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  1. CandyShi

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion Volume 2

    1 troop type being immune to all the other troops (except spies) and being able to destroy any troop (except spies). I’ll reiterate what I said about the 3k number with an analogy. 500,000 African Elephants have existed, at one point or another (random number can’t exactly google it in China). Therefore, elephants are not going extinct. 2900 CN accounts exist, therefore it’s not dead. sounds stupid Edit: And if it wasn’t obvious, I definitely do not represent KT/their opinions. I like a good debate, and circle jerking with one side of the argument without considering counter arguments is what leads to cesspools like reddit
  2. CandyShi

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion Volume 2

    Your definition of balanced is different than mine apperantly. my point there was that a game mechanic that is exploited that makes the game too easy (like suiciding yourself many times to “feed” your pet) would be unbalanced. Right now you’d be stupid to not think that the war system needs a redo, as planes are too strong. also nice dodge on the 3k number
  3. CandyShi

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion Volume 2

    I think in existence =/= active players. Just sayin. My input on games needing updates: let me tell the tale of a game I used to play actively called Realm of the Mad God. It’s an MMO RPG, with permadeath. Back in 2015, the owner (Kabam) decided to stop updating the game entirely. This caused RotMG players to slowly leave the game, because even in a game with PERMADEATH updates are necessary to keep players interested. No updates = no players can possibly die = no reason to play since your character is completely geared and maxed out. When Deca bought/took over the game, everything was revitalized. Servers started crashing from the load of all the players who played the game, and the game had flourished ever since. Why did I quit, even though the game was getting updated? Because all though new shit was getting added, Deca hasn’t rebalanced pets or the most overpowered characters. Imagine that in PnW every time you lost a war you retooled your nation, but all your troops get 1% stronger. After a huge amount of playing, the game would become a shitshow. That’s basically what RotMG became, and it became too easy so I quit. In conclusion: MMO Games need updates to survive, and games especially need rebalancing of the most overpowered aspects in order to keep the player base on its toes.
  4. CandyShi

    Fake Polaris Suffers A Severe Blow

    Well frick I guess everyone in PnW is breaking the 3rd law of thermodynamics (0 K = absolute zero for the physics impaired)
  5. CandyShi

    Out of Character attack in war declaration

    Take it to DMs pls.
  6. CandyShi


    Wouldn’t spies NOT be given critical information to prevent this exact thing from happening?
  7. CandyShi

    Login bonus while in VM

    So I noticed that you can still get your login bonus while in VM. I don’t know if this is a bug or a feature, but it seems stupid to have a **log in** bonus while in **vacation mode**
  8. CandyShi

    Declaration of War

    Alright so literally nothing changed other than the targets shredded from war. Nice how you completely ignored the other part, and nitpicked on the part where I said that I could be wrong on. Also @Dio nobody was saying IQ was still a thing until you frickin joined the war. Wasn’t this your chance to prove IQ didn’t exist? Why would you say “we’re hitting them because they considered attacking IQ 3 months ago, and since everyone still thinks we’re IQ the only solution is to prove we’re still IQ by joining the war”
  9. CandyShi

    Declaration of War

    How is it hypocritical? The planned attack on Chaos/KETOG was for mid-June, which is exactly when we declared on BK. The logs were also less than a month (maybe 2 weeks? Can’t see the images on China WiFi) old. It’s hypocritical to dismiss our CB and then turn around with a shit one and say “it’s the same”.
  10. CandyShi

    Name the laggy global war

    “IQ Exists: Part 10”
  11. CandyShi

    Bloody Horsemen

    Hold on... isn’t defining an entire group by the actions of one person (who has been punished)... what you’re trying to fight against? When it’s directed towards a race, wouldn’t that be racism? How do you make this leap in logic: “Thalmor is a jackass” —> “The entirety of KT is a bunch of nazis/jackasses” As for liberally (ironic choice of words here) insulting people... I think I’m the only person from KETOG who’s blatantly insulted anybody (in the other thread), and I think we can all agree that Komso/Malal deserve it. Tiering advantages: Would you rather be close to triple the size of the enemy w/ 3-4 cities less on average, or visa versa?
  12. CandyShi

    We are here for the Whales

    Please step on this train, go to the middle of the square, and shout “Mao sucks”. You’d do the world a huge favor.
  13. CandyShi

    We are here for the Whales

    Yeah I’m in VM, wasting my vacation in China trying to argue with idiots.
  14. CandyShi

    We are here for the Whales

    Implying.. that “winning the forum war” is just making everyone not want to talk to you? Or just spewing crap out of your mouth? Well shit. Can’t have a forum war anymore if there’s nobody to war with, so I guess you win by default. (Hey this sounds like a metaphor for the actual game)
  15. CandyShi

    We are here for the Whales

    I'll do you one better, how about: Inquisition.

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