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    Orbis Wealth Holdings! The shortened name for Orbis Wealth Holdings is OWH which is a international company of Orbis making nations of P&W community to become millionaires in Orbis as well creating a fun and friendly environment for them. OWH comprises of five divisions, initially being: 1. P&W War Competition: This is where Orbis Alliances will challenge each other in a 10 days war battle for a price. 2. Orbis Lotto Draw: Do you want to become a multimillionaire and grow your nation or alliance? Well, this is for you. Come to play weekly Orbis Lotto Draw and win millions. You don't have to depend on loans all the time while you can win millions with us. 3. Entertainment: When you are bored, you can always visit channel at our Server and have fun. 4. Communications: This is where you can advertise your businesses, banks and alliances. 5. Investment and Governance: You can become one of the shareholders of Orbis Wealth Holdings. This is also where you can see who are the shareholders and directors of the OWH. We are located at https://discord.gg/NQT6ab5

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