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  1. Thought we were going paperless? Liar
  2. Here's a suggestion seeing as though this is an american dominated game..let us swear. Freedom of speech and all lol

    1. Chief Wiggum

      Chief Wiggum



      Moderation abuse and all.

  3. Gurbanguly


    Didn't this happen a few times ? Doesn't work
  4. I think it's very annoying how like 300k soldiers gets an utter failure or even phryic victory against someone with 100k soldiers (for example). I think that needs to be sorted. I'd also suggest anti aircraft/anti tank soldiers
  5. Daily update: omg guys I love the shoes where you don't need to tie the laces after you tie them once and I don't know English

  6. Daily update: We need a good coup

  7. Now placing bets on how long this will last
  8. Daily update: Ma name Jeff

  9. Yeah I wanna walk to. I don't run so
  10. There can only be one..
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