CandyShi

    peace talks

    “An unconditional surrender is a surrender in which no guarantees are given to the surrendering party”. I’m hesitant to listen to the views of someone who believes that unconditional surrenders are not only impossible in this game but are actually not being demanded.
  14. CandyShi

    peace talks

    >Replies to a post saying its stupid to ask for unconditional surrender >admits that they have secret terms >Dodges the part about unconditional surrender being stupid.
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